Decision making

Information about the decisions of the Executive Board and Student Council

From this page you can find lists of decisions of the Executive Board and the Student Council. The Board has a meeting approximately once a week during the semester, and the Student Council has meeting approx. 7 times in a year.

If you need more information about the decisions, you can contact the Chair of the Board (, the Chair of the Student Council ( or Secretary General (

Meeting 04/2022 (17.2.2022)

  • The Board selected trainees for the Student Union. Waltteri Niiranen was chosen as the editorial trainee for the student magazine in the spring and Olli Laitinen for the autumn. Henna Kaaresto was chosen as a translator trainee for the spring. Lotta Vuononvirta was chosen as a communication trainee.
  • The Board decided to open a second call for a translator trainee from the 14th of March to 22nd of March in order to get a trainee for the fall semester as well.
  • The Board approved the preliminary plan for Jukka Turunen’s thematic traineeship.
  • The Board decided to participate in the Koneen laskiainen -event.

Meeting 03/2022 (10.2.2022)

  • The Board decided to propose that the Student Council appoints a policy paper working group and elects the members to it.

Meeting 02/2022 (3.2.2022)

  • OYY’s board have chosen representatives as follows: Uniresta Oy: Lotta Leinonen (deputy member Viljami Viinikka); Oulun seudun nuorisoasuntoyhdistys ry: Iikka Kokkoniemi and Suvi-Anna Salminen (deputy members Essi Leinonen and Arwa Benkherouf); Pohjois-Pohjanmaan kesäyliopistoseura ry: Lotta Ellonen (deputy member Viljami Viinikka); Opiskelijan Oulu ry: Tiitu-Lotta Paju.
  • Arwa Benkherouf was selected to responsible person of sustainable development (deputy Essi Leinonen). Lotta Ellonen, Essi Leinonen and Iikka Kokkoniemi were selected OYY’s representatives to Arctic Five -university collaboration.
  • The board confirmed that board’s decision 32/2021 regarding additional application period to University of Oulu Graduate School halloped were not enforced due to structural changes. The board decided that the call for an additional application period will be opened when the changes are finished. The board decided to open a call for an additional application period to the International Affair working group of University of Oulu.
  • The board decided that the following societies are now part of OYY community: Google DSC, University of Oulu and Defenssi ry.
  • The board postponed the following items: permanent order for the institutions of direct democracy and organs of direct democracy in 2022.

Board meeting 01/2022 (21.1.2022)

  • The composition of the board was noted. Chair Lotta Leinonen and members of the Board Suvi-Anna Salminen, Viljami Viinikka, Iikka Kokkoniemi, Lotta Ellonen, Tiitu-Lotta Paju, Essi Leinonen and Arwa Benkherouf.
  • It was decided that the time for convening the Board at the end of 2022 will be during the previous day, but in an emergency, a meeting may be convened with a shorter notice period.
  • Vice-chairs were elected to the Board. Viljami Viinikka was elected 1st Vice Chair and Suvi-Anna Salminen 2nd Vice Chair.
  • Responsibilities were allocated to board members. Social Affairs – Iikka Kokkoniemi, Academic Affairs – Lotta Ellonen, Societies – Viljami Viinikka, Events – Tiitu-Lotta Paju, International Affairs – Arwa Benkherouf, Communications – Suvi-Anna Salminen, Wellbeing – Essi Leinonen. 
  • Projects were distributed to board members. Clear lines to support effective advocacy – Lotta Ellonen. Accessible and effective communication – Suvi-Anna Salminen. Societies – the heart of student community – Viljami Viinikka. Well-being after the corona – Essi Leinonen.
  • Vice Chair Viinikka, BM Kokkoniemi and BM Leinonen were elected as Society kummis for 2022.
  • It was decided that, the anniversary will be postponed to 9.4. time. The aim is to organize the events of the whole anniversary week at new date. 
  • It was decided to write a statement on the University of Oulu’s centre campus project.
  • It was decided that BM Ellonen and AS Rossi would make a statement on the training bylaws.
  • The recruitment teams were supplemented as follows: Vice Chair Salminen to the recruitment working group for the communication trainee. BM Ellonen to the magazine’s recruitment working group. BM Benkherouf to the Recruitment Team for Translation Trainees. It was decided that, if necessary, the application period for internships could be extended.

Meeting 2/2022 (27.4.2022)

  • The Council noted the line-up of the Council and admitted the resignation of one council member.
  • The Council heard the greetings from SYL (National Union of University students in Finland) representative Elina Kuula. 
  • The Council went through the Annual report, Audit report and Evaluation report.
  • The Council approved the Financial report of the year 2021 and discharged the executive board 2021 and secretary general from liability.
  • The Council decided to donate 5000 € for the Finnish red cross for humanitarian aid in Ukraine.


Meeting 1/2022

  • The Council noted the line-up of the Council and admitted the resignation of one council member due to their graduation.
  • The council decided to form a working group to renew the policy paper. It was decided that the Secretary General, one member from the Board and one member from each council group will be elected to the working group.
  • The following persons were elected to the policy paper working group: (secretary general), Lotta Ellonen (board), Emma Hulkkonen (Pova), Luukas Lohi (Centre), Aapomikko Matti (coalition party), Tia Rahkila (Teta), Hanna Koskela (Led), Maria Ollila (Science).
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