Annos 62 anniversary week

The OYY anniversary celebrations last for over a week. The anniversary fun starts on Saturday 2.4. with a cross-disciplinary anniversary sitsit party (sittning) on the Linnanmaa campus Väylä. The week that precedes Annos 62 Annual Ball is filled with different events and activities open for all members of the Student Union. Have a relaxing evening of stand up comedy or come enjoy some music and cake with us!

Oulu University Sports offers students open doors to all group exercise classes and ball games during OYY’s anniversary week from 4 to 9 April.

The OYY anniversary celebrations will culminate in Annos 62 Annual Ball on Saturday, 9.4.2022. You can read more about Annos 62 Annual Ball and the anniversary breakfast here.

Anniversary Sittning, 2 pm – 6 pm @ Linnanmaa campus Väylä

Come have some cross-disciplinary fun on the Linnanmaa Väylä!

A week before Annos 62 -anniversary ball, the anniversary week will be kicked off with the anniversary sitsit party (sittning). The sitsit takes place near the Linnanmaa campus central lobby on Väylä. The anniversary sitsit is cross-disciplinary and open for all members of the Student Union.

The dress code for the sitsit is cocktail + overall tuxedo. An overall tuxedo is worn by putting on the top of your student overalls, but leaving the legs hanging loose, similarly to tuxedo tails.

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The Student Theatre of Oulu: Kolkyt, 7 pm @ Cultural Centre Valve (In Finnish Only)

Tickets 10€ / 15€

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More information about the student theatre

Tapiiri Community Art, 11 am – 1pm @ Linnanmaa Central Lobby & Kontinkangas Kieppi Lobby

Come during the lunch break to fold origami under the guidance of Tapiiri! Origams will be assembled into community artwork for campuses by the end of the week.

Read more about Tapiiri

Chairs’ Day Coffee! 11am – 1 pm @ Linnanmaa, Central Lobby

Welcome to the Chairs’ Day Coffee! On Monday 4.4. at 11-1pm at the green racks there is hot coffee and the chairs are talking with the students. Emma Hulkkonen, Chair of the Student Council, and Lotta Leinonen, Chair of the Student Union Board, make coffee and hear what the students have in mind! The titles sound formal, but we are basic students too! So if you have any concerns or questions in mind then come and tell us and let’s see what could be done about it!

Waffles and coffee, 11 am – 3 pm @ Linnanmaa central lobby

Have a anniversary week waffle and a cup of coffee or tea to boost your day. Also you’ll have a chance to catch up with OYY’s executive board members or to listen University’s managements student life tales (starting at 12pm in Finnish)!

The days of our student lives (In finnish only!), 12 pm @Linnanmaa central lobby

Have you wondered how our university leaders spent their time studying? What was their study like in their time? What was the most important tradition from their time of study for them and has that tradition been preserved for current generations of students?

Come on Tuesday 5.4. at 12 noon to the Linnanmaa central lobby to listen to the memories of the leading figures of the University of Oulu about their own students lives.

Tapiiri Community Art, 11 am – 1pm @ Linnanmaa Central Lobby & Kontinkangas Kieppi Lobby

Come during the lunch break to fold origami under the guidance of Tapiiri! Origams will be assembled into community artwork for campuses by the end of the week.

Read more about Tapiiri

InBody body composition measurement, 9 am  – 3 pm, central lobby 

In InBody measurement, a very small electrical current is conducted through the body from the hand and foot electrodes. Body tissues and fluids have an effect on the flow of electrical current and this can be used to analyze the composition of the body. The measurement is done by standing with bare feet in the InBody device. The measurement takes about a minute and you will receive a result report with interpretation instructions. Free, no pre-registration. Organized by the University Sports of Oulu.

How to prepare for a measurement:
Avoid meals and heavy drinking for at least 2 hours and alcohol for 12 hours before measurement. Avoid strenuous physical exertion before measurement. Visit the toilet before the measurement. In women, menstruation may affect the reliability of the test due to fluid retention. The measurement can`t be performed if you have a limb prosthesis, pacemaker, or other medical device implanted in your body or if you are pregnant or ill.

Care dogs, 12 pm – 1 pm @ Pihlajapiha

Come relax with care dogs on Pihlajapiha on Wednesday from 12 pm to 1 pm.

The goal of care dog activities is to make people happy and cheer up. The kennel association’s care dogs are identified by their work clothes, ie the orange scarf and the dog owner’s nameplate.

Read the instructions for visiting puppies and more about puppies in the Oulu region here!

Tapiiri Community Art, 11 am – 1pm @ Linnanmaa Central Lobby & Kontinkangas Kieppi Lobby

Come during the lunch break to fold origami under the guidance of Tapiiri! Origams will be assembled into community artwork for campuses by the end of the week.

Stand-Up For Wellbeing, 4 pm – 6 pm @ L3

Prepare yourself for laughter on OYY’s anniversary week!

The wellbeing project brings you “Stand-Up for wellbeing”. It is on the 6th of April at 4 pm in L3. Lasse Oikarinen will perform in Finnish and Peter Sapiano will do his show in English! There’s 350 seats in L3 and entry is free without pre-registration!

Cryo Table game stand 12pm @ Cafe hub

CRYO ry organizes a table game stand where you can get acquainted with role and board games as well as CRYO’s game-related activities!

Read more about CRYO

Student Voice, 4 pm @ Tellus Stage 

Welcome to the ‘Student Voice’ event and share your voice with us. By participating in this event, you will help develop OYY’s international affairs sector, and you will get to know the people at the Student Union who are working behind the scenes for a better student life. In this event, you will be sharing your voice to speak about anything that interests you as a student. For example, you can talk about: What is the ideal university for you? What do you like and dislike about university? What can be done better for students? What issues interest you as a student? This event is not only an opportunity to share your voice, but an opportunity to make an impact, promote change, and learn about other students and issues that matter to them. The event will be held on Thursday 7.4 at 16:00 in Tellus Stage. See you there!

For more information and inquiries, please contact:

Stretch and Strengthen – Student Body Maintenance ABC,  4:15 pm – 5 pm @ Oamk dance hall 2

The body maintenance class focuses on muscle groups that are usually tight and weak due to sitting. The lesson consists of an easy dynamic warm-up, strengthening and stretching exercises and relaxation. The class is suitable for everyone. Take your own mat with you. No pre-registration. Guidance in Finnish. Organized by University Sports of Oulu.

Birthday cake and music! 12 pm – 2 pm @ Linnanmaa, central lobby & Kontinkangas, Tellus Lobby

OYY offers cake, coffee and tea in honor of the anniversary! In the central lobby of Linnanmaa at 12 noon, students will be entertained by Teekkaritorvet. Cassiopeia will perform at Kontinkangas in the Tellus lobby at 1 pm. In connection with the cake and music, you can admire the community artwork produced by Tapiiri.

NB: The cake served will be vegan.

TeeKu spring concert, 3 p.m. @ Raatti Youth Centre

Finally, the time has come!

After a couple of years of hiatus, the moment everyone has been waiting for is at hand! On Saturday, 9.4.2022, we will reboot the machine and take the stage of Raatti community center to entertain you. Our set includes new hits and several classics over the years. The concert lasts roughly an hour. We warmly welcome both new listeners and old fans to enjoy our versatile and multilingual repertoire!

What: TeeKu REBOOT concert
Where: Raatti community centre, Raatintie 7, 90100 OULU
When: Saturday 9.4.2022 at 15.00
Who: For all lovers of choral music and fun-ish things.
Tickets: Linnanmaa campus (green coat hangers) on 6.4. and 7.4. 10-14 as well as from the door before the concert.
How to pay: Cash, card, and MobilePay
Price: Students, retirees, unemployed and under 12 years old 5€, others 10€

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Read more about TeeKu

Annos 62, 6 pm @ restaurant Pekuri

OYY anniversary week ends with the 62nd Annual Ball. Read more about the Annual Ball here.

For more information on the anniversary week, please contact OYY’s event producer Kati Kantonen, or 050 4078452

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