Opiskelijoiden värikäs kirjoThe Student Union of the University of Oulu is a self-governing public corporation with its status defined in the Finnish Universities Act. The Student Union works under the regulations approved by the rector of the University.

§46 of the Universities Act states the following about the purpose of a student union:

“The purpose of the student union is to act as a link between its members and to promote their societal, social and intellectual aspirations and their aspirations regarding studies and students’ status in society. The student union shall participate in the performance of the educational mission of the university referred to in Section 2 by preparing students for an active, cognizant and critical citizenship.”

This page provides information on the ways we fulfil that statutory purpose. The Student Council exercises the highest decision-making power in the Student Union. The students democratically elect the members of the Council, and anyone eligible can stand as a candidate. The Student Council appoints the Board, which wields the Student Union’s executive power. The Student Union also has various sections that work to support the Student Council and the Board. The sections are open to all members of the Student Union and offer an opportunity to bring your opinions forward to the decision-making bodies.

The Secretary General exercises political authority in the Student Union and is the only one of the secretariat elected by the Council. The Secretary General is the head of staff at the Student Union and the link between the OYY and its partners.

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