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An Apple for a Teacher and The Coolest Teacher Ever 2016

It is time to thank our staff for the good teaching and study guidance they give. The Student Union organises the traditional event Opelle Omppu (An Apple for a Teacher) today on September 21st. The event starts at 10 am on all campuses and continues until we have given out all the apples.

The aim of the event is to promote quality teaching and study guidance. Giving and receiving feedback is the key to developing our education. Read more from OYY’s website or from the Facebook event.

OYY will launch the search for The Coolest Teacher Ever 2016 on Wednesday 21st of September. The Coolest Teacher Ever is a person who is motivated in developing his/her work and has good pedagogical skills. The teacher uses different kinds of assessment methods which are systematic, equal and are based on the aims of the study unit. You can leave the application here.

The Student Union wants to pay attention to a staff member who develops their work and teaching. This year The Coolest Teacher Ever search is concentrated around the assessment methods. The criteria changes every year.

The search is open until the end of year 2016. The chosen teacher will be informed in January and The Coolest Teacher Ever will be announced on OYY’s anniversary week in February.