OYY for postgraduate students

Postgraduate students (doctoral students) can join the Student Union. Memberships qualifies for all the discounts, benefits and services as other students except for those which are nationally restricted to undergraduate and graduate level students (Bachelors and Masters students).

Even though postgraduate student members cannot access student health services (FSHS), student discounts on national train and bus services or student lunches, they can still get some good deals through the Frank online student platform, student-priced tickets to different events, cheaper hobby and interest possibilities and discounts in different stores.

And if the life of the budding researcher gets a bit gloomy, OYY post-graduate members have access to our membership services. You can get free legal counsel, a quick loan service and seek advice from our expert secretariat. Members are also allowed to participate in OYY activities and events.

As members, postgraduate students also get a chance to activate themselves and influence the development of doctoral education at the University of Oulu. They also get to vote and stand as candidates for the Representative Council in accordance with the Student Union’s rules and regulations.

At the moment, there are about 250 postgraduate members in the Student Union. OYY coordinates the nomination of doctoral student representatives for the Doctoral Committees of the University of Oulu Graduate School.

OYY’s Doctoral Student Section (DSS). The section aims to provide a social platform and a voice for the doctoral students at the University of Oulu Graduate School, and to help promote their interests in the university and the student union. All postgraduate students are welcome to join in the activities, but only members of OYY can function as official members and as chairperson.

You can subscribe to the doctoral students mailing list at here (http://lists.oulu.fi/mailman/listinfo/doctoralstudents).


Becoming a postgraduate member of OYY

The membership fee of postgraduate students is smaller than the fee for undergraduate and graduate degree students, because it does not include the student healthchare services payment. The fee is decided on an annual basis by the Representative Council of OYY. For the academic year 2018–19 the fee for postgraduate membership is 55 euros for the academic year or 27,5 euros for a semester.

Postgraduate students can register as members of the Student Union and pay their fee at any point during the academic year. After joining, postgraduate members get a green student card (the card for undergraduate and graduate students is blue). The card costs 15,10 euros, and can be ordered here.

REMINDER! Post-graduate students are not eligible for FSHS student health services, student discounts on VR and Matkahuolto train and bus tickets, or student-priced lunches.