A call for OYY’s board 2020 is still on!

All applicants will be interviewed on December 10th before the Council meeting.

All members of the Student Union are eligible for applying for the Board of the Student Union. Please send your application along with your CV to hakemukset(a)oyy.fi by Dec 9. at 23:59. You can add link to your CV in your application text. In your application, please state whether you are applying for the position of the chairperson of the board or for the position of a member of the board. Also state what kind of abilities you have to help you in the position in question. The Student Council will elect the board members and the chairperson in its meeting on December 10th. All applicants will be interviewed on December 10th before the Council meeting.

As a member of the Board of the Student Union you will have an unique opportunity of developing yourself as a student influencer, making new friends and learning a wide range of working skills. You will get to influence on how the Student Union can be seen among the students and to create an even better Student Union than before. The work for a better student life will begin when you will be elected to the Board of the Student Union for the year 2020.

Working in the Board offers 6-8 students an unique opportunity of leading and developing the Student Union’s daily activities according to the line set by the Student Council. In order to apply for the Board, you do not have to be superhuman. Motivation and eagerness to learn and develop yourself as a part of a year-long work for the better life of students are all you need. As a member of the board you will act as a link between the students.. You will get to broaden your project management, leadership and organization abilities, improve your social skills and develop numerous other abilities needed during and after your studies. The year as member of the board will bring along tons of new and exciting friends all over Finland and the opportunity to influence for the benefit of over 11,000 students not only on university level, but on city and nationwide level as well.

Work in the Board of the Student Union is a position of trust, in which the board will for example select the student representatives in multiple different decision-making bodies, arrange events and campaigns, be responsible for the Student Union’s finances, and act as the advocate of the students’ interests. Work in the board requires commitment and taking part in weekly activities such as board meetings, political influencing, project and continuous action development. The board members’ tasks vary a lot, which means that you will have a chance of utilizing your special skillset. So please feel free to contact previous board members and ask them about their work in the Board of the Student Union!

Working in the board is not a full time job, so flexible studies along the work is certainly possible. In order to ensure the livelihood of the board members, all board members receive a monthly paycheck of 500 euros, and the chairperson of the board receives 900 euros a month depending on the board’s size and budget. In 2020, the vice chairpersons of the board receives an additional payment of 200 euros.

After a year in the board you have received:

  • a large network of contacts and new friends all over Finland
  • confidence and courage to overcome even the most difficult situations
  • unique academic reputation and new perspectives for life
  • experience in a wide range of working skills, such as teamwork, project management and conference skills.

More information about working in the board and the application process: Chairperson of the Board Miriam Putula, hpj(a)oyy.fi, p. 040 523 1821

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