Student Card

The student card is your means to prove that you’re a student in Finland in all situations necessary. With the card, you can access all benefits of your own student group, such as national student deals (e.g. train and bus discounts, student-priced meals, Finnish Student Health Service). In addition, you will gain access to all of Frank’s (students’ own discount service) national and global deals. The easiest way to get access to your own student card is to download the Frank App.


Frank App

The easiest and most affordable way to get access to your student discounts is to download the free digital student card available on iOS and Android. Download the app and you’ll have access to all the benefits of the plastic student card in digital form. Frank App is available in Finnish, English and Swedish.

Your information will automatically be updated to the digital student card (this means no longer queuing for those student card stickers), and it takes just a couple of minutes to start using the app.
More information about downloading Frank App at

Frank – Students’ own discount zone

Frank collects all of Finland’s student discounts onto the one website and suggests you deals, which make the student life more affordable. All the deals provided by Frank are available also for the members of student union of the University of Oulu.

Therefore, please enter to the students’ own discount zone and find the best deals for the best price!

Frank is a company owned by national student organizations (SYL, SAKKI, SAMOK, SLL) and KILROY. The aim and mission is to offer the best deals for the students. Frank negotiates the discount deals with the organizations, which students find interesting, and then collects all these deals on to the website. In addition, Frank produces the national student card.

Plastic student card and valid term stickers

In addition to Frank App, you can also choose to purchase a plastic student card. It has all the same benefits as the digital application. Card delivery times vary from 2-4 weeks on busiest times of year and the card is collected from the Student Union’s office on Linnanmaa campus. You can view the different card options, prices order your own student card online here.

In order for you to prove that you are eligible for any student discounts you need a valid term sticker on your student card. The year displayed on the sticker refers either to the end of the term or to the end of the academic year. The sticker for the whole academic year and the sticker for the autumn term are valid from the beginning of the new term, starting at the beginning of August. Similarly, the spring term sticker is valid from the beginning of the new year.

For example Uniresta student restaurants, the national railways VR and Matkahuolto bus services accept the autumn term sticker until the end of the following year’s January whereas the spring term sticker and the sticker for the whole academic year are valid until the end of September.

However, the FSHS (Finnish Student Health Service) sees the validity of the sticker a bit differently. You can use the FSHS services only until the end of the academic terms. This means that if you have a sticker for the autumn term you can use the health services until the end of December. Similarly, if you have a term sticker for the spring term only or for the whole academic year you can use their services until the end of July. However, if you continue your studies in the next academic year, you can use the health services until the end of August. But from the beginning of September you will need the term sticker for the new academic year on your student card.