Annual Ball

OYY’s anniversary is celebrated for over a week, on 17.-24.2.2024!


OYY’s anniversary week includes University Hallway sitsit as well as Annual Ball. At University Hallway sitsit, the student union’s  anniversary is celebrated in a more relaxed, albeit more festive way than normal sitsit.

The Annual Ball of the Student Union is the most prestigious celebration of the year, the celebrations of which are guided by etiquette. Familiarizing yourself with the etiquette in advance helps the party participant to understand the traditions of the annual ball and makes the celebration an even more rewarding experience for you as well as your fellow celebrants.

The most important thing in the etiquette of the anniversary party is not how to hold the cutlery, but the most important thing is to consider the other party guests. Etiquette is therefore easy to follow when you understand the basics!

  • Dress Code

    The dress code for the Annual Ball is traditionally black tie and academic badges of merit and honor. Black tie refers to a tailcoat or a full-length evening dress. The evening dress can be replaced with a dark suit, uniform or national dress. Also, for example, a festive trouser suit is in accordance with the dress code.


    Shoulders can be covered if desired. Academic honors should not touch bare skin.

  • Honorary Decorations

    Academic badges include, for example, various ribbons and badges. These Rules of Honorary Decorations stipulate matters regarding the use of OYY’s ribbons and academic badges.

    Before the annual ball, you can purchase the ribbon from OYY’s office. All current and past members of the Student Union are allowed to wear the ribbon.

    The Student Union ribbon is to be worn the highest.

    The ribbon is to be worn so that it runs

    1) from the right shoulder down to the left side across the chest, or

    2) from the left shoulder down to the right side across the chest, or

    3) as a rosette on the front of the outfit.

    The order in which the ribbons are worn is the wide Student Union ribbon, Student Union ribbon, other ribbons of organisations relating to the University of Oulu, ribbons given as tokens of friendship.

    When wearing ribbons lower on the hierarchy in Student Union events, the Student Union ribbon must also be worn.

    The Student Union uses a badge of honour, as well as second- and third-class medals as its academic decorations and emblems.

    The chairs, Executive Board and the personnel of the Student Union must wear the badge of office when representing the Student Union.

    • The badge of honour is to be worn in the wide Student Union ribbon.
    • A medal of first class is to be always worn in the centre of the Student Union ribbon.
    • In academic festive occasions, a second-class medal is to be worn on the breast pocket or a similar place.
    • A third-class medal is to be worn on the breast pocket, the lapel, or a similar place.
    • The badge of office is to be worn on the buttonhole on the left the lapel or a similar spot.
  • Program

    This years OYY’s annual ball is celebrated as a cocktail event The event starts with accepting the greetings from other organisations or societys. After the greetings, the evening. continues with speeches, honorary decorations and other program. The program of the annual celebration is led by the master of ceremonies.


    At the start of the event, OYY’s Executive Board and the President and vice-president of the Student Union receive official greetings from organizations, other student unions, stakeholders and other parties registered for the event. 


    When the evening party has started and all guests have arrived, the master of ceremonies will guide guests on practical matters and on how the evening continues. Listen to the directions and if needed, do ask clearance from your friends or from the master of ceremonies!

    The cocktail event is a bit more unformal event, but it is still polite to listen quietly while people are having speeches or there is ongoing program. By this, you know what’s going on and give others the opportunity to follow the program.


    The program includes breaks. During the breaks, you are free to get food and drinks, go outside to get some fresh air or freshen up if needed. Cocktail event doesn’t include singing like the traditional Annual Ball.