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Uutiset @en Janne Hakkarainen

OYY’s student council elections go fully electric

The Central Election Committee of the Student Union has decided on 24th of August that the next Student Council Elections 1.-7.11. will be exclusively electric at There will be no paper ballot voting at all.


Secretary General Aino-Kaisa Manninen, 040 523 1822

President of the Central Election Committee
Liisa Komminaho

Uutiset @en Aino-Kaisa Manninen

Office opens on 31st of July 2017


OYY’s office is closed during summer. Office opens again on 31st of July. Mon-Thurs 8 am-4 pm (closed for lunch break 11am-11.30am). Friday 8 am-2 pm. Autumn office hours until the end of September.

In case of urgent matters, please contact President Joel Kronqvist (26.6.–30.6.2017 ja 10.7.–23.7.)  (, 040 523 1821) or Secretary General Aino-Kaisa Manninen (1.7.-9.7.2017 ja 24.7.-30.7.) (, 040 523 1822).

Have a nice summer!

Uutiset @en Henna Määttä

Call for a Education Council

How should the strategic money for the education be used? How the University follows the quality of the education? How the feedback is utilised? What kind of motions should the University make in education politics?

The Education Council supports the Rectors in enhancing the education, initiating motions for education politics and development, and evaluates the quality of graduate and postgraduate education. The members in Education Council are a versatile representation of the areas of expertise and of different sciences in the University. There are two student representatives working in the Education Council. The Specialist in Academic Affairs of the Student Union has speaking and attendance rights in the meetings and supports the working of the student representatives.

The student representative is expected to be fluent in English and eager to have effect on current education politics. Previous experiences from working in the student guilds or as a student representative are seen as a benefit. The Board of the Student Union chooses the student representative in its meeting and makes a proposal to the Rector.

The call for a Education Council ends on Monday August 7th. You can apply in The Education Council has the meetings during the fall 2017 on Nov 4th and Dec 13th. The term for the chosen student representative ends on December 31th 2017.


For more information please contact the Specialist in Academic Affairs Henna Määttä

Uutiset @en Henna Määttä

Dare To Learn 5.-6.9.2017

What’s shaking your world next?

Dare to Learn is a two-day learning event for learning explorers that takes place 5th and 6th September 2017 in Helsinki. We bring together 3000 game changers and enthusiasts to create the new world of lifelong learning. Only curiosity is required.

There’s a huge fuzz around tech nowadays. We want to bring that energy around human development! At Dare to Learn, we offer an engaging learning path and most intriguing themes of future learning: learning mindset, leading a learning community, personalising learning, learning design and recognizing competence. Come, get inspired and be the change this world needs.

The student union offers 2 day tickets for 10 students (29€ each). The student union will also pay 50€ part of the traveling costs for those 10 students (receits needed). Don’t miss this great opportunity to take a part of this amazing event! Send your application by June 26th 2017. The chosen students will be informed by June 28th 2017.

Dare to Learn in Facebook!

For more information: Specialist in Academic Affairs Henna Määttä

Uutiset @en Hennamari Toiviainen

Changes to financial a and housing assistance for students, 1 August 2017

Changes to financial aid and housing assistance for students, 1 August 2017

The study grants paid to higher education students will be adjusted to the level of the grants provided to students in secondary education (max. EUR 250.28 per month). Student loan amounts will be raised for all students. The qualifying conditions for study grants and government guarantees for student loans will undergo numerous changes as well.

Students living in rented accommodation in Finland will be covered by the general housing allowance scheme.

Read more about the changes from Kela webpage!

Financial aid for students is available for Finnish citizens and, in some cases, for non-citizens of Finland. You may be entitled to financial aid if you are registered as a permanent resident of Finland in the population register system and your purpose for residence in Finland is something other than education (for example, work, family ties or return migration). If you are in Finland for the express purpose of attending school, you are not eligible for financial aid from Finland. For more information see the Kela webpage. 

Uutiset @en Henna Määttä

Speech in demonstration for the sufficient and modern study and work spaces

During the past two weeks we have heard of plans regarding study environments which will weaken remarkably the students’ status and opportunities for studying. These are: study environments shifting from Tellus to Pegasus and freezing the planning of study environments. In addition to that, we are unhappy about lack of environments for independent studying both on Linnanmaa and Kontinkangas campuses. We are also worried about the lack of information and communication regarding changes in study environments.

With this demonstration we want to express students’ concern regarding study environments. We all need modern study environments in order to get good-quality education. We criticise the decisions that the university has made and how it has communicated about them. Students should be informed about decisions that concern them before the decisions are made. We are very worried about how the university can guarantee modern and sufficient study and work environments for students and staff members.

Miina-Anniina Heiskanen
The Student Union of the University of Oulu
Board member, campus development

Uutiset @en Juuli Juntura

Application open for SYL’s Advisory Board for Development Cooperation

Are you inspired by global development and promoting education internationally? Are you a persistent communicator, good at forming networks, or know a lot about funding? Do you want to put some of your knowledge to the use of the rest of the world?


We are looking for people with lots of ideas who are committed and motivated to join the Advisory Board for Development Cooperation (KENKKU) of SYL. SYL is Finland’s largest lobby and service organisation for university students. SYL represents 15 member corporations and 135,000 university students. The development cooperation advisory board advises SYL’s executive board on development cooperation, and administers SYL’s development cooperation projects together with the Coordinator for Development Cooperation.

We expect KENKKU members to commit to their tasks and be motivated but KENKKU is also meant for developing your personal expertise. KENKKU members are expected to attend most meetings during their term.

In 2017–2018 in addition to managing the project in Guatemala, the development cooperation work will be taken to a new direction planning, for instance, joint projects and working with businesses. The term of office is from August 2017 to August 2018. SYL will elect 15 members, some of whom will be continuing from the previous term. The board meets about once a month in Helsinki and teleworks in various degrees between meetings. Lunch is served at the meetings, and the travel expenses are also covered for the members of the board to participate in the meetings.

KENKKU members are divided into smaller groups each of which will appoint their Chair and member responsible for communication. We are looking for people with different skills for the advisory board:

1. Team members of the communications team for the Advisory Board for Development Cooperation.
The communications team will ensure that our development cooperation work is visible on social media, create content and come up with ideas for developing our communication. This time the communications team also gets to design and implement a crowd-funding campaign.

2. Members of the project administration group for Guatemala
This duty includes work on administering the development cooperation project in Guatemala. Members will also focus on annual reports and plans as well as keep in touch with our local partners. For this position, you will need motivation, interest in and knowledge of project administration, ability to work independently, as well as knowledge of Spanish. The Guatemala project continues until the end of year 2017 and we will make final report of the project in the spring of 2018.

3. Members for the funding team
The funding team will ponder SYL’s option for a new direction for our development cooperation work, especially with a view to fundraising. How can we continue our development cooperation work of high quality when circumstances change and the sources of funding from e.g. the Ministry for Foreign Affairs narrow. Members of this team are expected to be inventive and be able to provide points of view on marketing and project funding.

4. Members of team(s) planning new projects
Those who participate in the planning of new projects are expected to take the greatest responsibility over building new partnerships and working on project plans under SYL’s guidance.

How to apply

Please submit your application by 8th of May to hakemukset(at) OYY’s Executive Board will make the decisions of who are will be nominated. The final selection will be done by SYL.

Applications should include a résumé and a cover letter. In the letter, present your views on and experience in the field. You can also include ideas for how you would improve the level of awareness and knowledge of SYL’s development cooperation work at your student union and among students. Express your interest in positions based on the position profiles outlined above and to describe your language skills. You should also mention any plans that could prevent you from attending several meetings (e.g. studying abroad).

SYL emphasizes diversity and equal opportunities. SYL hopes to receive applications from persons from diverse backgrounds and genders.

For further information:
OYY’s Specialist in International Affairs and Student Societies, Juuli Juntura, internationalofficer(at)

Uutiset @en Oulun yliopiston ylioppilaskunnan hallitus

Wappu – the ultimate student festival

So what the heck is this wappu thing that everyone keeps talking about? Read on to find out!

The first of May, or May Day, is called vappu in Finnish. As usual, most people in Finland celebrate it the day before (so the 30th of April). However, we students celebrate it for a few days, and here in Oulu usually even for two weeks. What this means that the two weeks preceding the first of May are filled with various events and parties organized by pretty much all the student organisations in Oulu, both from the University of Oulu and the University of Applied Sciences.

Some events are larger than others, some events are private, some are “normal” parties, others are weird happenings that only take place once a year. Most events are somewhat alcohol related. The largest events are usually organised by the engineering students (OTY) or by all the umbrella guilds. Here are a just few of them mentioned, follow the student guilds on Facebook to find out more!

20.4. Wapun avajaiset – the opening party of Wappu

This event takes place in the HopLop theme park. Note that the tickets are sold out extremely quick (last year in about 5 minutes!)

23.4. Rowing boat competition at Tuira beach

Gather a team or just come follow how other teams manage to row up and down the Oulu river.

24.4. BBQ party at Teekkaritalo

Bring your own grill to the yard of Teekkaritalo (or just bring yourself). Saunas will be warm and the music will play until the morning.

26.4. Wappu raveparty

Tired of normal parties in nightclubs? Come to a proper rave party then!

27.4. Päiväkännit (“day drinkings”)

Nightclubs are usually open, well, during the night. However, on this day the doors of Hevimesta open at 1pm – so why drink only at night when you can drink during the day?

27.4. AAAAAKki, or AatonAatonAatonAatonApinakapina (“Ape party of the eve of eve of eve of eve of wappu”)

Organised by the Guilds of Humanities and Natural Sciences, this traditional party is one of the largest nightclub parties during wappu.

30.4. Various events:

Franzen’s honours: traditional honoring of the Franzen statue (a gigantic Finnish graduation cap will be placed on his head!)

The Wappu Parade at the city centre: join the march through the city.

Dipping of the engineering students in Ainola park: The engineering freshmen dive into the cold river.

Other information:

Wesibussi, or the bus line #69. A regular bus is modified for wappu with a sound system, meaning the party doesn’t stop even if you have to move from Linnanmaa to the city centre (or vice versa). Tickets cost 3 euros and you can then spend a whole hour in the bus listening to the best songs from the 90s while raving like a madman. All the money from the ticket sales go to a charity, so this is for a good cause as well!

As Wappu lasts for two weeks, take it easy. No, really. It’s not a sprint race, it’s a marathon, so keep yourself hydrated, well-fed, and remember to sleep also. Oh, and if you have to study, take it easy on the night before.

Follow the Guild of Engineering Students: &

The Guild of Humanities wappu events:

Follow the Guild of Natural Sciences:

See ya during wappu!

Kuvaaja Antti Rauhala

Traditional engineering freshmens swim in Ainola park is a big Wappu event. Photo by Anssi Rauhala.

Uutiset @en Juuli Juntura

OYY is looking for programme to Vulcanalia

The opening party of the academic year, Vulcanalia, is on Wednesday the 6.9.2017 in Linnanmaa, on the parking lot between Ylioppilaskatu and Erkki Koiso-Kanttilankatu. What kind of programme would you like to organise in Vulcanalia? We are now looking for some amazing activities and student organisations have the opportunity to earn 250 €!

We offer for your use:
… a 8 m2 tent
… power sockets
… a stage, possibly
… the use of sound system

Other things that you need to take into account:

  • the number of people attending the event is 3000 – 3500
  • the temperature outdoors in September
  • the programme should be something fun for students

Write your programme idea and how you would carry it out by email to the address Please indicate in the application how this idea would attract all students and make Vulcanalia an even more awesome event. Write also in the application whether you need for example a sound system or some other equipment. Remember to write in the application which student association would be organising the programme and who is the responsible person. Deadline for the applications is on the 7th of May and after that the Vulcanalia team will select the best programmes for Vulcanalia.

Uutiset @en Oulun yliopiston ylioppilaskunnan hallitus

Vote for a student!

Students voice has to be heard also in the city council. Many OYY members are candidates in the municipal elections in Oulu in 2017 and they are a great choice when you want to vote for a student. Here they are:

Anni Huovinen                              Green Alliance

Daisy Öster                                    Christian Democrats

Elmo Rautio                                  Left Alliance

Ella Vuoti                               Liberal Party

Harri Lempola                              Green Alliance

Henna Määttä                              Green Alliance

Henna Perätalo                            National Coalition Party

Henri Fröjdholm                           National Coalition Party

Jaana Isohätälä                            Green Alliance

Janne Hakkarainen                     Green Alliance

Jarmo Tauriainen                         Green Alliance

Joni Ollikainen                              Social Democrats

Juha Pätsi                                       Christian Democrats

Juho Kupiainen                             National Coalition Party

Julius Norrena                              Center Party

Kati Hannila                                  Center Party

Kauko Keskisärkkä                      Social Democrats

Krista Inkala                                  The Finns

Liisa Komminaho                         Social Democrats

Miia Hirsikangas-Haataja          Green Alliance

Miina-Anniina Heiskanen          Social Democrats

Oskar Olaussen                            Left Alliance

Sebastian Tynkkynen                  The Finns

Sebastian Stenfors                     National Coalition Party

Susa Vikeväkorva                        Green Alliance

Susanna Kisner                             Center Party

Taneli Kastikainen                       Center Party

Tiina Strand                                  Green Alliance

Waltteri Niiranen                        Social Democrats

Due to Finnish law we are only listing candidates who are members of the Student Union of the University of Oulu (OYY). We have been looking for student candidates through the OYY newsletter and through the local party organisations. If you are a member of OYY and a candidate in the municipal elections in 2017 but your name is not on this list, please contact

Uutiset @en Janne Hakkarainen

Design a cover for the student calendar and win money and fame, deadline 16.4.!

Now is your chance to to design a cool cover for our student calendar. The winner gets a prize of 300 euros and gets to have their creation on the cover of thousands of students’ precious curriculum-keepers!

Send your design at, deadline is April 16th at 00:00 pm. Please send your design in pdf-form (300dpi at least, size of the document 111 x 189 mm). The OYY logo has to be in the cover and make sure to include space for a QR-code. Student Union holds the right to changes.

Unleash your inner artist and be creative!

Additional info:
Janne Hakkarainen
Communications Specialist
0400 381 321,
Student Union of the University of Oulu

You can find OYY’s logos here.

Uutiset @en Juuli Juntura

Rauhala Club is looking for the Student of the Year

Rauhala-klubi, the alumni club for former Student Union actives is asking for nominations for candidates for the Student of the Year award. The deadline for the nominations is 26.4.2017 at 4 PM.

Every year, the Alumnus of the Year (University of Oulu) is presented at the University of Oulu day in May. During the same day, the Student of the Year is presented. The first award of the Student of the year was nominated In 2011. This is named by the Oulun yliopistoseura ry on recommendation of the Rauhala club.

Rauhala club is therefore asking for suggestions for Student of the Year from student organisations. Student of the Year will be awarded a great stipend.

The student is expected to
– have been active in making a change for the better for students and
– is also required to have advanced well in their studies.

The student must be a BA or MA level student. The person cannot be a member of the board employee of the Student Union nor a person working in an upper decision-making body of the University.

We expect the student of the year to be inspiring, a good creator and motivator in the student community. He or she can have, for example, experience in initiating student-centered activities, reawakening a student organisation or other special service or activity in a student organisation or at the university.

Proposals and CVs should be sent by 26.4.2017 at 4 PM. by email to

For more information, contact

Uutiset @en Janne Hakkarainen

10: OYY lanseeraa uuden / OYY launches a new service

1. OYY lanseeraa uuden / OYY launches a new service
2. Perheellisille opiskelijoille oma Fb-ryhmä! / A facebook group for students with children!
3. Oulun yliopiston kesäopinnot 2017 / University of Oulu Summer School 2017
4. Anna palautetta palautejärjestelmästä! / Give feedback on the feedback system!
5. Vulcanaliaharjoittelijahaku / Recruiting for Vulcanalia trainee
6. Linnanmaan vaalipaneeli / Linnanmaa election panel 14.3 klo 13:30
7. Näkyvyyttä OYY:n jäsenille jotka ovat ehdolla kuntavaaleissa / Publicity for student candidates

1. OYY lanseeraa uuden

Oulun yliopiston ylioppilaskunta lanseeraa uuden, jonka tarkoituksena on helpottaa ylioppilaskunnan asiantuntijapalveluiden saavutettavuutta. Jatkossa opiskelijan ei tarvitse tietää, keneltä ylioppilaskunnan asiantuntijoista kannattaa kysyä apua, vaan hän voi toimittaa avunpyyntönsä yhteen sähköpostiosoitteeseen.

Ylioppilaskunnan henkilökunta arvioi opiskelijan puolesta, kenen asiantuntijan vastuualueelle hänen auttaminen kuuluu. Apua tarjoavat koulutuspoliittinen, sosiaalipoliittinen sekä kansainvälisten ja järjestöasioiden asiantuntija.

Opiskelijat voivat ottaa yhteyttä ylioppilaskuntaan tuttuun tapaan myös sosiaalisen median kautta. Viestejä voi lähettää Facebookin, Instagramin ja Twitterin kautta. Ylioppilaskunta haluaa kannustaa erityisesti Twitterin käyttöön, koska siellä esitetyt kysymykset ja vastaukset ovat myös muiden opiskelijoiden nähtävillä.

OYY launches a new service

The Student Union of the University of Oulu launches a new service which aims to increase the accessibility of the specialists of the Student Union. Now the student doesn’t have to know which specialist they should contact, and they can deliver their questions and requests for help in one e-mail address.

The staff of the Student Union then evaluates who of them should help the student. The ones who offer help are Specialist in Academic Affairs, Specialist in Social Affairs and Specialist in International Affairs and Student Organizations.

Students can reach the Student Union also via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. The Student Union recommends that questions would be raised in Twitter so that as many as possible would see them and the answers to them.

2. Perheellisille opiskelijoille oma Facebook-ryhmä! A Facebook group for students with children!

Oletko perheellinen opiskelija? Haluatko tutustua muihin perheellisiin opiskelijoihin ja kaipaatko vertaistukea arkeen? OYY:n perheellisille opiskelijoille on nyt oma fb-ryhmä. Liity ryhmään ja tule tapaamaan muita perheellisiä opiskelijoita! Ryhmän löydät täältä:

Are you a student with children? Do you want to get a chance to get to know other students with children or get a peer support for everyday life? Join now to the group “OYY:n perheelliset opiskelijat” and meet other students with children! You can find the group here:

3. Oulun yliopiston kesäopinnot 2017

Oulun yliopisto järjestää opetusta myös kesällä 2017. Kesäopintoja järjestävät tiedekunnat ja Pohjois-Pohjanmaan kesäyliopisto. Myös monet PPKYO:n opintojaksot ovat perustutkinto-opiskelijoille maksuttomia. Tutustu kesän 2017 opintotarjontaan. Huomaa, että ilmoittautuminen kesäopintojaksoille saattaa alkaa vasta myöhemmin keväällä. Lue lisää.

University of Oulu Summer School 2017

The University of Oulu arranges summer courses during the summer. Summer studies are organised by the faculties of the University of Oulu and the Summer University of Northern Ostrobothnia. Please notice that the registration for the summer courses might start later this Spring. See Summer Courses 2017 here.

4. Anna palautetta palautejärjestelmästä!

Oulun yliopiston opintojaksopalautejärjestelmä on avattu osoitteessa Opiskelija voi antaa palautetta opetustapahtumista (luennot, harjoitukset, seminaarit, …), joille hän on ilmoittautunut Weboodissa. Järjestelmää kehitetään mahdollisimman helppokäyttöiseksi ja käytännölliseksi työkaluksi. Kokemuksesi myös itse palautetyökalusta ovat arvokkaita ja tästä syytä OYY järjestää palautekyselyn liittyen opintojaksopalautteeseen. Anna äänesi kuulua!

Give feedback on the feedback system!

University of Oulu course feedback system is open in the address Students can give course feedback (lectures, exercises, seminars, …), for courses which they have registered in WebOodi. The feedback tool is under development, and your experiences on the feedback system is very important. Let your voices to be heard!

5. Vulcanaliaharjoittelijahaku / Recruiting for Vulcanalia trainee

OYY hakee joukkoonsa harjoittelijaa tapahtumatuottamiseen. Harjoittelijan työnkuvaan kuuluu Oulun yliopiston ylioppilaskunnan lukuvuoden avajaisjuhlan eli Vulcanalian monipuolisia järjestelytehtäviä. Tehtävät vaihtelevat esimerkiksi yhteistyökumppaneiden etsimisestä markkinointimateriaalien suunnitteluun ja monenlaisiin käytännön järjestelyihin. Lisätietoa tehtävästä ja hakuohjeet

OYY is looking for a trainee to join the Vulcanalia production team. The job description includes various tasks related to organising Vulcanalia, the semester opening party. You may for example be contacting sponsors, planning marketing materials or doing some practical work. More info on the job and how to apply at

6. Linnanmaan vaalipaneeli / Linnanmaa election panel 14.3 klo 13:30


Etkö päässyt Valkeassa järjestettyyn opiskelijoiden vaalipaneeliin? Huutosi on kuultu! Vaalipaneeli tulee Central Stationille eli voit nauttia vaalipöhinästä lounaasi lomassa. Luvassa tiukkaa tenttausta koskien opiskelijoille tärkeitä aiheita. Tarkista myös OYY:n, OSAKO:n ja O’Diakin yhteiset kuntapoliittiset tavoitteet täältä

You didn’t make it to the election panel in Valkea? We heard that, so we’re bringing the panel to Central Station restaurant – you can enjoy your lunch with some election buzz! Expect discussions on themes involving students everyday life. Panelists will be announced later. The students municipal policy program (by OYY, OSAKO, O’Diako) available here (still working on the translation)

7. Näkyvyyttä OYY:n jäsenille jotka ovat ehdolla kuntavaaleissa

OYY haluaa tukea ehdolla olevia jäseniään ja julkaisee listan opiskelevista kunnallisvaaliehdokkaista. Voit ilmoittaa erikseen tuetko myös OYY:n kuntapoliittisia tavoitteita. Täytä lomake täällä


OYY wants to support members who run for city council in the upcoming municipal elections and therefore we are publishing a list of student candidates. You can make a separate announcement if you also support the OYY municipal policy program. Fill the form here

More info from

Uutiset @en Janne Hakkarainen

OYY launches a new service

The Student Union of the University of Oulu launches a new service which aims to increase the accessibility of the specialists of the Student Union. Now the student doesn’t have to know which specialist they should contact, and they can deliver their questions and requests for help in one e-mail address.

The staff of the Student Union then evaluates who of them should help the student. The ones who offer help are Specialist in Academic Affairs, Specialist in Social Affairs and Specialist in International Affairs and Student Organizations.

Students can reach the Student Union also via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. The Student Union recommends that questions would be raised in Twitter so that as many as possible would see them and the answers to them.  

Uutiset @en Juuli Juntura

The Student Union organises training for student guild actives

OYY organises training for student guild actives on the 23rd and 24th of January from 4 pm onwards. One of the sessions will be held in English (“Training for student guilds”). Sign-up by the 18th of January.

Monday the 23rd of January

At 4 pm
Event planning (in Finnish)
Social policy (in Finnish)
Working life and alumni activities (in Finnish)

At 5.30 pm
Break at green coat racks in the main lobby

At 6 pm
Cooperation with companies (in Finnish)
Communications (in Finnish)

Training for student guilds (in English)
Training for student guilds in English. What are the basics of good administration in an association? What does OYY do and what kind of services does OYY provide for student guilds?

Tuesday the 24th of January

At 4 pm
International Affairs (in Finnish)
Training for presidents and secretaries in student guilds (in Finnish)

At 5.30 pm
Break at the green coat racks in the main lobby

At 6 pm
Financial Management (in Finnish)
Academic affairs (in Finnish)


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