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OYY is looking for nominations for receivers of the OYY honorary academic badges

The Student Union of the University of Oulu (OYY) is requesting its member organisations to provide their nominations for receivers of the OYY honorary academic badges. Deadline for the nominations is 29.1.2017.

Organisations and clubs should use the form available in OYY society portal to put forward their suggestions (www.oyy.fi/jp). It is crucial to fill in the fields “Nominated as a badge receiver” and “Nominating organisation and their contact person”. Motivation for the nomination should list the nominee’s merits, achievements and positions of trust at the University of Oulu, OYY and other organisations as clearly as possible. The receivers of the badge will be informed personally. The nominations must be submitted through the OYY society portal latest 29.1.2017.

Previous receivers of the badge are listed at student union’s website. A badge cannot be granted to a member or deputy member of the OYY representative council, OYY board or anyone currently working in the OYY secretariat. The board of OYY will present the badges according to honorary committees suggestion as required in the festive regulations. OYY festive regulations are available at the OYY website.

More information:
Communications Specialist Janne Hakkarainen, viestintaasiantuntija@nulloyy.fi, 0400 381 321