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Vulcanalia 2018: The Opening Event of the Academic Year

As the summer draws to a close it’s time to look ahead to the fall term.

Vulcanalia, the University of Oulu’s unofficial opening party of the academic year, is the perfect event to help you ease into student life here in Oulu. It is also one of the few events of the year that brings together all of the University of Oulu’s diverse population of students and staff members.

This year’s festivities will take place on Wednesday, the 12th of September, 2018.

The day opens with the Vulcanalia Student Fair. It is almost impossible to miss, as the event takes over most of the University’s Linnanmaa campus starting around 10:00 until 14:00.

The atmosphere at the Vulcanalia Fair is light and fun, with students eager to share their interests and learn more about all of the exciting opportunities Oulu has to offer. If you are up for a challenge, you can pick up a stamp pass from the OYY booth and try your hand at winning a coveted Vulcanalia overall patch, but you better move fast because supplies are limited!

After the Fair, the real party begins.

The Vulcanalia Festival starts around 20:00 of the same day (but make sure to come early if you want to skip the line) and will take place this year at Oulu Areena. The Oulu Areena is accessible by bus, bike, or on foot from the city center. We will also have Wesibussi available from the University but keep in mind spaces are limited.  More information about transportation will be posted on the Facebook page as it becomes available.

Artists will be announced on the 15th, and ticket sales begin a few days later on the 20th of August.

The Festival will run until just before midnight. After the Festival will be the official Vulcanalia After Party, hosted by our generous sponsor Ilona where the fun will continue until they kick us out.

The day is shaping up to be one to remember!

So, whether you are a new student looking to learn more about what the University has to offer, or a returning student looking to reconnect with old friends, make new friends, or explore new interests, Vulcanalia is the event for you!

To learn more and keep up to date on all the latest Vulcanalia news and events you can visit our Facebook page or send us an email at

Uutiset @en Janne Hakkarainen

Student Cards updated and prices change

New version of Frank App is now available and Student Card prices have changed beginning from the 1st of August. For more information on different student card options and pricing please see

Why is the new Frank App asking me to register again?

The new version will ask you to register or log in with your webservice credentials even if you had used Frank App before. This is because Frank is letting go the entire of the old application and combining their digital services into one united service experience with their web service that has been up and running since the fall 2017.

NOTE! You have to be present for the current academic period in order to register to the new Frank App. This means that the new Frank App cannot validate your student status if you are no longer present at the time of registering to the new app. In case you are just now finishing your studies and won’t be present for the next academic period you can continue to use the old version of Frank App up to end of August or for 30 days after you no longer have a present student status.



If the FAQ section doesn’t help, please contact Frank via

Uutiset @en Henna Määttä

Student tutor / kummi! Remember to sign up for OYY’s training!

The Student Union organises two traditional training and get-together evenings for all the university’s student tutors and kummis on the 9th and 22nd of August starting at 5 pm in Linnanmaa campus. The training is the same on both occasions so you have to participate only once.


In the training you will get important information for example about OYY, communications, chances to influence, Oulu student magazine, international opportunities, events, equity and new premises. In addition, we will give you some hints on how to make new students feel welcome to Oulu. After the official part of the training (which lasts about three hours) there will be some food served and you can get to know other student tutors.

You can sign up for the training by filling in the form below. The deadline for signing up is on 5th of August 2018. If you have any questions considering trainings or signing up, please send a message to our specialist in Academic Affairs ( and we’ll work it out.

Link to signup form:

Uutiset @en Janne Hakkarainen

OYY’s office is closed until the 1st of August

Our office is on summer break.

Our office opens again on the 1st of August. We will be open from Monday to Thursday at 10 am–4 pm and on Friday at 10 am–2 pm. These autumn office hours are valid until the end of September. During the lunch break the office will be closed (11.-11.30).

Have a pleasant summer!

Uutiset @en Hennamari Toiviainen

Suggest equality and diversity award recipient by 13 August 2018

Who has promoted equality and diversity in the University of Oulu in studies, research or administration? Who has/have developed new equality boosting actions? Who has improved our awareness on the different questions on equality and diversity? Or, has someone for example developed new forums or produced social media content promoting discussion on equality and discrimination?

Carrying out equality and diversity is everybody’s responsibility. You can now suggest equality award recipient. The award can be given to a person, staff / student group, unit, administrative body or association in the University of Oulu. The award is given separately to a student/student group and staff. The award will be published on the well-being week.

The written proposals with reasons for the award recipient shall be delivered to the secretary of Equality and Diversity Committee Tanja Mikkonen ( on 13 August 2018 at the latest.

For further information, please contact Heidi Huttunen (

Uutiset @en Oulun yliopiston ylioppilaskunnan hallitus 2018

The University of Oulu and OYY pursue green campus

In 2013 the University of Oulu started a project on making the administration building (HR) more environmentally friendly. Green Office is a system for offices which can be used to  decrease the ecological footprint of a workplace as well as carbon dioxide emissions. The certificate of Green Office was given to the University of Oulu in May 2015. Read more about Green Office:

Activities have been underway for a few years and the aim is to incorporate more environmentally friendly practises everywhere at the university, among students as well as personnel. This way we are aiming to make the whole campus more environmentally friendly towards the so-called green campus. We need your help for that. You can eg. participate in the biking challenge Kilometrikisa or to suggest action for your own organization.

Green office team takes care of making the green campus a reality. This year a representative from the student union has started in the team. In case you want to know more about Green Office or if you have ideas for the green campus, you can contact her: vilma-riikka.tiittanen (at)

Uutiset @en Aino-Kaisa Manninen

Detour to OYY’s office and office hours before summer break


We have a renovation at OYY’s office. Please note that you have to use detour to get our temporary office. We apologise for any inconvenience.

We are open before summer break on Mon – Thu 11.6.–14.6. and on Mon – Tue 18.6.–19.6. 10 am – 2 pm. Office is closed during the daily lunch break 11-11.30.

OYY office is closed during summer break 20.6.–31.7. We are open again from the first of August.

Uutiset @en Janne Hakkarainen

New faces in the Student Union

Mariah O'Mara ja Niina Marostenmäki.

Mariah O’Mara and Niina Marostenmäki. Photo: Anni Hyypiö


The Office of the Student Union is pleased to announce the recent hiring of two new employees, who joined us this past May.

The first is our new Business Cooperation Coordinator, Niina Marostenmäki.

Marostenmäki, earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Education from the University of Oulu. She comes to us after working at both the Tellus Innovation Area and BusinessOulu, where she gained experience in business coordination and public relations.

We are also pleased to welcome Mariah O’Mara, our 2018 summer intern. O’Mara received a Bachelor’s of Science in Marketing from the University of Illinois at Chicago, and is OYY’s first international trainee. She has experience working in communications, event production and digital marketing for organizations including Polar Bear Pitching and bildOn.

Aino-Kaisa Manninen, Secretary of the Student Union, expressed her enthusiasm for the new additions stating; “Both Niina and Mariah convinced us with their versatile expertise. We are delighted that we have them to help us build a good life for our students!”

Marostenmäki and O’Mara will be assisting in the planning and execution of our annual Vulcanalia event, which this year will take place on Wednesday, the 12th of September. This two part event will begin with the Student Fair held at the University of Oulu’s Linnanmaan campus, and will conclude with a special performance at the Limingantulli Areena.  

For Additional Information Contact:

Secretary General Aino-Kaisa Manninen, 040 523 1822

New Employee Contact Information:

Niina Marostenmäki
business cooperation coordinator
Puhelin: 050 407 8452

Mariah O’Mara
Vulcanalia trainee
Puhelin: 040 550 3927

You can reach the entire Vulcanalia team at:

Uutiset @en Henna Määttä

Want to attend the most interesting learning event of the year?

Dare to Learn is a learning event like no other!  It brings together learning enthusiasts to explore the new world of lifelong learning. Dare to Learn is a two-day playground for thinking big and creating wild. If you’re into learning and eager to dig deeper, disrupt your thinking, and create new with other like-minded people, Dare to Learn is your home on September 18 & 19.

Dare to Learn offers a carefully designed learning path and most intriguing themes of future learning. You can be a learning professional with hardcore experience, or a future maker interested in working for learning and human development.

Themes this year:
1. Developmental Organizational Culture
2. Emotions and Learning
3. Curriculum 2026: What should we learn next?
4. Self-directed Learning
5. Learning for Sustainability

The Student Union of the University of Oulu (OYY) offers 2-day tickets for 5 students (valued at 35€ each). The student union will also pay a 60€ contribution towards the traveling costs of those 5 students (receipts required).

On September 17 & 18 there is also LINKO X KOPE Hackathon event at Helsinki Think Company. The Student Union of the University of Oulu (OYY) will send two students to this event. Please let us know in your application if you are interested in attending this event as well. The organisers will pay for your trips.

Do not miss this great opportunity to take part in this amazing event! Send your application today!

The application period is from June 1st to 17th. The chosen students will be informed by June 20th 2018.


Uutiset @en Oulun yliopiston ylioppilaskunnan hallitus 2018

Apply for SYL’s Advisory Board for Development Cooperation

Are you inspired by global influencing and promoting education on an international level? Are you a persistent communicator, good at building networks, or a fundraising pro? Do you want to share some of your expertise with the world?

We are looking for imaginative people, who are committed and motivated, to join the National Union of University Students in Finland SYL’s Advisory Board for Development Cooperation (KENKKU). SYL is Finland’s largest lobbying and service organisation for students, representing 15 member organisations and 130,000 university students. The Advisory Board for Development Cooperation advises SYL’s board on matters relating to development cooperation.

We expect KENKKU members to be committed and motivated, but the main aim of the KENKKU membership is to improve one’s skillset.

KENKKU is made up of three themed groups: the Communications Team, the Influencing Team and the Networking/Corporate Relations Team. Each team has 5 members, and one of them acts as chairperson of the team. All KENKKU members meet three times a year: in September, in December/January and in May. KENKKU members are expected to participate in the joint meetings. In addition, the chairpersons of the teams also meet approximately once a month at SYL’s office to plan and develop KENKKU’s activities. In between the chairperson and member meetings, the team work independently using the collaboration tool Slack. Each team also has two meetings of its own at SYL’s office. We hope that all KENKKU members will promote SYL’s development cooperation activities to the representatives, board and/or subcommittee for Development Cooperation of their student union. KENKKU’s first joint meeting will be held on Friday 14 September 2018 at 10–16.

Apart from the meetings, members should reserve approximately 20 hours per term for KENKKU’s activities – slightly more for chairpersons. Lunch will be served at the meetings held at SYL’s office, and the travel expenses of the participants will be reimbursed.

The teams and their tasks:

  1. The Communications Team

The Communications Team is in charge of our development cooperation activities’ visibility on social media, creates content and comes up with ideas to improve our communications. As a team member you get to write blog posts, coordinate student union visits and their content, and act as a link between KENKKU and the communications sectors of the student unions.

  1. The Influencing Team

The parliamentary elections will be held in the spring of 2019. As a member of the Influencing Team you get to develop content for SYL’s election lobbying in relation to development policy. As the European Parliament election is also drawing near, you also get to acquaint yourself with EU development policy. The team’s tasks include research and creating background material and arguments for the lobbying work.

  1. The Networking/Corporate Relations Team

The Networking/Corporate Relations Team does the fundraising for the development cooperation work. You get to research and contact potential corporate partners and find support for SYL’s development cooperation activities. We want to find team members with lots of ideas and a vision for marketing and fundraising.

The Student Union of the University of Oulu (OYY) can propose 2–3 members for the Advisory Board.

Please send us the applications, including the CVs and cover letters of the applicants where they explain their views and experience in relation to our activities. They should also tell us which team they would like to become a member of and whether they might be interested in chairing a team. Please also include details on any circumstances which may lead to the applicant not being able to take part fully in the activities for a prolonged period of time (e.g. plans for studies abroad).

Send your applications in pdf form via email to Deadline for the applications is Tuesday 29th of May 2018.

In our work, OYY and SYL emphasise diversity and equal opportunities. We welcome applications from people of all backgrounds and genders.

More information:

Uutiset @en Janne Hakkarainen

19: Discussion event on the Linnanmaa common campus on 3rd of May

You’re reading the weekly OYY newsletter. If you wish to have your own message in the next newsletter, please send it to by 3 p.m. this Thursday. No attachment files.

1. Discussion event on the Linnanmaa common campus on 3rd of May
2. Activity grants for Student societies 2018
3. In Nyyti chat you can share your thoughts, experiences and feelings – come along!
4. Finland’s Official Eurovision Grandstand in the Summer Street of Shopping Centre Valkea – greet Europe with us on May 12th!
5. Join the organizing team of Global Week 2018!
6. Challenges of being spiritual/religious in a consumerist culture

1. Discussion event on the Linnanmaa common campus on 3rd of May

The Student Union of the University of Oulu (OYY), the University of Oulu, and the City of Oulu are organising a discussion event on the upcoming common campus of Linnanmaa on Thursday 3rd of May at 10am–11.30am at L2. As the University of Applied Sciences is moving to the Linnanmaa campus in 2020, how will this affect the land usage of the area? How will public transportation and traffic flows be organised? What is the image of the Linnanmaa campus? Come, listen, and share your opinions!

For more details click here:

2. Activity grants for Student societies 2018

The Student Union of the University of Oulu (OYY) distributes grants for the general activities of subject and interest societies operating within it once a year. The application period in 2018 is between the 27th of April and the 20th of May (11.59 pm).

Read more at:

3. In Nyyti chat you can share your thoughts, experiences and feelings – come along!

Next English chats where you can share your feelings on

24.05. Insomnia/trouble sleeping
07.06. loneliness

Chats are in

Nyyti ry provides mental well-being to students

More info . More info on social media: Instagram (@nyytiry), Twitter (@nyyti_ry) ja Facebook (nyytiry).

4. Finland’s Official Eurovision Grandstand in the Summer Street of Shopping Centre Valkea – greet Europe with us on May 12th!

The annual Eurovision Song Contest culminates once again as the final takes place on May 12th. Finland’s representative is none other than Oulu’s own Saara Aalto, also known from Britain’s X Factor two years ago. The backdrop video for the Finnish Eurovision point-awarding ceremony this year is shot at Finland’s Official Eurovision Grandstand in the Summer Street of Shopping Centre Valkea on Saturday, 12 May.

Shopping Centre Valkea will be the setting for an urban street disco where we welcome everyone to join the fun, send their greetings to Europe and watch the actual ESC broadcast. The doors of the Summer Street Grandstand venue open at 8.30 p.m. and the Eurovision broadcast from Portugal begins at 10 p.m. The venue closes after the broadcast from Portugal ends, around 1.30 a.m. The capacity for audience in the Summer Street is limited.

Video footage from Finland’s Official Eurovision Grandstand in Shopping Centre Valkea will spread throughout Europe with the Eurovision broadcast. The City of Oulu hopes that as many people as possible join and cheer for the video shoot and watch the actual broadcast at the grandstand. The Eurovision event at Shopping Centre Valkea is hosted by popular Finnish TV personality Sampo Marjomaa. Before the broadcast from Portugal, we will also see an aerial acrobatics performance by Ilona Jäntti.

Saara Aalto’s hometown wants to honour the local Eurovision representative on this special occasion, and the City of Oulu believes that Saara will claim a place in the Eurovision final.

The Finnish points will be awarded in Pasila, Helsinki, but the background video and cheers come from Oulu.

5. Join the organizing team of Global Week 2018!

We’re organizing a new theme week in Autumn 2018 based on promoting sustainable development, development cooperation and multiculturalism. The title and theme will be revised later together.

The first planning meeting is at Tellus Chill, on Tuesday  8.5. 16:30. You can come to tell us all your ideas on events we could include and how you’d like to get involved. No signup required for the meeting.

The event is coordinated and funded by UN Association. If you’re interested but cannot join the first meeting, you can contact us through

6. Challenges of being spiritual/religious in a consumerist culture

You are warmly welcome to our next Interfaith Dialogue group on Thursday 3rd of May at 4 pm on Tellus Stage!

This time we’ll discuss about: Challenges of being spiritual / religious in a consumerist culture. Welcome!

Here is the event address in the Facebook:
Please, share this event to your friends in University of Oulu!

Arranged by University Chaplain Ari Savuoja together with OYY Student Union of the University of Oulu

Uutiset @en Oulun yliopiston ylioppilaskunnan hallitus 2018

Chair of the Board Parviainen’s speech in Audit 2018 concluding seminar

The Chair of the Board of the Student Union Kalle Parviainen held a speech in the concluding seminar of the University of Oulu Audit on the 18th of April 2018. The talk touched upon the recommendations and strengths found in the audit from the students’ perspective. Here is the entire speech:

Dear chair of the audit team, vice rector of education, dear university community,

My name is Kalle Parviainen and I am the Chair of the Board of the Student Union of the University of Oulu (OYY). I’m studying English Philology, and I also participated in this audit by being part of a group interview. I was asked to say a few words on behalf of our students about the whole audit process and about the recommendations presented in the report.

The past few years have been, let’s say quite busy in terms of changes. Looking back three or four years, there probably isn’t a single thing at the University that has remained stable. Everything from the smallest things, like the printer services, to the way our study support and guidance is organised, has gone through some kind of transformation. I think we all feel the need to have a small pause right now, and ponder all the changes and their effects. Evaluating the situation is also one of the main points in the PDCA model. Change is not a bad thing, but rushing changes causes uncertainty and unnecessary discomfort to everyone.

And then a few words about student centred learning and how the students are taken into account in decision making. In this audit, the University received feedback that we must improve pedagogic practices. All of our Faculties should aim toward a student-centered learning experience. It is essential that we support and motivate our students, and increase their wellbeing. The Student Union is ready to support this process, which should lead to more flexible studies and varied ways of completing courses. Everyone benefits if students graduating from this University are active citizens and have versatile skills they can use.

We have a wide network of student representatives at various levels of the administration, and they are chosen with relatively clear processes. But what is the actual weight given to their efforts? Is representation in one governing body proof that issues are not actually decided someplace else? We should pay more attention to how we make our decision-making more open and more attractive. In addition to the results of Kandipalaute, a study by OTUS (the research foundation of studies and education) has shown that there are real concerns about the actual opportunities for students – and even student representatives – to affect the decisions of the university.

The existence of these various surveys and other forms of feedback is a great thing, but I would like to raise the issue of the degree to which students actually want to take part in them. Low response rates have been an issue with the new student course feedback system. This is, in my opinion, a major issue, and something that we all must tackle together. So what is? How to motivate students into participating – or at least answering surveys? I think the solution is by illustrating to them, how their actions affect the reality and world around them. 

I think that it is quite meaningful that every member gets heard in our university community. This is something that is not only relevant to feedback, but also links to language policy and the way we communicate. As the University is aiming to be truly international scientific community, language issues have popped up time and time again. We should, as a community, ponder what being international means. I think every member of our community has the responsibility to make others feel welcome and be part of it. However, I feel like even just in the past six months some things have progressed: We have selected a few international students as student representatives in a couple of administrative bodies that previously have had only Finnish-speaking members. This has changed the way they conduct their meetings, and enabled participation to everyone.

Overall, you could say that in communication more is more. There are not that many top secret things at the University; things that should not be public, therefore the more communication we have from the University, the more both the staff and the students feel like they belong here. Active and open communication increases the transparency of any administration – when people understand why some decisions are made, by who, and actually in some cases what has been decided, we increase our wellbeing. And of course, when talking about communication, it goes two ways: we must promote chances to have proper dialogue between all parties here at the university, and to encourage people to have these discussions.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone that has been part of this audit. Especially hearing and taking into account us students and our voices and opinions, is something that we truly appreciate. This audit has been a big effort by everyone, but it is important to remember that these changes and recommendations are taken into account and that development does not stop simply because the audit is now over. The recommendations should change our daily routines and activities at the University. We are also hopefully moving towards a more student-centered approach, where we encourage the students to have an even more active role in the learning processes. As an academic community, we have the responsibility to listen to all the voices in our midst, including the students.”

You can read the audit report online via this link:

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Discussion event on Linnanmaa campus changes on 3.5.

The Student Union of the University of Oulu (OYY), the University of Oulu, and the City of Oulu are organising a discussion event on the upcoming common campus of Linnanmaa on Thursday 3rd of May at 10am–11.30am at L2. As the University of Applied Sciences is moving to the Linnanmaa campus in 2020, how will this affect the land usage of the area? How will public transportation and traffic flows be organised? What is the image of the Linnanmaa campus? Come, listen, and share your opinions!

Schedule (changes possible):
9:30 Coffee
10:00 Opening words
10:05 Introduction by the Mayor
10:10 Update from the land use working group
10:30 Update from the traffic and public transport working group
10:50 Update from the image working group
11:10 Panel discussion
11:30 Conclusion

The speakers will be announced later.

The event is open for all students and staff members.

For more information, check the Facebook event:

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