Student tutor’s first aid kit

Great that you have deciced to become a student tutor! We in the Student Union are more than happy to help you to do your job as well as possible. This guide is meant to be a first aid kit for you – if it doesn’t answer your questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Student, know your rights!

Rights that every student has are written down in several rules and statutes. We have put together a comprehensive list of the rights on the Student Union’s website. These are the basic student rights that all parties of the academic world should respect at all times.

Check your rights here!

As a student you have rights but also responsibilities – contributing to the university community

Give feedback!

Giving feedback is an important part of learning. With the help of feedback a student is able to evaluate his/her know-how and learning. Collecting and utilizing of student feedback is also an important part of the development of teaching. The feedback tells the teacher the level of students’ knowledge and with the help of feedback the teacher is able to develop teaching, courses and working methods.

Ways to give feedback:

  • Course feedback
  • Feedback on thesis guidance
  • Finnish Bachelor’s Graduate Survey
  • International Student Barometer (ISB)
  • Feedback about student exchanges
  • Student guilds collect feedback about their own activities

Contributing to the University community

The students are an essential part of the University community. The university needs the students’ voices to be heard and therefore there are many student representatives working in the university administration. The student representatives are regular students that work as the specialists of the student point of view in their position of trust. You can find the student representatives and their contact info from here.

Next time the Student Union will nominate student representatives to all of the organs in the university’s administration including all the faculties, university collegium, education council, education management group and University’s Board during the fall 2019. Some of these organs work in English, for example education council. The term for the current student representatives ends in December 31th 2019. If the student representative happens to graduate or leave because of the student exchange, he/she has to leave a resignation request. Therefore there are almost few representative positions open. Check out the open positions at!

Student societies and the Student Union

There are about 40 subject societies and about 50 interests societies at the University of Oulu. Read more about the networking and activity possibilities.

The statutory role of the Student Union is to educate students to be active, aware and critical of things. The highest decision-power lies with the Student Council which is democratically chosen by the students every other year. New Council of Representatives will be elected during the fall 2019! Stand for the election to have your say! For more information click here.

The Student Council elects an Executive Board (6-9 members) annually. Any OYY member can become a candidate for the Executive Board.

Read more about the OYY organisation here.

There are also several active sections within the Student Union. The sections discuss and take a stand on current issues affecting the student life, prepare proposals for the Board and organise events. Free snacks and good conversations on offer – come and join!

Advice and help from Student Union’s Specialists

A crew of specialists work under the Secretary General of OYY. They look out for your interests, and you can contact them when you need help in facing problems related to student life. The specialists prepare and assist the Executive Board in its decision-making processes. The officers of the Secretariat manage the day-to-day running of their specific sectors.

Do you have a question or a problem concerning studying or student life, but you don’t know who could help you? Don’t worry! You can reach Student Unions specialists by sending e-mail to and the staff of the Student Union will evaluate who answers your concern!

Questions about student union membership fee and student cards can be sent to

You can send general feedback to

Student Union’s information channels

Part of the OYY’s member service is to offer different information channels of which you can choose the ones that best suit you. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and on Instagram!

You can also subscribe our weekly newsletter. 


Housing providers in Oulu:

Check also Oulu Flat sublease site at Facebook

OYY’s mini dictionary for student housing helps you to find apartment from websites that are only in Finnish (for example

Health and well-being

Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) provides services of general practitioners, mental health care and dental care for students of higher education in Finland. You can find the FSHS in Oulu on the Linnanmaa campus. The visiting address is Yliopistokatu 1 A, and the health centre is open from Monday to Thursday from 8 am to 3 pm and on Fridays from 8 am to 2 pm.

You can find lot of useful health information from FSHS website.

More information about health services in the City of Oulu.

Bullying and harassment

Bullying and inappropriate, discriminating or hurtful language does not belong in the University or in the Student Union, just as they don’t belong in any other working or studying environment. Everyone should seek to interfere with bullying anywhere it occurs!

The University has adopted a new model about Prevention of Bullying and Harassment. The victim of bullying and/or harassment, or the individual informed there of, escalates the matter to the faculty’s service manager for academic affairs, who serves as the harassment contact person of his/her faculty cluster.

In case of instruction and supervision provided for the student, the University has an obligation to investigate cases of bullying and harassment. University has no statutory obligation to intervene in student societies’ work. It is important for the university to be informed about the number and nature of the cases. The bullying and harassment handling processes according to University model are based on voluntariness. If it is a crime or a suspicion of a crime, then you should contact the police.

The contact people for bullying in the Student Union support and give advice to students who feel they have become victims of bullying. The contact people do not keep a record of the people who have got in touch, and they work under the obligation of secrecy. The conversations are confidential. The contact persons do not discuss your matters between themselves if you wish it.

Contact information of the contact people can be found hereYou can also contact all contact people by emailing:

Study guidance, accessibility in studies and special arrangements

Each of University of Oulu’s degree programmes has one or more named Tutor Teachers. Tutor Teachers are there to help students plan and evaluate their study progress.

Study and Career Counselling and the Study Counselling Psychologist offers special guidance and counselling to plan your studies. Study and Career Counselling can help you with e.g. scheduling your studies or give you career guidance. If you have problems with e.g. motivation, stress or continuing studies that have come to a standstill, you can contact to the Study Counselling Psychologist. You can make an appointment request by filling in an online form or go to a walk-in service.

The student counselling psychologist is also University’s accessibility contact person, who can help with special arrangements for study attainments and evaluation.

More information about Study guidance and contact information.

Students with family

Read about combining studies and family from OYY’s webpage.  Students with family can also join to the Facebook group called ‘OYY:n perheelliset opiskelijat’.


University Sports of Oulu offer academic sport services and other welfare services for students. Check also all the sport opportunities of the city of Oulu here.

Quiet room

Quiet room (YT101) will be open for university’s students and staff. Quiet room is a peaceful place for quieting down and for example prayer or meditation.

Legal guidance

The members of OYY can get legal guidance free of charge. Read more here.

Student exchange and international master’s programmes

The University of Oulu provides international master’s degree programmes in English, a few joint-degree programmes with partner universities and also international research opportunities and doctoral education. Students can also choose between various exchange programmes from around the world for a chance to broaden the horizon. For more information, please see the University web page, visit your faculty’s web page, or contact your faculty’s international coordinator. In case you have difficulties getting credits for your courses or you can’t get the help you need from the University, you can contact our specialist in international affairs.