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Uutiset @en Janne Hakkarainen

Suggest an audit sample!

The quality system of the University of Oulu will be audited in autumn 2017. A part of the audit will focus on the audit samples, chosen by the University, representing University’s quality management. As samples of degree education the University chooses one degree programme including bachelor’s and master’s education and one doctoral degree programme from the new degree programme portfolio. In addition, as the third audit sample the University chooses a function that is central to its strategy or profile.
The samples will be chosen based on suggestions made by the University staff and the students. The final decision on the samples will be made by the steering group of the University’s quality assurance project. When choosing the samples the main criterion will be representativeness of the sample, enhancement-led approach as well as the number of suggestions.
You can leave your suggestion here.
Uutiset @en Liisa Väisänen

Student: have you experienced bullying or harassment in the University? Tell us your story anonymously and help us to give a voice for bullying in universities

Unfortunately bullying is an everyday issue in the academic world. There’s not enough talk about harassment or bullying – it’s still a taboo. OYY wants to remind all of you that it’s not accepted to bully or harass people in the academic world among students or staff members. Any kind of bullying or harassment must be intervened!

OYY gathers now stories of students who have experienced bullying, harassment or for example homophobic, racist or sexist behaviour in the University of Oulu. OYY will use the stories for a campaign against bullying and harassment. Tell us your story anonymously and help us advance a good life for students. Please send your story by 31.10.2016.

Remember that when you encounter bullying or harassment you can contact OYY’s contact people for bullying, who support and give advice to students who feel they have become victims of bullying. The contact people do not keep a record of the people who have got in touch, and they work under the obligation of secrecy. The conversations are confidential. The contact people do not discuss your issues between themselves if you wish so.

More information: Specialist in Social Affairs Liisa Väisänen,, 0405265821

Uutiset @en Oulun yliopiston ylioppilaskunnan hallitus

OYY rewards students who have been active in student guilds

Do you know a person who is always active in your student guild or association? Is he or she an especially active in taking part in discussion or has he or she developed cooperation with other organisations? Or can you come up with another reason why this person would earn an award for the work he/she has done? In other words, do you know a person who is a real hero in an association?

The Student Union wants to thank those students who are doing remarkable work in student societies. This work can be small or big – the only requirement is that you think the person has done significant work which should be noted somehow.

You can notify about an active student by the 28th of October with this sign-up form. We award those students a diploma for their remarkable work. The diplomas are awarded in a gala on Friday the 11th of November.


For more information: Tiina Strand, 0504078451,


Uutiset @en Muusa Jyrkinen

Call for doctoral student representatives in the Doctoral Students’ Section, the University and UniOGS

The call is open for student representatives for the Doctoral Students’ Section and various administrative organs of the University and UniOGS for 2017. The following positions are available:

  • 1 chair of the Doctoral Students’ Section, member in the UniOGS Management Group
  • 1 vice-chair of the Doctoral Students’ Section, vice-member in the UniOGS Management Group
  • 2 members and 1 vice-member in the UniOGS Education group
  • 1 member in the Research Council of the University
  • 2 members and 2 vice-members in the Health and Biosciences Doctoral Training Committee
  • 2 members and 2 vice-members in the Human Sciences Doctoral Training Committee
  • 2 members and 2 vice-members in the Technology and Natural Sciences Doctoral Training Committee
  • 2 members and 2 vice-members in the Information Technology and Electrical Engineering Doctoral Training Committee

The positions offer an excellent opportunity to participate in University decision-making and the development and quality assurance of doctoral training. The positions demand responsibility, good interaction skills and motivation towards advocating doctoral students’ interests in University decision making. Student representatives are also expected to participate in the activities of the Doctoral Students’ Section which seeks to influence the development of doctoral training and promote equal rights and well-being of doctoral students. The Section meetings are held approximately once in 1-2 months.

The applicant must be a student of UniOGS and enrolled as active for the up-coming semester. Finnish skills are considered an advantage. The Student Union offers training for the task.

More information about the open positions is available on the Submit your application on the latest on Oct 31st. For submitting your application, log in to the system with your University credentials. You can apply for several positions.

In your application, please explain in your own words what is the role of the Doctoral Students’ Section at the University of Oulu, why you should be selected for the position and what you would especially like to develop in doctoral training, the position of doctoral students and the activities of the Doctoral Students’ Section. Also mention what is your major and the stage of your doctoral studies.

The applications will be discussed in the meeting of the Doctoral Students’ Section on Oct 3rd at 14:15. The meetings are open for all doctoral students and applicants are also welcome to join.

More information:

Jaana Isohätälä, chair of the Doctoral Students’ Section,

Muusa Jyrkinen, Educational Affairs Specialist of the Student Union,, 040 525 7821