OYY membership covers your back

All students in Finland undertaking a Bachelor or Master’s degree (excluding MBA), and who have registered their attendance at the University are required by Finnish law to be members of their student union – in this case OYY. The principle behind this law is that students need a representative body to safeguard the needs of current and future students. As a result we have a voice 11 500 strong in Oulu alone and a range of great benefits.

There is a fee to join the student union. This small fee – and totally worth it – is the only fee legally required to study in a Finnish university. The Representative Council of the Student Union determines the membership fee annually when it prepares the budget. The membership fee is made up of two parts: the health care payment for Finnish Student Health Service and the Student Union’s membership fee.

Membership fee rates 2017-2018

54,50 € Autumn semester 2017

54,50€ Spring semester 2018

 Out of the 109 euros 54 euros goes to healthcare.

In the case of international students, this requirement by law applies only to international degree students. For exchange students joining is optional, but so highly recommended by both us and the University that you really have no choice (so-to-speak) – the benefits really are that good that membership pays for itself within your first few weeks here.

PhD-students can apply for postgraduate membership  as long as they do not have withstanding study rights at graduate level. This comes with all the benefits excluding healthcare, lunch and travel, which are nationally negotiated up to graduate-level only. The price of postgraduate membership excludes healthcare costs.

Students of MBA programmes are exempt from student union membership. An MBA does not meet the legal requirements to constitute an official Masters degree in Finland. This means that MBA students are not eligible for student benefits.

Once you’ve paid your membership fee you are entitled to enjoy all the benefits entailed in the membership. If your card has not arrived yet, the receipt of the payment or other document from the University of Oulu (certificate of registration) can function as proof of membership. And healthcare? Don’t worry about that, the FSHS will be able to check your membership status and university registration on their database.

Only those students who have registered as “attending” to the University can be members of the Student Union. Students who register themselves as absent at any point in their studies, do not have access to student benefits during that time. This is controlled by academic year/semester stickers.

After each year, your student card needs to be re-validated with a sticker for the next academic year/ semester.  It is easy to re-new your membership and re-validate your card  by paying the membership fee with Finnish online banking codes on the University’s WebOodi-student interface (with your student log-in), or by card or cash at the OYY Office. Remember to bring your student card with you, so that we can re-validate your card with the current/upcoming academic year/semester sticker!
Students have until the end of September to validate their cards from the previous academic year, or the end of January in the case that the student has only paid for  Autumn term membership. After that, the card is invalid.

If you graduate in September you are entitled to receive back your membership fee from the same autumn.  And also if you graduate in January, you are entitled to receive back your membership fee from the same spring. You will not be able to graduate if you do not pay your membership for those few weeks because you will not show as being registered present at the University.

How to pay for student union membership?

There are a few different payment methods:

Online banking (SEPA-payment within the EU/EEA are usually free of charge).

  • Payee: “Oulun yliopiston ylioppilaskunta” or “The Student Union of the University of Oulu”
  • IBAN: FI20 5741 3620 0141 31
  • Bank: Osuuspankki
  • Sum: 109 €  for the academic term, 54,50 € per for a semester. You may wish to make a small donation of a set amount to one our our charities, please see below!
  • Payments must be made in euros.
  • The payer must cover any possible transaction costs.
  • Reference: your name and  (if you wish, you can order a reference from the office (a) oyy.fi )
  • Remember to print the receipt for your records and bring it to Oulu!

Payment by card or cash at the student union office

  • You’ll find us at Erkki Koiso-Kanttilan katu 1, Door 2T, 1st floor (Linnanmaa campus).
  • We accept Visa, Visa Electron, V-Pay, MasterCard and Maestro. credit-card-icons
  • OYY has a payment service point during the University’s International Student Orientation.

On the Kontinkangas campus (Faculty of Medicine), there will be a Student Union service point on the first week of September, where you can pay the membership fee with cash (only).

Make a difference – make a small donation and help support our causes with your payment!

In addition to the Student Union’s membership fee you can make a donation to the development cooperation project of the National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL). More information can be found on the website https://syl.fi/syl/kehitysyhteistyo/. You can donate 5 e, 10 e or 20 e.

The Student Union of the University of Oulu has a money collection permit (RA/2017/441), which has been granted by the police department in Oulu on the 26th of April 2017. The funds will be collected between 2.5.2017 and 31.5.2019 and the funds will be used during this time. The Student Union of the University of Oulu carries out the money collection.

The collected funds will be used for Development Cooperation activities of the National Union of University students in Finland during 2017 and 2019:

  • to cover the self-financed part of the project ”Avocado production and commercialization in Guatemala”
  • to cover the expenses of communication and global education events
  • to pay the salary of the development cooperation coordinator regarding new projects. The funds can also be used for monitoring, planning and meeting expenses regarding development cooperation projects.