Applying for a wellbeing tutor is open 30.8.-13.9. until 23:59.

Wellbeing tutors work as instructors and helping hands for students’ hobbies. The aim is to lower the threshold for starting a hobby. Tutors gain concrete work experience, a salary of 12 €/h, and a variety of benefits for their chosen hobbies.

In wellbeing tutoring, you can either do one of these three different types of wellbeing tutoring or alternatively act as a general tutor for just about any kind of activity.

In culture tutoring, people who are interested in and know about culture (museums, theater, concerts, etc.) take other students with them to tour, and tell about the city’s extensive cultural activities.

In skill and knowledge tutoring, the tutor can guide a group or another student in, for example, coding, basics of music, photography, arts and other skills.

In sport tutoring, those interested in physical activity can encourage others to try their own sport, or try new forms of physical activity with a group. The tutor does not have to be a professional of any kind, the enthusiasm to move and share the joy is enough.

We are now recruiting about 30-40 wellbeing tutors.

The tutor’s goal is to teach at least 10 hours during the year. The salary is 12 euros per hour. Training is already on 20.-22.9., between 16.00-19.00). Tutor has to attend only one training session and you can choose which day you want.

If you are interested in the above-mentioned tutor job descriptions, please apply! You don’t have to be a professional in any field or hobby, an enthusiastic attitude is most important. In recruitment, e.g. experience in mentoring a small group or previous tutoring is considered an advantage.

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