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Uutiset @en Henna Määttä

Call for great positions to make a difference in your University!

The Student Union of the University of Oulu is looking for active and motivated student representatives for the University Collegium, Education Council and Education Committees. You can apply for all the positions at

All calls will be closed on November 20th at 4pm.

University Collegium: 7 actual members and 7 vice members

The University Collegium consists of 24 members who each have individual vice members. Ten (10) members represent professors, seven (7) members other teachers, researchers and other members of personnel and seven (7) members represent students. The University Collegium decides the number of members in the Board of Directors and on the length of the term of office for the Board and its members and approves the University financial statement and annual report and shall make the decision about granting an exemption from liability to the Board members and the rector.

Apply for University Collegium here!

Education Council: 2 actual members

The Education Council supports the University Board of Directors and the rector in advancing education, provides initiatives regarding education policy as well as initiatives for developing teaching and evaluates the quality of University education. The chairperson of the education council is the vice rector of education. The Education Council works in English.

The interviews will be held on the week 48.

Apply for Education Council here!

Education Committees

The task of the Education Committee is to prepare the programme of measures for education and the curricula, and to evaluate the quality of the education operations. The Education Committee may also have other duties delegated by the Faculty Board or the dean.

There are positions open in every faculty. You may apply for a position that’s open in the faculty where is your primary study right.

Education Committee for faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine 2 actual + 2 vice
Education Committee for faculty of Humanities 2 actual + 2 vice
Education Committee for faculty of Education 2 actual + 2 vice
Education Committee for faculty of Science 2 actual + 2 vice
Education Committee for faculty of Medicine 2 actual + 2 vice
Education Committee for Oulu Business School 2 actual + 2 vice
Education Committee for faculty of Technology 2 actual + 2 vice
Education Committee for faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering 3 actual + 3 vice
Education Committee for Oulu Mining School 2 actual + 2 vice

For more information please contact Specialist of the Academic Affairs Henna Määttä



Uutiset @en Janne Hakkarainen

Welcome to Election Fairs!

OYY warmly welcomes all Student council election candidates and students to join the Election Fairs on the campuses!

The first Election Fair is organised on Wednesday, the 28th of October, on the Linnanmaa campus (10 am to 12 pm in the lobby of the Faculty of Humanities, 12 to 2 pm in the main lobby). You can also enjoy the atmosphere on the Kontinkangas campus on Thursday the 29th of October and in the main lobby of the Linnanmaa campus on the 2nd of November. The Election Fairs will take place between 10 am and 2 pm. The candidates will be interviewed at the Election Fair on the 28th of October, and the official Election Discussion will take place on the 2nd of November at 1.15 pm.

Come and ask what the candidates have to say on themes that are important for you! For the candidates, the Election Fairs are a great chance to campaign.

Read more about the Student Council Elections!

For more information: Diana Jusola, kvl (at)

Uutiset @en Janne Hakkarainen

20 stories of Vulcanalia – take part in the writing competition!

Have you had a memorable encounter, an absurd incident or a fantastic adventure in Vulcanalia? Did you meet your girlfriend or boyfriend there? Do you have a good story to tell about your experience?

Share your story now! The Student Union of the University of Oulu (OYY) collects stories from Vulcanalia which is the Student Union’s opening party of the academic year. In 2015 Vulcanalia has been celebrated already for 20 years. Tell your story in brief and effectively. You can also illustrate it with your photo or drawing if you wish.

Send your Vulcanalia-story of max 1000 characters (including spaces) at the latest on the 1st of September, 2015 to the address The story can also be a poem. You can participate in the competition with your own name or with a pseudonym.
20 of these stories will be published on OYY’s Facebook page in September 2015. The writer whose story gets most likes on Facebook will be awarded with a bunch of free tickets to the cinema Star, Oulu City Theatre, The Irish Festival of Oulu, and the Oulu Symphony Orchestra. The writers placed 2nd and 3rd will also be awarded with some free tickets, and the writers of TOP10 stories will get a free ticket to the Vulcanalia Evening Bash on the 9th of September.

For more information,
Communications Officer Veera Adolfsen, tel. +358 400 381 321, viestintasihteeri (at)

Uutiset @en Janne Hakkarainen

OYY organises a Postcard Protest at Linnanmaa campus on the 29th of May

The Student Union of the University of Oulu (OYY) is deeply disappointed in the new government programme which will include large cuts to the education budget. The government parties have agreed on cuts of nearly 700 million euros to the education budget, even though before the election they promised that no cuts to higher education would be made.


OYY thinks that the cuts will inevitably weaken the quality of education and affect negatively on Finland’s competitiveness. These cuts will also affect the student benefit system as well as secondary and early education. The government programme also includes the introduction of tuition fees for students coming from outside of EU/EEA countries. OYY thinks that these plans will destroy the Finnish principle of free education and cripple the internationalisation of our higher education institutions.

Call for action:
The Student Union invites all students to take part in a Postcard Protest to share their opinions on these cuts by writing postcards to the Finnish Prime Minister Juha Sipilä. OYY wishes that international students will join the Protest and share their stories in order to give the decision-makers a wake-up call on what free education has meant to them. How will tuition fees affect the internationalisation of our university?

The Postcard Protest will take place in the main lobby of Linnanmaa campus on Friday the 29th of May between 11am and 1pm.

More information:
Siiri Nousiainen, President of the Executive Board of OYY
Event on Facebook:

Uutiset @en Janne Hakkarainen

Take part in creating this year’s development cooperation week!

kpvdqWe are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to participate in creating this year’s development cooperation week (from 26th of October to 1st of November).

This year’s theme for the development cooperation week is the responsibility of Finns in the global world. You can volunteer according to your own interests and schedule. This year’s volunteer tasks can vary from for example organizing and producing your own event for the week, brainstorming for different event ideas, assisting development week guests or participating in cooperation week’s communication. You can organize a film night, a discussion panel or whatevery you feel like suits this year’s theme. All ideas are welcome, sky’s the limit!

By participating in making this year’s development cooperation week you’ll get great work experience and a nice addition to your CV, in addition to new friends. Volunteers will also receive a work certificate if they so wish.

The first meeting of development cooperation volutary group will concentrate on throwing ideas and getting to know each other. The meeting will be held in OYY’s Olkkari at Linnanmaa Campus on Wed 13th of May from 14.00 to 15.00. You can send an email to this year’s coodrinator Laura to express your interest at

Development cooperation week is a project coordinated by SYL (National Union of University Students in Finland) that is supported with project funding from Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. The aim of development cooperation week is to raise students’ awareness on development and encourage students to be active in development cooperation issues.


For more information, please contact the coordinator of the development week, Laura Lääveri:

Uutiset @en Laura Lääveri

OYY office opening hours on week 13

The OYY office is open only on three days and from 9 to 15 next week. We apologise for any inconvenience.

OYY office opening hours on week 13:

Monday 23.3.      9 – 15
Tuesday 24.3.      9 – 15
Wednesday 25.3.    Closed
Thursday 26.3.      9 – 15
Friday 27.3.   Closed

Lunch break at 11 – 11.30

Uutiset @en Viestintäsihteeri

Entrance examination coffee at Rotuaari!


Oulu University Student Union (OYY) invites Oulu region’s parliamentary election candidates, students and townspeople to Entrance Examination Coffee at Oulu’s Rotuaari in 25.2. at 11:30-12:30.
Candidates’ knowhow about education will be playfully tested and refreshed, and we’ll find out whose promises for education are accepted by students.

With the ‘Promise for Education’ the students want to remind the candidates and parties that education is the best gift for an individual and the society.
Finnish society’s cornerstones are high level of competence and internationally recognized education system.
Education is the most meaningful single factor producing wellbeing, and promoting equality and economic growth.
By investing in education we are also investing in the future of Finland.

OYY organizes an Entrance Examination Coffee together with OSAKO. Come test your knowledge and give your own Promise for Education!

Additional information:

Chair of the Board Siiri Nousiainen (, 040 5231821)

Link to the Facebook-event

#Koulutuslupaus is university students’ national parliamentary election campaign that is launched 25.1.
Campaign is organized by The Union of Students in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences – SAMOK
and The National Union of University Students in Finland – SYL
together with student unions of universities and universities of applied sciences across Finland.
Campaigns webpage ( and facebook page ( open 25.2.
The campaign uses hashtag #koulutuslupaus.

Uutiset @en Janne Hakkarainen

Design a cover for the student calendar and win fortune and fame, deadline 15.2.!

Spring is soon upon us and it is time for the famed calendar cover competition! Now is your chance to to design a cool cover for our student calendar. The winner gets a prize of 300 euros and gets to have their creation on the cover of thousands of students’ precious curriculum-keepers!

Send your design at, deadline is February 15th at 11.59 pm. Please send your design in pdf-form (300dpi at least, size of the document is 10 x 15 cm). A special art jury will pick the grand winner and praise their artwork in every way possible. The OYY logo has to be in the cover and make sure to include space for a QR-code. Student Union holds the right to changes.Unleash your inner artist and be creative!

OYY logo right here.

Additional info:
Henna Rannanpää
Communications officer OYY
0400 381 321


Uutiset @en Janne Hakkarainen

Bachelor – answer the survey and make a difference!

Hello student!

How would it sound if you could make a differnce in a concrete way to improve the quality of education in the University of Oulu? The Finnish Bachelor’s Graduate Survey called ‘Kandipalaute’ examines the students’ satisfaction with their university and studying experience. It provides comparative information on the quality of university education. The results of the survey are used to improve the study situation at the University of Oulu.

The Ministry for Education and Culture of Finland is makinh sure that 3% of basic funding allocated to universities will be based on student feedback from 2015 onwards. This entails a total sum of approximately 50 million euros to be divided among the universities based on student feedback. The Bachelor’s Graduate Survey is emailed to all students who have taken bachelor’s degree or have studied for three years in a field of Medicine or Dentistry. Read more of the survey here.

To thank you for your response the University of Oulu will offer you a cup of coffee/tea and a pulla. The University of Oulu and Uniresta are also raffling a sauna evening at the Saarelan Rantasauna among those who have answered the survey.


More information:

Uutiset @en Juuli Juntura

OYY welcomes new exchange students

OYY took part in the University of Oulu’s orientation for new international students this week. OYY welcomes all new exchange students as members! Exchange students can get the same benefits and discounts of membership that all other bachelor/master level students get. If you have not already joined and ordered your student card, come and pay the membership fee of 48 euros at our office. Cash and major credit and debit cards are accepted. The office’s opening hours are Mon–Thu 8–16 (lunch hour 11-11.30) and on Friday the office is closed.

If you were not able to attend the orientation, please see the presentation of OYY below. It includes information on what OYY is and does and what do you benefit from being a member of OYY.

  • Presentation Of OYY

    The Prezi presentation below includes a short introduction to Finnish student culture. Other orientation material you can access on the University of Oulu’s website.


    Crash course on Finnish student culture

    Uutiset @en Janne Hakkarainen

    OYY’s Executive Board meeting appoints working sectors!

    In its first meeting of the year on 8.1.2015, the new Executive Board of the Student Union of the University of Oulu appointed working sectors among board members:

    Siiri Nousianen: President of the Executive Board

    Nico Numminen: Vice-President of the Board and Academic Affairs
    Henri Fröjdholm: Finances, Work, Employment and Communications
    Kati Hannila: Work, Employment, Social Affairs and Sports
    Moona Haverinen: International Affairs, Development Cooperation  and Academic Affairs
    Susanna Maununiemi: Communications  and International Affairs
    Anniina Pyhäjärvi : Student Societies and Cultural Affairs
    Joni Ollikainen: Social Affairs

    “The first Board meeting was good. We got together a package where everyone is happy and has more than enough of work to do this year. This is a good place to start this year’s work”, President of the Executive Board Nousiainen happily states. Next on the agenda is planning of the activities for the coming year. This is done according to the Plan of Action 2015, which was passed by the Student Council of Representatives in December.

    Contact information for the board can be found at:
    More information:

    Siiri Nousiainen
    President of the Executive Board
    tel. 0405231821

    Eero Manninen
    Secretary General
    tel. 0405231822

    Uutiset @en Janne Hakkarainen

    OYY office opening hours in December and January 2015



    The OYY office is opening hours on week 51:

    Monday 8 – 16, lunch hour at 11-11.30
    Tuesday 8 – 16, lunch hour at 11-11.30
    Wednesday 8 – 16, lunch hour at 11-11.30
    Thursday 8 -12.30, lunch hour at 11-11.30
    Friday 8 -14, lunch hour at 11-11.30

    Office is closed on week 52 ja week 1.


    The OYY office is opening hours on week 2:

    Ma 8 – 16, lunch hour at 11-11.30
    Ti CLOSED (Epiphany)
    Ke 8 – 16, lunch hour at 11-11.30
    To 8 – 16, lunch hour at 11-11.30
    Pe 8 -14, lunch hour at 11-11.30

    From week 3 onward OYY office hours will change:

    Ma 8 – 16, lunch hour at 11-11.30
    Ti 8 – 16, lunch hour at 11-11.30
    Ke 8 – 16, lunch hour at 11-11.30
    To 8 – 16, lunch hour at 11-11.30

    The Student Union wishes everyone happy holidays and lots of energy for year 2015!

    Uutiset @en Janne Hakkarainen

    FSHS’s appointment fees to rise in 2015

    Appointment fees charged by the Finnish Student Health Service will rise on 1 January 2015. This is because the state’s rental subsidy received by the FSHS is to be halved.

    Student appointment fees will rise for certain specialist services and long oral health appointments. General practitioner, public health nurse, dental hygienist, short dentist appointments (max. 10 min) and mental health appointments will remain free of charge for students.

    The new fee for specialist appointments (except for psychiatrists) is €24, and the fee for dentist appointments subject to charge will rise with €2.

    The charge for no-show appointments will rise from €25 to €35.

    Fees for FSHS certificates subject to charge will also rise, while some changes will be introduced to the issuing of certificates.

    Read more!

    Uutiset @en Janne Hakkarainen

    OYY office opening hours on week 43

    OYY office is mostly closed during week 43.

    Office opening hours on week 43:

    Mon : closed
    Tue: closed
    Wed: closed
    Thu: open 8am-4pm (closed for lunch break 11am-11.30am)
    Fri: open 8am-11am

    We apologise for any inconvenience!

    Uutiset @en Janne Hakkarainen

    Student unions’ development co-operation theme week 13th – 19th October: education and development

    This autumn the Finnish student unions and the National Union of University Students in Finland’s (SYL) joint development co-operation theme week is taking place on 13th – 19th October. The theme week is arranged by the student unions of the universities of Helsinki, Eastern Finland, Jyväskylä, Lapland, Oulu, Tampere, Turku and Aalto University. The Student Union of the University of Lapland in Rovaniemi is organising their development co-operation theme week one week early, on 6th – 12th October. The Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland is organising their theme week on all of its three campuses, i.e. Joensuu, Kuopio and Savonlinna.

    The national development co-operation theme week is now in its fourth year, and has already gained an established position on the universities’ campuses. The number of participants at the events organised at the different universities has increased every year. During the past couple of years the attendance has risen to 10 000 participants all over the country.

    This year’s theme is “education and development”. The student unions are launching the theme week on their respective campuses on Monday 13th October with a classroom installation, which brings to mind the educational theme. Some campus might for example have a tent school as their classroom installation.

    The educational theme will be approached in various different ways: topics covered during the week will be, for example, education and human rights, girls’ educational prospects in developing countries, crisis zones and education, the connection between education and development, education as the driving force behind development, and global education.

    “We are also looking at the educational theme from the point of view of how development co operation here in Finland could be combined with studies in the students’ own fields. This question also formed the basis of a writing competition, and the winner will be announced during the development co-operation theme week,” Salla Mäkelä, SYL’s Coordinator for Development Co operation, explains.

    The student unions are organising all kinds of activities during the week, including film screenings, debates, expert lectures, panel discussions, workshops and sitz parties with an inequality theme, as well as tastings of Fairtrade products.

    Mäkelä continues: “Another relevant question is what kind of role Finland plays and increasingly can play as a messenger for education, for example through the means of education exports.”
    The student unions’ theme week is part of SYL’s development co-operation work, and is granted support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for activities relating to development information and education.

    For further information, please contact:
    Salla Mäkelä, SYL’s Coordinator for Development Co-operation, tel. 044 780 0220,

    For detailed information on the theme week’s program at each student union, please visit:

    Student Union of the University of Oulu OYY: Kaisa Vainio, tel. 050 372 6720, kaisa.vainio@nullstudent.oulu.

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