Subject societies

There are 36 different subject societies at the University of Oulu. Subject societies provide a link between a student and his or her study programme and faculty. Subject societies organise various activities that support studying and they also arrange free-time activities and parties. The different coloured overalls are perhaps the most visible symbol of the subject societies.

Faculty of Humanities
Humanistinen kilta
“Humanities Guild”

Logopedics: Communica
Information studies: Index
Archaeology, Literature and Cultural Anthropology: Kultu
History: Tiima
Finnish language: Suma
Sami language and culture: Gieku
Foreign languages: Verba

Faculty of Education
Early Childhood Education: Lastarit
Educational Sciences: Motiva
Music Education: Mukava
Subject Teacher Education: Ohari
Primary Teacher Education: OLO
Special Education: Spessu

Oulu Business School

Faculty of Science (LuTK) & Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine
Oulun Luonnontieteilijät ry (OLuT)
”Association for natural scientist in Oulu”

Geography: Atlas
Information Processing Science: Blanko
Biochemistry: Histoni (In English as well)
Geo Sciences: Nikoli
Mathematical and Physical Sciences: Sigma
Biology: Syntaksis
Chemistry: Valenssi

Faculty of Medicine
Dentistry: Oulun Hammaslääketieteen kilta “Dentistry Guild in Oulu”
Health Management Sciences, Clinical Laboratory Sciences, Radiography: Terveystieteiden kilta ry “Health Science Guild”
Medicine: Oulun Lääketieteellinen Kilta (OLK) “Medical Guild in Oulu”
Medical and Wellness Technology: OLTO “Students of Medical Technology in Oulu”

Faculty of Technology, Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, Oulu School of Architecture & Oulu Mining School
Oulun teekkariyhdistys ry (OTY) “Association for technology students in Oulu”

Architecture: Arkkitehtikilta “Architecture Guild”
Mechanical Engineering: Koneinsinöörikilta “Mechanical Engineering Guild”
Industrial Engineering and Management: Optiem
Computer Science and Engineering: OTiT
Process Engineering: Prosessikilta “Process Engineering Guild”
Electrical Engineering: Sähköinsinöörikilta (SIK) “Electrical Engineering Guild”
Environmental Engineering: Ympäristörakentajakilta “Environmental Engineering Guild”