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Apply for Oulun Ylioppilasapu ry’s Scholarships!

For BA and MA degree students in the University of Oulu

Application period for the 2014 scholarships is 1.-7.10.2014. Altogether 10 scholarships of 500 euros will be given out. The criteria for giving out scholarships are based on the student’s success in studies and social factors.

Scholarship application forms are available in the Linnanmaa campus stationery shop, Uniresta student restaurants or in the Student Union website

Grantees will be notified personally by 31.10.2014.

The application form must be returned to the Board of the Oulun ylioppilasapu to the address: Mannenkatu 6 A (2nd floor), 90130 Oulu, by Tuesday 7.10.2014 14.00.

Oulun ylioppilasapu
Laura Pistemaa
President of the Board

More information:
Laura Pistemaa,

Uutiset @en Janne Hakkarainen

New Print Services are available at the University

University of Oulu has made an agreement with Canon Oy of New Print Services including staff and student printing. The new service for students is now in use at workstations and Windows terminals maintained by IT Administration Services on Kontinkangas campus. On Linnamaa campus the new service will be available at the beginning of September.

Available services:

  • Secure printing (A4/A3/black&white/color)
  • Copying
  • Scanning to email

Coming this autumn:

  • Webstore for purchasing additional quota
  • Mobile printing (laptops, tablets, smartphones)

When using secure printing you print to Studentprint queue and release your print from any of the Canon devices within the service by logging with your user account. Logging is easy if you are having a rfid identifier  and show it in card reader. Without rfid you have to type your student account (account@student) and password every time when using a device.

The rfid identifier could be a card where the rfid is embedded, for example student cards Lyyra and Frank, OuluCard is valid too. If you do not have any rfid card, you will get a rfid sticker from these delivery points.

Rfid identifier (card or sticker) must be registered at Canon device before the first usage.

More information about the new print service on IT Administration’s web pages: If you do not find an answer on web pages, please send your question:

Uutiset @en Janne Hakkarainen

Take part in the development cooperation themed writing competition and win a 500 euro gift voucher for travel

What do students in your field have to offer development cooperation? Or what can development
cooperation offer you? Take part in the writing competition and inspire other students in your field
to engage in development cooperation.
The development cooperation themed writing competition is announced by the student unions
participating in the Development Week (Fi. Kehyviikko) AYY, HYY, ISYY, JYY, LYY, OYY, Tamy,
and TYY. The week is a joint project of aforementioned student unions and The National Union of
University Students in Finland (SYL). The writing competition is arranged in cooperation with The
Finnish University Partnership for International Development UniPID. The competition is open to
students who are members of the student unions participating in the Development Week.

Write a factual text pondering the connection between your field of study and development or
development cooperation. You can also use your text to inspire other students in your field to get
involved in development cooperation, or use it to highlight how your field of studies could be used
more as a resource in development cooperation.

Send your max two pages long text (line spacing 1.5, font 12, Times New Roman) at the latest
Friday 15 August 2014 to your Student Union of the University of Oulu Development Week
Coordinator Kaisa Vainio (kaisa.vainio [at] by e-mail . You can write in English,
Finnish or Swedish. The three best texts from each participating student union will participate in
the final. The student unions will select the finalists by Monday 8 September 2014. The winner is
decided by a three-person jury with representatives of SYL, UniPID, and the Developemnt Week
Coordinators. The winner will be announced during the Development Week on Monday 13 October
2014. The winner will be contacted personally.

Participating student unions may, if they wish, publish the texts submitted by their members on
their own Development Week Facebook page. The texts in the final will be published on the
Facebook page of The National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL).
The winner will be awarded a 500 euro gift voucher.
The student unions, SYL and UniPID retains the right to use all submitted texts in their events and
information about the Development Week as well as on their websites. The name or pseudonym
(as the writer prefers) will always be mentioned when the text is used.

For more information, contact SYL’s Development Cooperation Coordinator Salla Mäkelä:, 044 780 0220

Uutiset @en Janne Hakkarainen

Rauhala Club looks for the Student of the Year

Rauhala-klubi, the alumni-club for former Student Union actives is asking for nominations for candidates for the Student of the Year award. The deadline is Thursday 17.4.

University of Oulu day will be held on the beginning of the May, this year at 12.5. Every year, the Alumnus of the Year (University of Oulu) is presented at the event, someone who has achieved great things after graduation.

The first award of the Student of the year was nominated In 2011. This is named by the Oulun yliopistoseura ry on recommendation of the Rauhala club.

Rauhala-club is therefore asking for suggestions for Student of the Year from student organisations. Student of the Year will be awarded of great stipend.

The student is expected to
– have been active in making a change for the better for students and
– is also required to have advanced well in their studies.

The student must be a BA or MA level student. The person cannot be a member of the board or other worker of the Student Union nor a person working in a upper decision-making body of the University.

We expect the student of the year to be inspiring, a good creator and motivator of in the student community. He or she will have, for example, experience in initiating student-centred activites, reawakening a student organisation or other special service or activity in a student organisation or at the university.

Proposals and CV´s should be sent by 15 noon, Thu 17.4. by email to
For more information, contact the same.

Uutiset @en Janne Hakkarainen

Student calendar competition winner revealed!

The student calendar cover competition has come to an end. A specialist jury has chosen the winner amongst 18 offered works of art. The winner is Antti Törmä, who will receive 300 euros and a lot of fame for getting his creation to enrichen the cover of the next student calendar.

Antti Törmä’s work:









The jury wants to congratulate the runner ups, who made this a closely contested bout.

Design: Hannu-Pekka TörmäKalenteri_H_P_Peuranen







kalenteri_MikkoReinikainenDesign: Mikko Reinikainen








The Specialist jury consisted of following people:
Jorma Mikola (chair, lecturer of Arts History)
Juho Karjalainen (communications officer)
Taru Torssonen (Board member, OYY)
Minna Koivunen (editor, graphic designer/Ylkkäri)
The Jury wants to thank all the participants and congratulate the winners.

Additional information:
Juho Karjalainen
Communications Officer
040 381 321

Uutiset @en Janne Hakkarainen

OYY Jubilee Week 24. – 27.2.

Vuju_kuvake_nettiThe Student Union OYY celebrates it’s 54th anniversary and organizes all sorts of cool stuff on the coming week! Check out the happenings below, participate and have fun with us!

Monday 24.2.
13:45 – 14:15: Ukulele workshop at Olkkari!
Have you always wanted to learn to play the ukulele? Well now you can, thanks to our professional training camp at Olkkari at the OYY office! We provide you with the ukulele and you learn to play. Simple and wonderful and everything in under 30 minutes!

Also there is live music on the aisle á la Nina Jackson starting at 11:45!

Tuesday 25.2.
12:00 – 13:00:Lunch yoga!
The highly popular lunch yoga returns on tuesday, so bring yourself (and a yoga mat, if you have one) to Olkkari at OYY office and have a little Om! The event is cost free, so you can concentrate on relaxing your body and your mind.

at 14:00 8 min abs challenge!
It is also important to keep both your mind and your body in excellent condition, therefore the Student Union challenges you to the ultimate 8 minute abs workout! So if you think you got what it takes (and we know you do) come to Olkkari and get fit! It’s only 8 minutes!

Check out the challenge by OYY!

Wednesday 26.2.
10 -16: Lecture race:
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to study in a whole different field? Broaden your horizons and take part in OYY’s lecture race on Wednesday February 26 at 10-16! Fill a feedback form and win special prizes! More info here!

Thursday 27.2.
22:00 – 03:30 ESN presents: Hot B**ch party at Tivoli!
Welcome to a place of endless summer, flip-flops and aloha shirts! ESN throws a great party in celebration of the slowly approaching summer, so put your newly acquired ukulele skills into good use and hit the club! Everyone gets lei’d! ;)

Visit the OYY office during the Jubilee Week for a free cup of coffee or tea! Welcome!

Uutiset @en Juuli Juntura

EU-elections are coming – remember to vote in May!

eu electionsThe EU elections are getting closer. If you wish to vote in advance in Finland (for a Finnish candidate) you can do that 14-20 May and if you are residing abroad and voting for a Finnish candidate you can do so 14-17 May. The actual Election Day is 25 May.

The EU elections are somewhat special, as all EU citizens that have turned 18 have the right to vote, regardless if you live in your home country or abroad. If your municipality of residence is abroad, then 6 March is a highly important date for you.  By then (at 4 pm) you have to inform the Finnish authorities if you wish to use your voting right in Finland. No one may vote in more than one Member State of the European Union in the same election.

1)      As a citizen of a Member State of the European Union you will be entered in the register on those with the right to vote in Finland as eligible to vote provided that you still have a municipality of residence in Finland on 4 April 2014

2)      you have not forfeited your right to vote in your home State due to a decision on a single civil or criminal case

3)      you have, by 4.00 p.m. on 6 March 2014 at the latest, notified the Local Register Office (maistraatti) in writing that you want to use your right to vote only in Finland. You can make the notification by filling in the attached form.


If you register in Finland as a person entitled to vote, the Population Register Centre will inform the relevant authority in your home State of your registration. In this case, your personal data will be removed from the electoral register of your home State.


If you want to vote in the European Parliament elections in your home State, you are not required to submit any notification to the Finnish authorities.

Uutiset @en Janne Hakkarainen

OYY’s new livingroom – Olkkari – is open for students!


The student union’s office at the Linnanmaa campus has a new space for students to hang out and study at – Olkkari! The space is located at the office on the second floor of the campus aisle. Members of the student union can freely use Olkkari and the equipment provided. Olkkari has for example: 50” TV, blu ray, sound system, tables and chairs for meetings, two screens, books to read and exchange, video projector etc.

Olkkari is ideal for meetings, group assignments, boardgames and hanging out. Groups can book Olkkari using the booking calendar located at the OYY office so be quick and come check us out! Olkkari can be mainly used during office hours, for evening times please contact the secretary general.

While booking take into account the time needed for tidying and organizing Olkkari. Remember to use Olkkari’s equipment only according to their original purpose.

Additional information:
Eero manninen
Secretary general
Tel: 040 523 1822
email: paasihteeri(a)


Uutiset @en Janne Hakkarainen

Bullying not tolerated – in any form!

The Student Union of the University of Oulu (OYY) has confronted cases of bullying during the year 2013. OYY wants to remind everybody that all kinds of inappropriate, discriminatory and offensive talk do not belong either to the university, the student union or other work communities.

According to a Finnish student barometer 1 % of students at higher education institutions say that they have confronted discrimination, harassment and bullying often and 8 % of them occasionally. Bullying occurs even at higher education institutions even though these are communities for adults.

Disrespectful messages and inappropriate e-mails are a form of bullying and harassment. Good manners should be borne in mind even in social media, where the same codes of conduct apply as in face-to-face communication.

“People sending angry emails should remember that it is people who read these messages. The recipient is a human being with feelings. One should not vent one’s own frustrations on other people, but put oneself in the other person’s shoes,” says OYY Vice-President Sampo Rissanen
OYY’s harrassment contact persons help in efforts to eradicate bullying. Those who encounter bullying are encouraged to take action. If you are not aware how, contact the harrassment contact persons at OYY. For more info and contact details see

Additional information:
Tapani Lintula, Social officer
Tel: +358 40 526 5821
Email: soposihteeri(a)

Uutiset @en Juuli Juntura

OYY welcomes new exchange students

As usual, OYY took part in the University of Oulu’s orientation for new international students this week. During spring term, the new arrivals are mainly exchange students. OYY welcomes all new exchange students as members! Exchange students can get the same benefits and discounts of membership that all other BA/MA level students get! If you have not already joined and ordered your student card, come make your membership payment at our office (48 euros but it pays itself off within a few weeks!). For your student card application you will need a passport-like photo, 10 euros and come equipped with your student details (birthdate, student number). Cash and major credit and debit cards accepted! Opening ours Mon-Thu 8-16, Fri 8-14.

For the benefit of those students who were not able to participate in the orientation, we have included our presentations below! They include information on what OYY is and does, student benefits like healthcare, student-priced lunches, travel discounts and services. You can also access these prezis and other information on the University of Oulu’s webpage.

What is OYY?


Crash course on Finnish student culture – guilds, unions and traditions

Uutiset @en Juuli Juntura

Student cards for Spring 2014 exchange students

Due to the ongoing development work of the new student card service platform in 2013-2014, exchange students coming to the University of Oulu in the Spring term of 2014 will be provided with the Antenna student-card. The card gives access to all the major student benefits and local discounts including student healthcare, discounts on national railyway and bus-services, student bus pass, student-priced meals on campus and various benefits at local stores. The card costs 10 euros.

Students will be asked to fill in an application form, provide a passport photo and the 10 euro payment.

OYY will be at the university’s orientation fair for arriving exchange students in January, where students are encouraged to fill in and submit their applications along with their payments at the same time as they pay the student union membership fee.

If you arrive outside of the orientation period, simply drop by the OYY office on Linnanmaa Campus (2nd floor, near X1-door).

Uutiset @en Janne Hakkarainen

Exam Aquarium opens its doors on Nov 20th

The long anticipated “exam aquarium” is opening its doors at the University of Oulu. The exam space is opened on Wednesday Nov 20 at 11.15. Students and staff are welcome to visit the aquarium until 12.30. The room is located in 1035-36, behind Tellus library.

The aquarium is still missing its official name. What should the space be called in English or in Finnish? Suggest a name in the opening event or send your ideas by e-mail to

In the opening event you can also meet the working group planning the aquarium and ask more about examination practices in the new space.  You can also contact Jaana Isohätälä or the e-exam team at

What is the aquarium?

The exam aquarium is a silent, camera-monitored classroom for taking exams. The aquarium exams make studying more flexible because students reserve a suitable exam time for themselves. This fall the space facilitates only traditional paper exams but in spring 2014 students can also take exams on a computer, hence the name “e-exam”.

This fall students can take various exams from different faculties and the Open University. More exams will become available as more teachers sign up for using the new exam space. For more details, contact Titta Koski or send a mail to

More information will also be updated on the e-exam website

Please join the opening event to celebrate the new aquarium!

Uutiset @en Janne Hakkarainen

Cooper Test on Tue 26.11.

Run as fast as you can for twelve minutes! COOPER Test on Tue 26.11. at 11-16!

OYY, OSAKO and University Sports of Oulu arrange annual COOPER event in Ouluhalli.

First run begins around at 12:00.

Series for men and women! Three best of each series is rewarded and everyone how participate take part of the lottery for winning special prizes!

Registration is now open!

Sign up now!

Event also on Facebook!

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