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Uutiset @en Henna Määttä

Take an apple for a teacher and make a suggestion of a Coolest Teacher in 2018!

Today is time to promote quality teaching and study guidance by giving out some yummy apples to the good teachers and lecturers at the University of Oulu. Come and get an apple from green coat tracks or from the lobby of The Faculty of Medicine (Aapistie 5A) to take it to your favourite lecturer. In the last few years the event has made many teachers happy and at the OYY we believe that a happy teacher makes also their students happier. The event starts at 10 am and continues until we have given out all the apples, so be early to get your own! Read more from the Facebook event.

Today also starts the search for the Coolest Teacher in 2018.

You can suggest a teacher from any field of study. The Coolest Teacher 2018 is a person who is motivated in developing his/her work and has good pedagogical skills. The teacher uses different kinds of assessment methods which are systematic, equal and are based on the aims of the study unit. Do you know The Coolest Teacher Ever? You can leave your proposal here. The search is open until the end of year 2018.

We are looking for The Coolest Teacher Ever who
– is an enthusiastic teacher
– is professional
– teaches systematically and the progress of his/her course is easy to follow
– explains the aims of the study unit and they are visible in the assessment
– is flexible and understands the diversity of the students
– uses assessment methods diversely

Previously chosen Coolest Teachers:
Year 2016 Matti Kangaspuoskari (faculty of technology)
Year 2017 Matti Niemelä (faculty of technology)

Uutiset @en Oulun yliopiston ylioppilaskunnan hallitus 2018

Publication of catalog of interest societies 25.9.

Have you wondered what kind of hobbies and activities do students of University of Oulu have? Where can you find information about different interest societies? OYY has compiled a catalog presenting leisure time activities in collaboration with interest societies to have the information conveniently in one place! The catalog of interest societies will be published at Tellus Stage on September 25th at 4:30–7 pm. During the event you have a chance to meet the interest societies, who are there to introduce their activities. The event is free and you don’t have to sign up in advance. Come and marvel at the interest societies and the brand new catalog!

Uutiset @en Hennamari Toiviainen

Campfire event for students with families

Come and enjoy the fresh air of autumn days and spend an afternoon outdoors! Sausage roasting and coffee brewing on open fire takes place in Lämsänjärvi camping center on Wednesday, September 26th, from 4pm to 7pm. You can enjoy the afternoon just by relaxing by the fire. Children get to take part in outdoor activities and adults can join to the activity. In case of rain we spend the evening indoors. The event is open for all students, with or without children!

Please let us know if you are coming by clicking ‘attending’, so that we know to prepare enough drinks and snacks for everyone. We will offer sausages or a vegetarian option, coffee, tea, juice and marshmallows. You can also bring your own snacks if you wish. This event is alcohol-free.

The event is organized by the Student Union of the University of Oulu (OYY), the Student Union of Oulu University of Applied Sciences (OSAKO) and the student services of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Oulu.

More information: sopoasiantuntija(a)

Uutiset @en Henna Määttä

OYY: Now is the time to emphasize the quality of education and the wellbeing of the university community!

In the University of Oulu, planning and budgeting for the year 2019 is going on intensely. Preliminary plans and ideas, ones concerning education in particular, were worked on as early as in spring in the professor forum and the joint workshop between the education management group and the education council.  The Student Union would like to thank the parties involved for the working method, which was participatory, took different perspectives into account, and which involved student representatives all the way from the beginning of the process.

The Student Union of the University of Oulu considers that in the year 2019 it is time to emphasize education and the wellbeing of the university community. During the current strategy season (2016-2020), the University of Oulu has emphasized research, and thus solidified its status as an international research university. Investing in education must not remain as something only mentioned in ceremonial speeches, but instead it should be visible in the faculties’ budgets and as an increase in strategic funding for education. High-quality education and functioning support services are not only something that can be used in marketing, but also an investment that produces experts and future researchers for the society. Sufficient resources ensure that activities do not consist of surviving a day after another, but contain enough time for true development.

The Student Union of the University of Oulu considers that in addition to the financial emphasis on education, the development of the university should be focused on student-centered learning, improving the quality of education and the participation of international students and staff, developing career counseling, and on projects that support the wellbeing and physical training of the university community, without forgetting the objectives of continuous  learning.

The Student Union of the University of Oulu would like to remind everyone that student feedback, such as the results of the ISB-survey, do not present a very flattering image of the quality of education and the pedagogical expertise of the teaching staff. Mandatory university pedagogics and making it possible for the teaching staff to take part in pedagogical studies would be clear signals that our university considers education and teaching to be of utmost importance. Studies suggest that the completion of university pedagogical studies is worth it: pedagogical competence improves the teacher’s wellbeing and ability to work, and also reduces stress. The teacher’s improved ability to work then reflects on students’ learning. The students’ learning improves and their studies become smoother as teaching methods used in courses become more versatile and of higher quality.

The Student Union of the University of Oulu also calls for equal opportunities for participation. An international science community requires equal opportunities to participate in official decision making, or otherwise the internationality is only partially realized. The Student Union challenges all faculties to produce bilingual communications and to make it possible for international students and staff to participate in the faculties’ events and administrative bodies with the help of translators, for example. If the Student Union can make it possible for international students to participate in student council meetings, trainings arranged by the student union and different committees and sections, we believe that every faculty can do it as well.

In addition to the aforementioned matters, the quality and accessibility of career counseling services has become one of the areas of development in the University of Oulu. According to student feedback, career counseling services are either not identified at all or their accessibility is considered very low. The Student Union supports the resources allocated to the planning of career counseling services, but also considers that the resources are only sufficient to develop and coordinate the services. The idea that the services in question would be able to serve all students in eight different faculties cannot be considered realistic. The OYY encourages all faculties to consider what kind of career counseling services can be found among their own services and with what kind of resources the services are implemented.

As the last focus area of development the Student Union of the University of Oulu would like to bring more attention to measures that support the university community’s wellbeing and physical training. The Student Union is very concerned about test results, according to which over a half of university students spend more than ten hours a day sitting down. Meanwhile, the use of university sports services has decreased and the prices have increased. The Student Union requires concrete investments in the development and marketing of university sports services, and particularly in ways that reach those students who do not get a lot of physical exercise. Additionally, measures that reduce sitting and support cycling are needed. Sitting can be reduced, for example, with Bottom up-campaigns, with standing and electric desks, and by adding new apparatuses to the campus that encourage physical activity.

The Student Union of the University of Oulu wants to encourage faculties to continue planning and budgeting with participatory working methods. Group work and discussions in administrative bodies promote open conversation customs and allow all representatives to get their voices heard. Finally, the Student Union would like to remind everyone that the best business cards for a communal, multidisciplinary and internationally renowned university are a satisfied student and a healthy, capable staff member.

In Oulu, the 20th of September, 2018.

Kalle Parviainen                                             Aino-Kaisa Manninen
Chair of the Board                                          Secretary General
The Student Union of the University of Oulu           The Student Union of the University of Oulu

More information: Specialist in Academic Affairs Henna Määttä,, 0405257821

Uutiset @en Henna Määttä

Apple for a teacher -event on Wednesday 26th of September

The student union organises an event to promote quality teaching and study guidance by giving out some yummy apples to the good teachers and lecturers at the University of Oulu on September 26th. Come and get an apple from green coat tracks or from the lobby of The Faculty of Medicine (Aapistie 5A) to take it to your favourite lecturer.

In the last few years the event has made many teachers happy and at the OYY we believe that a happy teacher makes also their students happier. The event starts at 10 am and continues until we have given out all the apples, so be early to get your own! Read more from the Facebook event.

Uutiset @en Mariah O'mara

Important Information about the Vulcanalia Festival

We are excited to welcome you to the Vulcanalia Festival, taking place at Areena Oulu (Tyrnäväntie 16) Wednesday, September 12th.

Below you will find important information concerning the event. Please read through this entire message carefully before your arrival to Areena on Wednesday.


Doors open at 20:00 and the program at Areena will run until 00:30. The event ends at 1:00 at which time Areena Oulu will be closed. Please be sure to clear out all personal belongings before this time.

Schedule for the program in Areena Oulu is as follows (estimated times):

  • 20-20:15 Opening words from the University of Oulu and City of Oulu
  • 20:15 Teekkaritorvet wind band
  • 21:15 Satellite Stories
  • 22:30 Stig
  • 23:30 DJ Tom Wizard


  • There are two entrances into the event space, located next to each other (see map below)
  • To make sure that the line moves smoothly, have your ticket ready before arriving at the entrance
    • Arriving early might help you avoid waiting in line at the entrance



  • Remember to take your ticket with you to the event. You need to have a mobile device to check the ticket. If you do not have a mobile device or do not have data, you can always send your ticket to a friend or print it out before the event.
  • You can access your ticket by logging in to via web browser or from the email confirmation link you receive when you bought the ticket
  • Please note that tickets are marked as used by the security staff at the door
    IMPORTANT: Please do not mark the ticket as used yourself
  • After the security staff has checked your ticket you will receive a Vulcanalia stamp, this will allow you to come back into the event area if you leave. This stamp also gives you access to the Official Vulcanalia After Party taking place at Viihdemaailma Ilona. Please be sure you DO NOT wash the stamp off during the evening.
  • FORWARDING YOUR TICKET (For example in case you sell your ticket)
    • You can send your ticket to a friend or new buyer from your Bailataan Wallet, using the arrow icon found on the upper right hand corner of a ticket. To forward a ticket, you’ll be needing the recipient’s email that is used as their Bailataan user name.
    • If the recipient is not yet a Bailataan user, please ask them to register to the service in order to send the ticket. When the ticket has been forwarded, the recipient will receive a notification email.
    • This info is from:


Smoking is allowed only in marked locations (see map below)


  • Cloakroom service is available in the event area (see map below )
  • The cloakroom service fee is included in the Vulcanalia Festival ticket price
  • Backpacks and approved items need to be left at the cloakroom (see “forbidden items”)


  • Money, for food and beverages
  • Your ID with a picture (Vulcanalia Festival age limit is 18)
  • Warm clothing, for trips to and from Areena Oulu (It gets really cold outside during September evenings).


  • Drinks containing alcohol or alcohol-free drinks (you may bring an empty bottle)
  • Illegal substances
  • Pets
  • Picnic chairs / other chairs
  • Selfie sticks, camera (umbrellas can be left in the cloakroom)
  • Guns etc. other dangerous and illegal items
  • Backpacks and approved items need to be left at the cloakroom



Our official partner for transportation is Fixutaxi, which has only recently arrived in Oulu. Fixutaxi will transport our event attendees to and from the event spaces at the very reasonable price of 2 €/person. What could be better than to arrive to Areena Oulu and to Viihdemaailma Ilona After Party with your own taxi ride? Each Fixutaxi is a hybrid Toyota, which seats up to seven.

We have arranged two pickup points for the Vulcanalia Festival these are:

  1. University of Oulu Linnanmaa Campus (next to Yliopisto E bus stop)
  2. Rotuaari stage in the city center

Transportation to the Vulcanalia Festival will be available between the hours of 19:00-20:30. During this time you will be able to order the taxi either to the University of Oulu or to the city center pick up stop. When you are ordering the ride, please follow these steps:

  1. Download the Fixutaxi app to your mobile device
  2. Order a ride through the application to one of the designated pick-up points (NOTE: The application will show a normal price for the ride, but for the participants at Vulcanalia when picking up from these pickup points the price is fixed at € 2 per person)
  3. If the pick-up point already has FixuTax’s car free you can hop in and the driver will take you to Areena Oulu
  4. Enjoy a tidy and care-free ride
  5. Pay for your trip (2 € / person)


Just a reminder, you get the fixed price 2€ only when you get into a car from one of our pick up points and when your destination is Areena Oulu.

FixuTaxi rides are also available after the Festival, however, only to the official afterparty in Ilona. Rides will be available between 23:30-01:00. Follow the same instructions as above to get the fixed price of 2€ (only when your destination is Ilona afterparty).


The Section of Environmental Affairs will host a guided bike trip to the Vulcanalia Festival. The route is as follows: University of Oulu Linnanmaa Campus → City Center of Oulu →Limingantulli (Areena Oulu).

The trip will begin at the University R-door at 18:45, you should reach the Oulu Theatre around 19:15 before arriving at the Areena Oulu around 19:35.


The highlight of student life, legendary party bus Wesibussi will transport people to Areena Oulu from University of Oulu Linnanmaa campus at no cost between the hours of 19:00-21:00. Wesibussi will drive between Linnanmaa and Areena Oulu it will be crowded so make sure to act fast.

Oulu Public Transport

For more information about Oulu Public Transportation and bus schedules, click here.  Bus number 3 goes through Linnanmaa and the city center to Limingantulli.

You may also arrive by walking or by car. If you do drive you may park your vehicle in Prisma’s parking lot located across the street from Areena.  

The distance from the city center to Areena Oulu is around 2,5 kilometers.


  • There will be food and drinks available for purchase at the restaurant located inside Areena Oulu, Robson’s
  • You are allowed to buy alcoholic beverages from Areena Oulu and drink them inside the event space
  • There will be free drinking water available
  • Check the location of the restaurant, bars and water stations from the map


  • Glitternisti (Glitter face painting) at 20:00-23:00
  • Photobooth at 20:00-21:30
  • Tapiiri’s overall patch workshop at 20:00-00:00
  • Locations of these activities can be found on the map pictured below


  • The official Vulcanalia after party will be at Viihdemaailma Ilona (Torikatu 21-23) in the Oulu city center.
  • The after party starts at 11 pm
  • Your ticket to Vulcanalia Festival is also your ticket to the official after party. The ticket does not include the cloakroom service fee in Viihdemaailma Ilona.
  • Door tickets to after party are sold as long there is room at Ilona. Prepare for lines


  • Take care of your friends and people around you. Do not leave anyone alone who is in the need of help.
  • Make sure that you do not leave empty cans or trash on the ground. Let’s keep the environment clean. Remember this when you are arriving and leaving Areena Oulu.
  • If you need any help, please contact Areena Oulu security or Vulcanalia staff (you recognize the staff members from staff passes). Areena Oulu security staff is trained for first aid. In case of an emergency, please call the national emergency number 112.


You may ask for lost items from the Student Union of the University of Oulu (OYY) office or from Areena Oulu.


You can reach organizers of Vulcanalia Festival via email:



Uutiset @en Janne Hakkarainen

Register in the University of Oulu by the 12th of September

Have a nice start for academic year 2018-2019!

Remember to register in Uni Oulu by 12th of September. The easiest way for to register and pay the Student Union fee is on Weboodi (continuing students) or on Oili (new students).

OYY’s membership stickers can be get from OYY office or Faculty Student Affairs service points on Linnanmaa campus (KE1020 or Tietotalo) and on Kontinkangas campus (address Aapistie 7 A, 2. krs). Mobile student card can be downloaded

OYY’s office is open between the 1st of August and the 28th of September we are open on Mon-Thu 10 am–4 pm and on Friday 10 am–2 pm (closed for lunch break 11 am–11.30 am). These autumn office hours are valid until the end of September. From the beginning of October we are open from on Mon-Thu at 10-14. OYY’s office can be find behind the green loak rooms.

Faculty Service Points’ contact information and opening hours:

If a University of Oulu student fails to register during registration period, they will lose their right to study. Re-registering after the study right has been lost requires the student to pay the re-registration fee 35€.

Uutiset @en Janne Hakkarainen

Come to talk with the Minister of Education on 10.9.

The Minister of Education Sanni Grahn-Laasonen visits the Oulu University on the 10th of September. Students can meet her and talk with her at 14.30-15.00. in Cafe Hub.

The opening ceremonies of the new academic year began at 15.15. in Saalastinsali.