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OYY rewards students who have been active in student guilds

Do you know a person who is always active in your student guild or association? Is he or she an especially active in taking part in discussion or has he or she developed cooperation with other organisations? Or can you come up with another reason why this person would earn an award for the work he/she has done? In other words, do you know a person who is a real hero in an association?

The Student Union wants to thank those students who are doing remarkable work in student societies. This work can be small or big – the only requirement is that you think the person has done significant work which should be noted somehow.

You can notify about an active student by the 28th of October with this sign-up form. We award those students a diploma for their remarkable work. The diplomas are awarded in a gala on Friday the 11th of November.


For more information: Tiina Strand, 0504078451, tiina.strand@nulloyy.fi