The Board

An effective bunch

The Board of the Student Union provides a gateway to the core of student policy. The Board is the essence of the Student Union.

As a collective, the Board supervises the Secretary General and is responsible for the recruiting of staff, except for the editor-in-chief of Oulu Student Magazine and the Secretary General who are elected by the Student Council.

The Board works in close cooperation with the committees and sections. The members of the Student Union can influence the Board’s statements and comments and have their opinions heard in the Board through the committees and sections. All eligible members of the Student Union can stand as candidates for the Board. If you are interested in joining the Board, do contact the Secretary General or one of the Student Council’s groups.

Our office is closed 20.6.-31.7. In case of urgent matters, please contact Chair of the Board Miriam Putula (in July), Vice Chair of the Board Teemu Virtanen (in June) or Secretary General Kauko Keskisärkkä (before 5th of July, after 22nd of July) (, 040 523 1822).

Miriam Putula
Chair of the Board
Teemu Virtanen
Vice Chair of the Board
Zacharias Hellberg
Member of the Board
Salli Kärkkäinen
Member of the Board
Edgar Minyoi
Member of the Board
Nuuti Vasari
Member of the Board
Benjamin Michelin
Member of the Board
Jonna Hyttinen
Member of the Board
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