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OYY is looking for programme to Vulcanalia

The opening party of the academic year, Vulcanalia, is on Wednesday the 6.9.2017 in Linnanmaa, on the parking lot between Ylioppilaskatu and Erkki Koiso-Kanttilankatu. What kind of programme would you like to organise in Vulcanalia? We are now looking for some amazing activities and student organisations have the opportunity to earn 250 €!

We offer for your use:
… a 8 m2 tent
… power sockets
… a stage, possibly
… the use of sound system

Other things that you need to take into account:

  • the number of people attending the event is 3000 – 3500
  • the temperature outdoors in September
  • the programme should be something fun for students

Write your programme idea and how you would carry it out by email to the address vulcanalia@nulloyy.fi. Please indicate in the application how this idea would attract all students and make Vulcanalia an even more awesome event. Write also in the application whether you need for example a sound system or some other equipment. Remember to write in the application which student association would be organising the programme and who is the responsible person. Deadline for the applications is on the 7th of May and after that the Vulcanalia team will select the best programmes for Vulcanalia.