Towards a better University through feedback

Every student plays an important part in the development of the education at the University.

It’s definitely worth your while to spend the few moments it takes to fill in the feedback form on every course. In the University of Oulu we have a common feedback system in every faculty. This course feedback system is an integrated feedback channel for the all courses in the University of Oulu. Students can give feedback on the courses (lectures, exercises, seminars, …), for which they have registered in WebOodi. Student feedback is always anonymous.The feedback helps the University to critically analyse the contents of the courses and degrees, as well as the practices of teaching.

If you felt even a moment of frustration on one of your courses, remember to give feedback and do your part to fix the situation! The work load and received credits didn’t match, you couldn’t hear the teacher to the back row, the material used in the teaching was outdated, the exam questions were irrelevant to the core content of the course – you can give feedback on anything, as long as you do it in a constructive way.

In addition to filling in the feedback form, you can do your bit to the development of the education by contacting the student representatives of your programme who are involved in the working group on teaching development or the student representatives in the faculty’s administration. The student representatives in the administration are glad to use their position of trust to point out issues that are troubling the students. You can find the contact information for the student representatives at and on the web page of your programme or faculty.