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Call for Doctoral Students Representatives: APPLY NOW!

The Doctoral Students’ Section (DSS) of University of Oulu is seeking for new doctoral student representatives for 2016. The DSS is the official voice of all Doctoral Students in the University of Oulu, and it is strategically involved in the decision-making in UniOGS. The call is open for the positions of Doctoral Training Committee representatives.

Who is the DSS looking for?
We are looking for energetic Doctoral Students with an interest in advocacy, networking, and developing the organization of the DSS and its partnerships with the key affiliates. If you have a vision or are enthusiastic about developing things, join us.

Student advocacy is important and highly influential in Finland. It is also very much fun and a great networking experience.

So, what exactly are these positions?

Doctoral Training Committee representatives

Committee representatives are the student members in the three Doctoral Training Committees of UniOGS. The doctoral training committees are in charge of evaluating and processing applications to UniOGS, following the progress of doctoral training and assessing dissertations. In addition the committees discuss the organisation of doctoral training and the development and processes of UniOGS. The following positions are available:

  • Technology and Natural Sciences Doctoral Training Committee: 1 deputy members
  • Health and Biosciences Doctoral Training Committee: 1 member and 2 deputy members

The committee representatives must also actively attend the meetings of the Doctoral Students’ Section and collaborate with other committee representatives. Their task is to know the hopes and concerns of doctoral students and to bring them to the attention of the DSS and the Doctoral Training Committees. They are also involved in the activities of the DSS.

And how much of my precious time does it take?
The DSS gathers approximately once a month and the UniOGS administrative organs gather approximately once every 1 to 2 months. In addition to meetings, the DSS plans and organizes events and projects on a voluntary-basis. For example, during 2015 the DSS executed a major questionnaire directed at all Doctoral Students.

Ok, sounds good. But am I eligible?

  • All Doctoral Students that have been granted study rights for Doctoral Studies in the University of Oulu can apply. You just need to be enrolled as active for the relevant semester.
  • Fluency in Finnish language is not a prerequisite but understanding Finnish is important in the UniOGS administrative organs since most of the documents of the meetings are in Finnish. At least one of the student representatives in doctoral training committees must understand Finnish.
  • You can be at any stage of your doctoral studies: first-year Doctoral Students are more than welcome. So are last-year Doctoral Students.

What if I don’t have previous expertise?
All selected members receive mutual training jointly provided by the DSS and UniOGS, so no previous expertise is required. If you are enthusiastic, it is enough.


  • The period of service is one calendar year, starting 1.1.2016 and ending 31.12.2016.
  • Training for the representatives will be on January 22nd at 8.30-11.00 (am) at the OYY’s office

So it’s fun, but are there any other benefits for doing this work?
Volunteer work should be driven by the individual’s own ambitions. However, there are several benefits associated with working for the DSS. First, the networking possibilities are endless. You can network on a personal level with the University administration, private businesses, other Doctoral Students, you name it. The DSS is also preparing a request for study points/credits applicable by volunteering in student organization (the DSS) and UniOGS. There is green light but not yet final confirmation (how about you join us and make it happen?). The DSS also recommends that employment working hours can be partly used for the tasks related to student advocacy.

To apply, fill out the application form at The deadline for submitting the application is on January 6th. The applications will be processed and nominations will be made in the next Doctoral Students’ Section meeting at the OYY office. The date of the meeting will be announced as soon as possible. Meetings are open to all doctoral students.The selected student representatives will be informed.

Some positions for Doctoral Students will also be opening for some of the Doctoral Programs (DP) soon. The exact dates and positions will be posted later, so keep in touch!

For more information, please contact:
Jaana Isohätälä, Chair of Doctoral Students’ Section 2016,
Henna Määttä, Specialist of Academic Affairs,, 040 525 7821

Read more about the Doctoral Students’ Section at