134 candidates for the Student Council elections — amount slightly diminished from last elections


The Student Union of the University of Oulu (OYY) organizes the Student Council elections on 1–6 November 2019. The elections are held only as online elections. 37 members and their deputy members are selected for a two-year term in the Student Council, the highest decision-making body in OYY.

In their meeting on 18 October, OYY’s Central Election Board has confirmed the nomination of candidates. In total, 134 students are nominated as candidates. In 2017 and 2015 the amount was 159 and 155 respectively.

The following electoral alliances and election circles have nominated their candidates:

Tekniikan ja talouden vaalirengas (“The Election Circle of Technology and Economy Students”)
Lääketieteellinen Vaaliliitto (“Medical Alliance”)
Oulun Akateemisten Perussuomalaisten vaaliliitto (“Academic True Finns of Oulu”)
Opiskelevat Kokoomusnuoret –vaaliliitto (“The Coalition Party Students”)
Tieteellisten vaaliliitto (“Science students”)
Poikkitieteellinen vaalirengas (“The Interdisciplinary Election Circle”)
Solidaarinen vaalirengas (“The Solidary Election Circle”)
Keskustaopiskelijoiden ja sitoutumattomien vaaliliitto (“The Centre Party Students and the Independents”)

The Election Circle of Technology and Economy Students comprises of 4 electoral alliances: Kylterien vaaliliitto (“Economic Students electoral alliance”), Prosessi-Tuotanto -vaaliliitto (“Process-Production electoral alliance”), Ympäristö-Kone-Arkkitehtuuri -vaaliliitto (“Environment-Mechanical-Architecture electoral alliance”), and Tieto-Sähkö-Hyvinvointi -vaaliliitto (“Information-Electricity-Wellbeing electoral alliance”).

The Interdisciplinary Election Circle comprises of 3 electoral alliances: Humanistinen vaaliliitto (“Humanistic electoral alliance”), Kasvatustieteellisten alojen vaaliliitto (“Educational Sciences election alliance”), and Shared voices electoral alliance.

The Solidary Election Circle comprises of 2 electoral alliances: Vasemmisto-opiskelijat vaaliliitto (“Leftist Students electoral alliance”) and Vihreä vaaliliitto (“Green electoral alliance”).

The Student Council of OYY outlines, for example, the amount of membership fee and how the money is used. You can find suitable candidate with the help of OYY’s candidate selection engine that launches soon.

You can find all candidates here.

More information:

Emilia Käsmä, Chair of the Central Election Board of OYY, kvl@oyy.fi.

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