Get involved with the Student Union

Joining the Student Union’s activity is easy, just check out the next scheduled meeting from the events calendar and come along!

The easiest way to have an effect on the Student Union’s operation is to join the Sections. You’ll hear the latest news of the student life, you’ll get a chance to discuss the current issues and work to promote a good life for students. The different Committees and Sections also help the Student Union’s Board to form their opinion on things, so along with the Student Council’s meetings, they offer the most straightforward way to influence the OYY’s operations.

Make an initiative!

The members of the Student Union can make an initiative to either the Student Council or to the Board, depending on the nature of the petition.

The Student Council decides on the more fundamental questions concerning the Student Union, and therefore, twenty Student Union members need to sign the petition before the Student Council can take it up for discussion.

Any member of the Student Union can make an initiative to the Board on their own. The initiatives to the Board can, for instance, be about the OYY’s communication channels or ideas on how to improve the member services. The Board is obliged to inform the first person to sign the petition of their decision.

Initiative to the Student Council

  • Aloite hallitukselle
  • Initiative to the Board

    Stand as candidate for the Student Council elections or stand for the Board

    Every odd year the OYY organisess Student Council elections, where all members of the Student Union can stand as candidates. You can ask for a suitable council group from your subject society, from different political parties or from the chairman of the Council. The 37-member Council is elected according to the principles of proportional representation, secret ballot, and equal and direct voting. In other words, according to proportional representation, each candidate is part of a group, the groups are compared to each other based on the number of votes they received as a whole, and the candidates are elected according to the comparative figure of their group. The voting is secret and everyone votes directly for the person they wish to get elected.

    Only those members of the Student Union who have registered as attending students at the University of Oulu and are personally present have the right to vote in the Student Council elections.

    Every year the Student Council elects the Board of the Student Union. The Board executes the Council’s decisions and works hard to make the student life better. If you’re interested to sit on the Board, contact the chairman of the council group that best suits your values or the chairman of the Student Union. They will help you forward with your aspirations. You can ask more details about working on the Board from the Secretary General or from the chairman of the Board.

    If you’re interested in a specific job on the Board, you can ask for more information from the Board member responsible for that specific “portfolio” or from our expert secretariat – they’re happy to enlighten you on their job description.