Bringing the students’ point of view to the parties

You don’t have to be a fully-fledged politician to take part in political discussion and activity. In addition to participating in social discussion, being active in political parties means you get to work together with like-minded people in a positive atmosphere. Many parties also welcome the involvement of people from abroad, especially during municipal elections, when EU/EEA students and third country students can vote*.

Political parties offer a channel for social discussion and provide a window to critically view your own immediate surroundings. In your studies, you will learn to analyse things critically and to develop your expertise; these are skills that you can utilise in local politics as well. Politics need visionary, politically aware members, who view political questions from different and new points of view.

If you’re interested in politics but unaware of what party suits you best, check out the different party platforms, and don’t hesitate to contact the parties for more information.

You can follow political parties in social media to get an idea of what kind of positions they take on different questions.

*) In municipality elections, locally registered EU/EEA students and students from third countries (non-EU/EEA) who have been registered as living in Finland for 2 years or more can vote!