Student Union sponsors the societies

The Student Union of the University of Oulu sponsors the societies listed in the OYY register of societies. Any organisation that comprise mostly of OYY members, can join the register. There are three classes of the OYY grants: the Academic Activity Grant, the Project Grant and the Special Grant.

Grant classes

The Academic Activity Grant (Avustukset akateemiseen toimintaan, aka AAT) is awarded once a year in the spring. The Student Union awards the AAT to support the organisations’ principal activity. The Student Union has criteria according to which the applications are rated, and the size of the grant is decided based on the application. The application period in 2017 ends on the 23rd of April.

The Project Grants are awarded for organisations to help arrange events and to carry out their development plan. The Board of the Student Union sets the application period every year in January. You can apply for the grant through the Society Portal either in advance or after the project. After the project is completed, the Student Union evaluates the organisation’s need for the financial aid and awards the grant, if it is needed. The application periods in 2017 end on the 26th on March and 15th of October. See the criteria for getting funding below.

Additionally, the Representative Council decides on the Special Grant. It is awarded to support cultural and sports activities. This financial aid has previously been granted to Oulun ylioppilasteatteri (Student Theatre of Oulu), Cassiopeia (Student Union choir) and Oulun yliopiston urheiluseura (University of Oulu sports club). The applications for the Special Grant should be filed in to the Student Union before the Representative Council prepares the budget for the following year. If an organisation is within the range of the Special Grant, it cannot apply for the Academic Activity Grant. The organisations receiving the Special Grant are however entitled to apply for the Project Grant for their projects.

The Specialist in International Affairs and Student Societies at the Student Union can give you more information on the grants and their different classes. You can contact her at

Criteria for grants

  • Criteria For Project Funding 2017

  • Criteria For Academic Activity Grants 2017