What is going on in the municipality?

The City of Oulu is constantly striving to improve its citizens’ opportunities to participate in the decision-making. In the biggest issues, the city arranges municipal hearings, to which all citizens are welcome. Young adults have not been taken into special consideration in local democracy, so sometimes you have to put a bit of an effort in order to make your voice heard. (Remember that OYY also strives to bring out the collective student voice!)

You can watch all the City Council’s meetings live online, or you can watch the meetings afterwards online as well. They will probably be in Finnish, but if you have any issues to raise, don’t hesitate to contact Oulu’s young councillors – especially the younger aged ones or students. They really are a direct link to the city’s decision-making!

Did you know that you can also make an initiative to the city? The initiatives can be, for example, about small, concrete proposals for improvement.