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Uutiset @en Tiina Strand

Call for doctoral student representatives

The call is open for student representatives for the Doctoral Students’ Section and various administrative organs of the University and UniOGS for 2019. The following positions are available:

UniOGS Education group, 1 member, one deputy
Doctoral Training Committee of Human Sciences, 1 deputy
Doctoral Training Committee of Technology and Natural Sciences, 2 deputies
Doctoral Training Committee of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, 1 member, 2 deputies

The positions offer an excellent opportunity to participate in University decision-making and the development and quality assurance of doctoral training. The positions demand responsibility, good interaction skills and motivation towards advocating doctoral students’ interests in University decision making. Student representatives also collaborate closely with the Doctoral Students’ Section by, for example, discussing topical issues of the administrative organs of the University in the Section’s meeting. The Doctoral Students’ Section seeks to influence the development of doctoral training and promote equal rights and well-being of doctoral students. The Section meetings are held approximately once in 1-2 months.

The applicant must be a student of UniOGS and enrolled as active for the up-coming semester. Finnish skills are considered an advantage but are not obligatory. The Student Union offers training for the task.

More information about the open positions is available on the Submit your application on the latest on 14th of January For submitting your application, log in to the system with your University credentials. You can apply for several positions. If you are applying for a Doctoral Training Committee, choose the committee of your field of studies.

In your application, please explain in your own words what is the role of the Doctoral Students’ Section at the University of Oulu, why you should be selected for the position and what you would especially like to develop in doctoral training, the position of doctoral students and the activities of the Doctoral Students’ Section. Also mention what is your major in your studies and the stage of your doctoral studies.

The applications will be discussed in the meeting of the Doctoral Students’ Section on week 3. The meetings are open for all doctoral students and applicants are also welcome to join.

More information:

Tiina Strand, Educational Affairs Specialist of the Student Union, 040 525 7821


Uutiset @en Asta Salomaa


Due to traffic arrangements, the Independence Day Torchlight Procession will take place 15 minutes earlier than scheduled. Therefore people attending the procession should be at the Toripoliisi statue at 4.45pm, and the procession starts already at 5.15pm. Performance by the OYY’s mixed choir Cassiopeia is also moved forward by 15 minutes, and their performance at the City Hall will take place at around 5.30pm, depending on the pace of the procession. Please share this information so that it reaches as many people attending the procession as possible. Thank you for your cooperation!


More info about the procession:

Uutiset @en Janne Hakkarainen

OYY is looking for nominations for receivers of the OYY honorary academic decoration

The Student Union of the University of Oulu (OYY) is requesting its member organisations to provide their nominations for receivers of the OYY honorary academic decorations. Deadline for the nominations is 20.1.2019.

Form is at the OYY’s Society portal. It is crucial to fill in the fields “Nominated as a badge receiver” and “Nominating organisation and their contact person”.  The receivers of the decoration will be informed personally.

The board of OYY will present the decorations according to honorary committees suggestion as required in the festive regulations. OYY festive regulations are available at the OYYs website.

More information:
Communications Specialist Janne Hakkarainen,, 0400 381 321

Uutiset @en Hennamari Toiviainen

Apply to be a Student Representative to Promote Equality and Diversity in the University!

Are matters of equality close to your heart? Do you think equality of the University of Oulu needs improving?

OYY is looking for students to join the equality and diversity committee and working groups for the term starting January 1st, 2019, ending December 12th, 2021. We are looking for

  • 3 ordinary members and 3 deputy members to join the University of Oulu’s Committee of Equality and Diversity
  • 1 member to join the equality and diversity working group of Kontinkangas campus
  • 1 member to join the joint equality and diversity working group of the Faculties of Technology and Science
  • 1 member to join the joint equality and diversity working group of the Faculties of Humanities and Education and Oulu Business School

The Equality and Diversity Committee and the working groups
1) act as a cooperation forum that collects and conveys information and expertise on issues related to equality and diversity to the whole university community at the university or faculty level;
2) organise training, communication, and events for the university community in order to promote equality and diversity in the University;
3) prepare the University’s or Faculties’ operating Equality and Diversity Plan;
4) survey, monitor, and promote the topicality and up-to-dateness of the Equality and Diversity Plan as well as the implement the procedures recorded in the plan; and
5) make sure that the University management is informed about their operation and gives annual reports.

Student representatives act as contact persons students can contact regarding equality matters. Make sure you include in your application why you are interested in the position and how you would improve equality in the university community. Mention also the degree programme you study in and the stage you’re in in your studies.

Application period: Nov 11, 2018 – Dec 11, 2018
Term of office: Jan 1, 2019 – Dec 31, 2021

Additional information: Hennamari Toiviainen, Specialist in Social Affairs ( and 040 526 5821)

Apply now at!