Active Club 2022

Do you need training and information about your new tasks? Do you want to deepen and update your skills in society activities?

Are you active in your society in 2022? The Student Union (OYY) organises training for the subject and hobby societies operating in OYY at the Active Club from 1st to 3rd of February 2022. Due to the covid-19 restrictions, the trainings are held remotely in the zoom.

In the Active club, you can learn new things and share your own ideas about society activities. The purpose of the Active Club is to develop and update your skills as an student active. Please note that part of the training will take place at the same time, so you can attend a maximum of 6 training sessions throughout the Active Club.

Sign up for the Active club on Signing up ends on January 30th.

The training selection offers you a chance to learn the basics on most of the student society sectors. In 2022 you can also train yourself on other important issues: for example on organizational communication, event safety and preventing bullying and harassment.

Active Club 2022 trainings:

4 pm to 5:30 pm

Eetu Leinonen: Set out into the world! Internationality at the University of Oulu

How can you make your association more international? What kind of international opportunities are there at the University of Oulu? What does UNIC mean? Bring with you a mind for adventure and suitable gear since you will be hearing about all this and much other at this training about internationality at the University of Oulu.

OYY board 2022: Society ABC

What is the Finnish Associations Act and what other laws and documents guide the activities of associations? What are the responsibilities and duties of the board of an association? What about the obligations of a single member of the board? What is the difference between a meeting of the association and a board meeting? Come and hear information about the basics of associations and how they work. The training is aimed especially for people new to associations and organisations, but it does not hurt to revise this basic info even if you are a seasoned veteran. Note that this training includes partly the same content as “Chairpersons and secretaries as engines of associations” training.

Kati Kantonen: More than just parties – societies many possibilities for events

What opportunities do societies have for organising events? Is your idea bank empty after remote events? The training discusses together the diversity and different possibilities of the society’s events. Together, we go through a variety of resources and contacts from which the society can seek support or assistance in and during events.

6 pm to 7:30 pm

OYY board 2022: Chairs and secretaries as the engines of the society

What does good adminstration mean in practice? What are the important documents of the organization, the basics of the association law and what should be taken into account in meeting technology? What does a good association chair do? What is the role and responsibilities of the Chairperson, what about the Secretary? At the end of education there is the possibility of networking. Note that this training includes partly the same content as “Society ABC” training.

Aino Rossi: Active academic affairs 2022

What can be the influence of education advocacy in the society, who should you know and what to tell to the members of the society? Come plan for a visible and effective influence on the society’s educational advocacy with others in charge of academic affairs.

4 pm to 5:30 pm

Sanna Kangasniemi and Pia Partanen: Prevention of and intervention in bullying and harassment

The training introduces the general principles of community action, bullying and harassment in student communities, and the University of Oulu’s model for dealing with bullying and harassment. The training includes theory, questions and discussion. The training is especially suitable for those members of the society who are responsible for bullying and harassment issues, such as the person in charge of social affairs, the chairman, the equality persons or the harassment persons.

Kauko Keskisärkkä: Managing a non-profit organization and its active members

Is managing an non-profit organisation rocket science? How to organise and motivate the board and volunteers to action when making commitment in the long term is more and more challenging as the competition with other spare time activities is heating up.

Jarkko Impola: Not only because of money! Basics of financial management of a non-profit society

Have you been chosen to serve as your association’s treasurer or representative of financial affairs for the first time? Are you confused about doing the numbers, anxious about playing with euros? Fear not, for help is near! Basics of student association’s financial affairs ranging from bookkeeping to paying bills will be handled in detail in the next OYY’s Active Club.

6 pm to 7:30 pm

Sanna Kangasniemi: Basics of social affairs

In the training, we get to know the field of social policy and a few current topics. In addition, the training provides tools that can influence the well-being and equality of your organization and its members. The training is particularly suitable for the organization’s board member responsible for social policy matters, chairperson, or communications and equality officer.

Miriam Putula: “Everything will be better in the future” – How to develop the society over the years?

In organizations, activities often focus only on the current year’s activities. How could the gaze be directed to the future? This training looks at different ways to develop an organization over the years and considers the organizations’ own areas for development.

4 pm to 5:30 pm

Kauko Keskisärkkä: Societies operation inspection

Are you an activity inspector for the first time? What do you need to know about this glorious work? What are your responsibilities? What can an activity inspector demand? Can a bad inspection lead to the courtroom? You can get an answer to all of these from the activity inspection training.

Liisa Komminaho:Communication in Student Societies

The training introduces the world of societal communication as a whole. During the training, you will go through the most common stumbling blocks in internal communication, learn how to set goals for external communication, and get tips on communication tools. In addition, the themes of accessibility and equality relevant to societies are examined from a communication perspective. The training is especially suitable for new communications managers, spokespersons and social media officers.

Kati Kantonen: How to prevent shit from hitting the fan: permits and safety at events

Things happen in events – how can you be prepared for it? In this training we will go through the necessary permits for events and the difficulties associated with them. Additionally, we will discuss event safety and equality in events.

6 pm to 7:30 pm

Jukka Turunen: Communality of society actives – from getting to know each other to making a change

How do you make sure that through the year of the organization, things get taken care of, everyone is heard and, above all, that the activities of the organization stay nice? These topics will be considered during this training, which will focus on the grouping of organizational actors and creating a team spirit that will also deliver results. The training is suitable for every member of the organization, from the chairpersons to new or continuing members.

Henna Rannanpää: Alumni activities in an association: what, why and how?

Come hear and discuss, how associations can benefit from Alumni activities, how Alumni activities can be kicked off or how to develop it.

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