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Call for doctoral student representatives

The call is open for student representatives for the Doctoral Students’ Section and various administrative organs of the University and UniOGS for 2019. The following positions are available:

UniOGS Education group, 2 members, one deputy
Doctoral Training Committee of Human Sciences, 2 deputies
Doctoral Training Committee of Technology and Natural Sciences, 2 deputies
Doctoral Training Committee of Health and Biosciences, 2 deputies
Doctoral Training Committee of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, 2 members, 2 deputies

The positions offer an excellent opportunity to participate in University decision-making and the development and quality assurance of doctoral training. The positions demand responsibility, good interaction skills and motivation towards advocating doctoral students’ interests in University decision making. Student representatives also collaborate closely with the Doctoral Students’ Section by, for example, discussing topical issues of the administrative organs of the University in the Section’s meeting. The Doctoral Students’ Section seeks to influence the development of doctoral training and promote equal rights and well-being of doctoral students. The Section meetings are held approximately once in 1-2 months.

The applicant must be a student of UniOGS and enrolled as active for the up-coming semester. Finnish skills are considered an advantage but are not obligatory. The Student Union offers training for the task.

More information about the open positions is available on the Submit your application on the latest on Dec 10th. For submitting your application, log in to the system with your University credentials. You can apply for several positions. If you are applying for a Doctoral Training Committee, choose the committee of your field of studies.

In your application, please explain in your own words what is the role of the Doctoral Students’ Section at the University of Oulu, why you should be selected for the position and what you would especially like to develop in doctoral training, the position of doctoral students and the activities of the Doctoral Students’ Section. Also mention what is your major in your studies and the stage of your doctoral studies.

The applications will be discussed in the meeting of the Doctoral Students’ Section on Dec 14th. The meetings are open for all doctoral students and applicants are also welcome to join.

More information:

Tiina Strand, Educational Affairs Specialist of the Student Union, 040 525 7821


Uutiset @en Oulun yliopiston ylioppilaskunnan hallitus 2018

Deadline extended for applying for the Board of OYY

Application period for the Board of OYY has been extended! The new deadline for applications is Monday 26th of November 2018 at 23.59.

Applications already sent are taken into account (there’s no need to resend them).

Read more about what cool things you get to do in the board and what is required of you from the original call, and check out the live video we aired last week about what we have done this year and what is planned for next year.

There will be an interview panel for all the applicants on Tuesday 27th of November at 5pm in Restaurant Napa.

The Student Council will decide next year’s Board in the Council meeting on the 3rd of December.

More information about working on the Executive Board: Chair of the Executive Board Kalle Parviainen, hpj(a), p. 040 523 1821

More information about the application process: Chair of the Student Council Elisabet Shnoro, epj(a)

Uutiset @en Essi Raappana

Studying and time management course on Thursday 29th of November at Tellus Brisk at 3pm to 4pm

Studying and time management course

Do you sometimes feel that studying is not so smooth or you cant find the motivation? Do you often leave studying to the last minute? Would you like to develop your own study and time management skills?

Then this course is just for you! Learning skills strengthen self-confidence, relieves stress, and make the most labor-intensive aspects of studying simple, clear, and understandable. When you sign up, please leave us your wishes so we can make the course more suitable for you!

Course will take place at the University of Oulu, Linnanmaa campus in Tellus Brisk on Thursday, 29 November. at. 15.00-16.00.

Sign up here:

If you have any questions, you can contact OYY’s project worker Essi Raappana (essi.raappana

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Do You Want to Help Organise OYY Student Council Elections 2019? – Apply to the Central Election Committee 2019!

How should the elections be made visible at the university? How to increase voter turnout? These are a couple examples of issues that you, as a member of the Central Election Committee, can have an impact on. OYY is looking for a chairperson, vice chairperson, three members and five general deputy members to the Central Election Committee. Deputy members also get to take part in the work the Central Election Committee does.

We hope that all applicants can commit to the task for the whole year, and that they possess great organisational skills. According to the operative regulations, any member of the Student Union can run for a member or deputy member of the Central Election Committee. The Student Council is currently working on an amendment to the rules, which would deny members of the Central Election Committee the right to run for the Student Council or to act as a polling representative for an electoral alliance or an election circle.

Send your free-form application to by 12.00 (noon), December 3rd. Enter “Hakemus keskusvaalilautakuntaan” on the subject line of the email. The Student Council elects the Central Election Committee in their meeting on December 3rd, 2018.

More information: Chair of the Executive Board of the Student Union Kalle Parviainen,, 040 523 1821

Edit: Application period has been updated to 3rd of December.

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Awards for Active OYY Members 2018 – Apply by November 28th

The Student Union of the University of Oulu in collaboration with Nordea will award 150 euros to three students who have worked to make a good life for students.

Send well-grounded recipient nominations for the award to by November 28th, 2018 by 11:59 pm. Enter “OYY-stipendi” on the subject line of the email. Recipients are chosen by the Executive Board of the Student Union of Oulu University. Any member of the Student Union can nominate a person for the award.

The nomination should make apparent how the nominated person fulfils the criteria for receiving the award. The nomination must include the name of the nominee, their contact details (name, e-mail address, telephone number), and the faculty and degree programme they study in.

The recipients of the award must meet these criteria:

  • The student has shown commendable activity in the Student Council or a section of the Student Union, or as a student representative in the administration of the University of Oulu
  • The student has by their actions promoted the good life of the students
  • The student is motivated to develop and/or promote existing structures from the perspective of student benefit
  • The student’s actions have promoted communality and/or dialogue between different administrative organs and/or actors
  • The student has advocated for the interest of students in their actions/activity/tangible proposals
  • The student has acted openly, critically, and honestly while respecting others

The criteria have been drawn up in collaboration between the Chair and Vice Chair of Student Council as well as the Chairs of the Executive Board and the Secretary General of the Student Union of the University of Oulu.

Anyone who has acted as ether the Chair of the Student Council or as a member of the Executive Board of the Student Union is not able to receive the award.

The awards will be given to recipients in the Student Council meeting held on December 3rd, 2018. Award recipients will be personally notified.

More info:
Secretary General Aino-Kaisa Manninen, 040 523 1822

Edit: The application period ending time has been updated for 28th of November.

Uutiset @en Essi Raappana

Help for studies and mental health

When it comes to studying and wellbeing you don’t always need to handle everything by yourself. We have collected together information and links to help you to find help for the challenges in studying and mental health.

Finnish student health service YTHS has collected together a guidebook for students to different services in Oulu. The guidebook is unfortunately only in Finnish at the moment. You can find it behind the link.

OYY’s website has collected together help information and links for mental health issues. Check them out behind the links.

The website of University of Oulu has also many links and information about the daily life as university student and wellbeing. You can find them here.

Uutiset @en Aino-Kaisa Manninen

Apply for the position of the chairperson of the committee of economic affairs or for the position of the committee member!

The Student Union Committee of Economic Affairs is looking for a chairperson for the year 2019, as well as for three members for the 2019–2020 term of office.

The positions of the chairperson and the members of the committee call for inclination and aptitude to familiarize oneself with the financial affairs of the Student Union. Prior experience in economic affairs will be seen as an advantage. The Student Council will select the chairperson and the three committee members in a meeting on the 3rd of December. Please send your free-form application by 12.00 (noon) on 3rd of December 2018 to Please title your e-mail ”Hakemus talousvaliokuntaan”.

The statutory responsibilities of the Committee of Economic Affairs include:

1) preparing for the Student Council meeting by:

  1.    selecting the board of auditors for the Student Union;
  2.   confirming the financial statement of the Student Union;
  3. granting freedom from liability to the members of the Executive Board of the Student Union and the Secretary General
  4. taking legal action against the members of the Executive Board, the Secretary General or the auditor for damages; an
  5.  deciding on the organizing of a separate audit;

2) when necessary, providing a statement regarding a council decision prepared by the board and related to the finances of the Student Union or the operations of the Committee for EconomicAffairs;
3) evaluating whether the operational and financial goals set by the council have been met, and whether the operations of the Student Union have been organized in a profitable and appropriate manner;
4) providing the council with an assessment report on every preceding calendar year for the purpose of the auditing proceedings; and
5) attending to other responsibilities set to the committee by the council.

The Committee for Economic Affairs comprises of the chairperson and six other members. The Secretary General serves as the secretary of the committee. Members of the Student Union’s Executive Board or its clerical workers are not eligible for the Committee of Economic Affairs. Similarly excluded from the position are any close relatives of the Executive Board members and clerical workers as specified by the Administrative Procedure Act (434/2003), section 28, paragraphs 2 or 3.

Further information:
Chair of the OYY’s Executive Board  Kalle Parviainen,, 040 523 1821

Edit: Application period has been updated 3rd of December.

Uutiset @en Hennamari Toiviainen

Apply to be a Student Representative to Promote Equality and Diversity in the University!

Are matters of equality close to your heart? Do you think equality of the University of Oulu needs improving?

OYY is looking for students to join the equality and diversity committee and working groups for the term starting January 1st, 2019, ending December 12th, 2021. We are looking for

  • 3 ordinary members and 3 deputy members to join the University of Oulu’s Committee of Equality and Diversity
  • 1 member to join the equality and diversity working group of Kontinkangas campus
  • 1 member to join the joint equality and diversity working group of the Faculties of Technology and Science
  • 1 member to join the joint equality and diversity working group of the Faculties of Humanities and Education and Oulu Business School

The Equality and Diversity Committee and the working groups
1) act as a cooperation forum that collects and conveys information and expertise on issues related to equality and diversity to the whole university community at the university or faculty level;
2) organise training, communication, and events for the university community in order to promote equality and diversity in the University;
3) prepare the University’s or Faculties’ operating Equality and Diversity Plan;
4) survey, monitor, and promote the topicality and up-to-dateness of the Equality and Diversity Plan as well as the implement the procedures recorded in the plan; and
5) make sure that the University management is informed about their operation and gives annual reports.

Student representatives act as contact persons students can contact regarding equality matters. Make sure you include in your application why you are interested in the position and how you would improve equality in the university community. Mention also the degree programme you study in and the stage you’re in in your studies.

Application period: Nov 11, 2018 – Dec 11, 2018
Term of office: Jan 1, 2019 – Dec 31, 2021

Additional information: Hennamari Toiviainen, Specialist in Social Affairs ( and 040 526 5821)

Apply now at!

Uutiset @en Oulun yliopiston ylioppilaskunnan hallitus 2018

Apply for the Executive Board of the Student Union 2019!

As a member of the Executive Board of the Student Union you have a unique opportunity to develop yourself as a student influencer, make new friends, and learn a wide range of work-life skills. You get to influence how OYY is made visible to the student body and to create a Student Union that is better than ever before. Your work for a better student life begins when you are elected to the Executive Board of the Student Union for the year 2019.


The Board of 2018

Working in the Board offers 6-9 students a unique opportunity to manage and develop the Student Union’s daily activities according to the Student Council’s policy. You do not have to be superhuman to apply for the Executive Board: all you need is motivation and eagerness to learn and develop yourself during your year of working towards making a better life of students. As a member of the board you act as a bond between students, and as an OYY-kummi you get to communicate closely with different fields and disciplines. You get to expand your abilities in project management, leadership and organizing, to improve your social skills, to network, and to develop numerous other abilities needed during and after your studies. A year on the Executive Board will get you amazing new friends from all over Finland and the opportunity to advocate for over 11,000 students on the university, city, and nationwide levels.

Your position in the Executive Board is a position of trust, in which you get to, for example, select the student representatives for multiple different decision-making bodies, arrange events and campaigns, be responsible for the Student Union’s finances, and to advocate for the students’ interests. Members of the Executive Board work in all kinds of varying positions, which means that you will have a chance to utilize your own skillset. You might want to contact previous board members to ask them about the work they did!

Working in the Executive Board requires commitment and attendance in weekly activities such as board meetings and discussions, project development, and political influencing, all which usually take place during office hours. Working in the board is not a full-time job, so flexible studying while working is possible. In order to ensure the livelihood of board members, they receive a monthly paycheck of 500 euros, and the Chair receives approx. 800 euros a month depending on the size of the Executive Board and its budget. In 2018, the Vice Chair of the Executive Board receives an additional payment of 50 euros.

After a year in the board you have received:

  • a large network of contacts and new friends all over Finland
  • confidence and courage to overcome even the most difficult situations
  • unique academic capital and new perspectives for life
  • experience in a wide range of working skills, such as teamwork, project management and conference skills

How to apply:

All members of the Student Union are eligible for the Executive Board of the Student Union. Please send your application along with your CV in PDF-form to by 11:59 pm on November 22nd. In your application, please state whether you are applying for the position of the Chair of the Executive Board or for the position of a member of the board. Also state what applicable abilities you have that would help you in the position in question. The Student Council will elect the board members and the Chair in its meeting December 3rd. We will organize an event where all candidates will be interviewed in Napa-restaurant on Linnanmaa campus starting 5 pm on November 27th.

The newly elected Chair as well as those elected to be members of the Executive Board will receive orientation for their tasks between December 10th and 23rd. The orientation time table is TBA.

More information about working on the Executive Board: Chair of the Executive Board Kalle Parviainen, hpj(a), p. 040 523 1821

More information about the application process: Chair of the Student Council Elisabet Shnoro, epj(a)

The decision on who gets chosen for the Executive Board has usually been based on the outcome of the negotiations between different representative groups, so contact a representative group near you and let them know you are interested in applying for the Executive Board of OYY. The sooner the groups know the names of people interested in applying, the sooner they can start the negotiations to get their own applicants through. One or more proposals of the board will be made after the negotiations, and the preferred proposal will be accepted during the Student Council meeting held on the 3rd of December.