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Dare To Learn 5.-6.9.2017

What’s shaking your world next?

Dare to Learn is a two-day learning event for learning explorers that takes place 5th and 6th September 2017 in Helsinki. We bring together 3000 game changers and enthusiasts to create the new world of lifelong learning. Only curiosity is required.

There’s a huge fuzz around tech nowadays. We want to bring that energy around human development! At Dare to Learn, we offer an engaging learning path and most intriguing themes of future learning: learning mindset, leading a learning community, personalising learning, learning design and recognizing competence. Come, get inspired and be the change this world needs.

The student union offers 2 day tickets for 10 students (29€ each). The student union will also pay 50€ part of the traveling costs for those 10 students (receits needed). Don’t miss this great opportunity to take a part of this amazing event! Send your application by June 26th 2017. The chosen students will be informed by June 28th 2017.

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For more information: Specialist in Academic Affairs Henna Määttä kopoasiantuntija@nulloyy.fi