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OYY’s Project Grants for student organisations

Student organisations can apply for the Student Union’s project grant until 13th of March. The funding can be awarded for new and unique projects, which can be short-term projects like events or they can continue for a longer period of time, like development projects. The projects have to support the association’s by-laws.

Organisations can apply for the grant either in advance or in retrospective. If possible, the grant will be awarded afterwards to cover the expenses of the project. Several organisations can apply for the funding if the funding of the project is handled by one organisation.

If you apply for the funding in advance, the project plan, schedule and budget should be included in the application. The budget should include how much the organisation’s self-financing is, OYY’s grant and possible other funding. Those who have received a project grant should send a final report of the project and also a financial report by the end of the calendar year.

The application round closes on the 13th of March 2016. The application process should be done via OYY’s Society Portal.

Further information: Specialist in International Affairs and Student Societies, Juuli Juntura, juuli.juntura@nulloyy.fi