Call for two doctoral researchers from fMed and FBMM for a recruitment team of the University of Oulu

Come be a part of the recruiting team for the Faculties of medicine’s and biochemistry and molecular medicine’s profiling research’s recruitments and develop your recruiting skills in your own field!

We are looking for two doctoral researchers from fMed and FMBB to join a preparation team which is responsible for Fibrobesity -profiling research theme’s international tenure track and professor recruitments. The preparation team is responsible for filling four vacancies according to the policies of the University of Oulu’s tenure track and professor recruitments. The team works in English. OYY coordinates the choosing of the doctoral researchers on the faculties’ request.

The doctoral researchers that we’re looking for are those aiming for a PhD or a D.Med.Sc. degree from fMed or FMBB, one from each faculty. We hope that you’re interested in research and in recruiting top researchers to Oulu. The team’s gender balance will also be taken into consideration when forming the teams.

The recruitment’s public deadline is on the 25th of May, and the recruitment committee’s work starts already during the application period for tenure track -tasks and professor positions. A doctoral researcher member can join in with a slight delay. The doctoral researcher’s role will be especially important after the applicants’ possible pre-interviews and assessments when carrying out the interviews where the applicants’ presentation and teaching skills will be evaluated. The possible pre-interviews for the vacancies will be held in June. The interviews after the international assessments and the possible sample of teaching will be held in August and/or September. The recruitment process is aimed to be finished in October or November.

You can apply for the recruitment team starting on the 3rd of May 2021 by sending in an application letter and a Curriculum Vitae to In the application, please express your motivation for working in recruitment. Send in your application by the 16th of May 2021.

You can ask for additional information from the recruitment team’s secretary: Ritva Saastamoinen, ritva.saastamoinen(a), +358 294 48 5226

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