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Apply for the position of the chairperson of the committee of economic affairs of for the position of the committee member!

The Student Union Committee of Economic Affairs is looking for a chairperson for the year 2018, as well as for three members for the 2018–2019 term of office.

The positions of the chairperson and the members of the committee call for inclination and aptitude to familiarize oneself with the financial affairs of the Student Union. Prior experience in economic affairs will be seen as an advantage. The Student Council will select the chairperson and the three committee members in a meeting on the 5th of December. Please send your free-form application by 23.59 on 27th of November 2017 to hakemukset@nulloyy.fi. Please title your e-mail ”Application for the Committee of Economic Affairs”.

The statutory responsibilities of the Committee of Economic Affairs include:

1) preparing for the Student Council meeting by:

  1.    selecting the board of auditors for the Student Union;
  2.   confirming the financial statement of the Student Union;
  3. granting freedom from liability to the members of the Executive Board of the Student Union and the Secretary General
  4. taking legal action against the members of the Executive Board, the Secretary General or the auditor for damages; an
  5.  deciding on the organizing of a separate audit;

2) when necessary, providing a statement regarding a council decision prepared by the board and related to the finances of the Student Union or the operations of the Committee for EconomicAffairs;
3) evaluating whether the operational and financial goals set by the council have been met, and whether the operations of the Student Union have been organized in a profitable and appropriate manner;
4) providing the council with an assessment report on every preceding calendar year for the purpose of the auditing proceedings; and
5) attending to other responsibilities set to the committee by the council.

The Committee for Economic Affairs comprises of the chairperson and six other members. The Secretary General serves as the secretary of the committee. Members of the Student Union’s Executive Board or its clerical workers are not eligible for the Committee of Economic Affairs. Similarly excluded from the position are any close relatives of the Executive Board members and clerical workers as specified by the Administrative Procedure Act (434/2003), section 28, paragraphs 2 or 3.

Further information:
Secretary General Aino-Kaisa Manninen, paasihteeri@nulloyy.fi, 040 523 1822