OYY operations are governed by rules and regulations

The operations of the Student Union are regulated by different rules and regulations. The Student Union also has certain duties which are set out in Finnish Law (Universities Act 558/2009). When necessary, a working group appointed by the Student Council can update the regulations. In order to come into effect, a change in the regulations requires an approval by a two-thirds majority of the Council and a validation by the rector who supervises the Student Union’s operation.

The regulations guiding the OYY are:

  • outline the work of the Student Union and the organs operating under it
  •  outline the etiquette of academic celebrations
  •  regulate the operations of the Board
  • outline the electoral procedures
  • outline the role, election and position of the staff
  •  outline the election of the student representatives in the administrative bodies at the university
  •  are followed in the financial management of the Student Union
  •   regulate the operations of the Student Council

At the moment, these regulations are only available in Finnish. We are sorry for the inconvenience! If you have any questions, you can always contact the Secretary General or the International Officer.