The OYY staff includes a secretariat of experts, office staff and the editor-in-chief of the Oulu Student Magazine. They manage all the day-to-day work of the student union and can help you in the ups and downs of student life.

A crew of experts officers works under the Secretary General of OYY. They look out for your interests and you can contact them when you need help in facing problems related to student life. The secretariat prepares and assists the Executive Board in its decision-making processes. The officers of the secretariat manage the day-to-day running of their specific sectors.

Do you have a question or a problem concerning studying or student life, but you don’t know who could help you? Don’t worry! You can reach Student Unions specialists by sending e-mail to and the staff of the Student Union will evaluate who answers your concern!

You can send general feedback to

The Oulu Student Magazine, or Ylkkäri, is a free student magazine available online. The magazine includes information and news on all aspects of student life!

Kauko Keskisärkkä
secretary general aka “pääsihteeri”

Telephone: +358 40 523 1822
Email: paasihteeri(a)
The secretary general (SG) oversees the secretariat and is in charge of staff management, finances and planning. SG is secretarit of OYY’s Student Council and OYY’s Executive Board. SG is responsiand also works with public relations and collaboration.

You can contact the SG

  • Questions regarding the Student Council of OYY’s Executive Board
  • Student represntative elections
  • Collaboration agreements

Valtteri Törmänen
specialist: academic affairs aka “kopoasiantuntija”

Tel: +358 40 525 7821
Email: kopoasiantuntija(a)

It’s an educational jungle out there! The academic affairs specialist works with teaching and learning, curriculum, quality processes, student security, studying culture, student feedback, internships and related administration, management and student representation.

You can contact academic affairs specialist ie

  • you feel that you have been unfairly treated in matters concerning your studies
  • the results/grades of the course are not published within three weeks

Hennamari ToiviainenHennamari Toiviainen
specialist: social affairs aka “sopoasiantuntija”

Tel: +358 40 526 5821
Email: sopoasiantuntija(a)

The social affairs specialist makes sure the basic elements of student life are in order so that students can concentrate on their main job – being students. The social affairs specialist keeps an eye on student meals, sports and exercise, health care, accommodation, well-being, student support, equality, employment and the living environment in the City of Oulu.

Janne Hakkarainen
communications specialist aka “viestintäasiantuntija”

Tel: +358 400 381 321
Email: viestintaasiantuntija(a)
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Keeping you in the know. The CS is the communications guru who works with communication at the organisation and student levels at OYY, and keeps an eye out for the students when it comes to the student communication at the university . The CS handles daily communications from media-monitoring to moderating email lists.  The idea is to make things transparent, interactive, clarify and bring out the the significance of OYY to each member.

astasalomaa_pieniAsta Salomaa
Event producer, community specialist
Tel: 040 861 0868


Katariina Sarja
Puhelin: 040 550 3927

Jenna Suorsa
Event Co-ordinator
Phone: 050 407 8452

Riitta Kaleva
office secretary aka “kanslisti”

Tel: +358 50 407 9623
Email: office(a)

The first point of contact. The office secretary is the heart of the organisation, dealing with key member issues. Collection of student fees, processing student card applications and OYY registrations and giving out sports passes are just some of the things she does. The office secretary also lends out the stuff that OYY has available for students to borrow and controls the quick loan scheme. The left hand of the secretary general, the office sec also runs day-to-day finances of OYY.

ninaschroderus_pienennettyNina Schroderus
Secretary of Member Services and Administration
: 040 525 5562


IMG_2476Anni Hyypiö
editor-in-chief of Oulu Student Magazine aka “päätoimittaja”

Tel: +358 40 526 7821
Email: paatoimittaja(a)

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The editor-in-chief at the Oulu Student Magazine is responsible for the style and content of the magazine, and coordinates the crew and the advertising sales. Additionally, the editor-in-chief draws up the magazine’s annual budget and ensures its realization. The editor-in-chief also manages the calendar of events.

The Oulu Student Magazine can be read at You can access the newest headlines also on the mobile app Tuudo.

Contact the editor-in-chief, if

– you would like to give feedback on the Oulu Student Magazine
– you have ideas for the development of the magazine
– you would like to join the crew to learn journalistic skills
– you have questions about the event calendar