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OYY’s office closed on 30th of January

Our office is expectionally closed today on the 30th of January. The reason is the renovation of the premises near our office. However, our office secretary answers phone and e-mail normally.

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Apply for the Chairperson of the Section for Environmental Affairs

The purpose of the Section for Environmental Affairs of the Student Union of the University of Oulu is to raise students’ awareness of environmental issues. In addition, the section’s aim is to ensure that environmental issues are taken increasingly into consideration in the policies of the Student Union, the university and the city of Oulu. The section organizes events, campaigns, visits, and discussions related to current environmental topics and issues. The Section for Environmental
Affairs serves the interests of all members of the Student Union.

For the year 2018, the Student Union of the University of Oulu is looking for an inventive, hands-on chairperson who is interested in environmental issues. The chairperson of the section will be able to influence the functionality of the university’s recycling systems. Furthermore, the chairperson has an opportunity to comment on the environmental policies of the city and region of Oulu. The chairperson’s position is excellently suited for a person who is willing to promote environmental values from a student’s point of view. The task is well-suited for a full-time student.

Attendance fees are paid to the chairperson for each meeting.

For further information about the Section for Environmental Affairs and its activities, please visit

Any member of the Student Union is eligible for the position of the chairperson. Please leave your application and resumé as applicable at by 23:59 on 12th of February. You may provide your application with a link to your electronic resumé. The Executive Board of the Student Union elects the chairperson.

Further information:
Secretary General Aino-Kaisa Manninen,, 040 523 1822

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Apply for a OYY’s intern for event management!

The Student Union of the University of Oulu is looking for an

INTERN FOR EVENT MANAGEMENT for the opening festivities of the academic year

Are you full of ideas and enthuastic about realizing them in event management, marketing and communications? The Student Union is now offering an internship position in the greatest and most spectacular festival of the year.

Internship consists of a variety of management tasks related to Vulcanalia, the opening festivities of the academic year. Tasks vary from, for instance, designing marketing and communications to corporate collaboration and the practicalities of the festivities, such as licensing issues.

As an event management intern you will have a chance to apply your project management skills to practice, develop your professional skills, and meet a great number of interesting people, thus extending your network. You will be able to independently execute your ideas and see your vision reflected in the event.

A brisk and hands-on attitude is a prerequisite for the intern. The intern has to be able to see the big picture and get along with many kinds of people. Academic studies are required of the applicant. Previous experience of working in projects or event management is considered an advantage.

The internship is divided into two parts. Preferrably, the internship should begin in the mid of May. The Vulcanalia festival itself is scheduled for the beginning of September, meaning that the workload will be heaviest in August and the beginning of September.

There will be approximately 30 working hours a week during 15.5.–15.6. and 1.8.–15.9., or as further stipulated by the contract. The recompense for the internship is 2,500 euros in total, to be paid in two parts. The applicant will have to acquire an internship grant from the university in order to be considered for the position.

Please send your application, preferrably in PDF format, by 23:59 on 1st of March 2018 to Invitations for an interview will be sent during week 9 or 10. Interviews for the position will be arranged on 12th or 13th of March.

For further information on the internship please contact:
Event producer, community specialist Asta Salomaa, tel. 040 861 0868, e-mail:
Secretary General Aino-Kaisa Manninen, tel. 040 523 1822, e-mail:

The Student Union of the University of Oulu is a self-governing public corporation whose documents are principally public. Please note that the names of the applicants will be entered in the minutes and will be available on the Internet.

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Areas of responsibility of the OYY board members in 2018

The 2018 Board of the Student Union of the University of Oulu (OYY) has held its constitutive meeting and divided areas of responsibilities among the board members.

Kalle Parviainen
Chair of the Board, 040 523 1821

Jenna Suorsa 
Vice Chair of the Board
events, academic affairs, 050 407 8224

David Delahunty
Campus development, international affairs, 050 407 9489

Katri Kiurujoki
Communications, 050 407 8451

Toni Sandvik
Vice Chair of the Section of the Supervision of Interest, organizations, 050 407 8694

Tuomas Soini
Societal and academic affairs, 050 407 8431

Vilma-Riikka Tiittanen 
Chair of the Section of the Supervision of Interest, social affairs, 050 362 1270