Supervising your interests wholeheartedly

Student Unions across the country have held an extremely important role in the building of the current strong role of students in the Finnish society. The student movement isn’t afraid to view society and development critically or open-mindedly look for answers to big questions. Students, if anyone, can envision a better future!

The main purpose of student politics is to improve students’ standing in society and to promote students’ interests. It aims for high-quality education and to facilitate studying and learning opportunities and conditions. Student politics also aim to improve the well-being of young adults and to guarantee sufficient income and a good everyday life for students as well as a bright future for university cities.

The work of Student Unions is often divided into sectors that are specialised in supervising different fields of students’ interests.

Education policy concentrates on promoting high-quality teaching, studying and learning. The aim of education policy is to ensure that the studying environment is supportive of learning and that all graduates have a high-quality degree. The work of education policy is done by lobbying the university administrations, the Ministry of Education and Culture in Finland and even some international institutions. Student politicians often have international networks and work in cooperation with other student unions abroad, especially through the European Students’ Union.

Social policy centres on issues concerning students’ preconditions and capability for studying. The goal of social policy is to ensure sufficient student income, a working health care system and the students’ well-being. Things like sports, housing, accessibility, student meals, FSHS services, student financial aid and parity are matters close to social politicians hearts.

The work of the international sector is much alike the educational and social sector’s work. The international sector aims at influencing the education policy in issues related to internationalising, on both national and university levels. The sector tackles questions also on immigration, employment and industrial policy. The international sector is familiar with the special needs of students arriving to Finland from abroad. Additionally, the international policy wants to influence, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Culture and other Finnish national organisations, the mobility of students and any supervision of interests related to it.

Environmental policy concentrates on the students’ awareness of environmental issues. The environmental sector wants to influence environmental standpoints at the University and in the city of Oulu, and the sector wants to give a contribution in the bigger scale as well. Issues related to environmental policy are sustainable development, recycling, local production and considering the environmental aspect in all activities.

Cultural policy aims at providing students with opportunities to express themselves. The cultural sector organises different events and supports the facilities and opportunities for different free time activities on campuses and in the city as well.