Application period for the Committee of Economic Affairs is now open

The Committee for Economic Affairs prepares issues regarding the finances of the Student Union to the Student Council. The most important of these is to prepare the evaluation of the activities of the Student Union, which helps the Council decide about granting discharce for the Secretary General and the Board. Additionally, you will be able to work with the Student Union’s investments and planning the economy of the Student Union.

This year, three members and a chair will be chosen to the Student Union. The members of the Committee don’t have to be members of the Student Union, but the Chair has to be. The Chair is chosen for one year and the members for two years.

Interested? Send your free-form application to The Student Council will choose the members and the Chair in its meeting on 8th of December. Please state in your application whether you’re applying to be a member of the chair of the committee. The application period closes on 7th of December.

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