Blog: As a trainee at OYY — perspectives on organisation work

We are OYY’s spring trainees: Communications Trainee Lotta and Translator Trainee Henna. Both of us are Master’s level students in University of Oulu; Lotta studies Finnish and Henna studies English. We began our traineeships at OYY as students who had never worked in a student organisation before. What did OYY look like to a regular student and how did we manage during our traineeships?

We started our traineeships at the end of February. On the first day we were nervous and excited to start working and getting to know the work community. However, starting the traineeship was quite effortless as we were instantly welcomed into the work community by our co-workers, and we got to get acquainted with the community norms and our tasks in peace. Support and help has been available throughout the traineeship, and it’s been easy to ask for it as well. Although in the beginning, learning the tasks and other new things was a bit overwhelming, everything started getting clearer already during the first week.

We had never done organisation work before. Before the traineeship, organisation work felt distant and we weren’t very familiar with OYY’s activities. We were a little bit nervous about how to get started with the work with no prior organisation experience, but soon we found out: easily. During our traineeships, we’ve learned what our Student Union membership fees are used for, and, for example, on what kind of matters we can contact the Student Union of the University of Oulu.

What have we liked the most about our traineeships? After a couple of years of studying and working remotely, it’s been great to be with people again. The co-workers at OYY are very friendly and approachable. Although the work itself is mostly independent, it’s nice to be in a lively workplace with people around us. We have been given a sufficient amount of time to complete our tasks, which is appreciated because we are working on our studies at the same time. Trainees at OYY are not required to serve coffee any more than the regular employees. We have gotten to do real work.

How do we feel now that our traineeships are coming to an end? A couple of months’ traineeship period has felt more like a couple of days. We feel a bit sad, but also relieved and proud to have successfully completed our traineeships! We now feel like we have more expertise in our respective fields compared to the time before our traineeships. From here, it’s good to carry on towards professional careers!

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