OYY – adventure of a lifetime

HeittäytyjiäMany have joined the Student Union’s activities semi-cautiously only to find themselves swept away by the good vibes, the challenging tasks, and new friends. In the Student Union, you’ll learn new and useful skills that will undoubtedly be appreciated by your future employers. Student Union activity will most likely extend your networks locally, nationally and even internationally.  Like so many of us, you will probably work your butt off to provide a better life for students. Check out where old OYY alumni have ended up.

We train experts for university administration

There are student representatives in over fifty different working parties and organs of the University. The possibilities to influence are immense. The supervision of student interests requires your eyes and ears. The student voice needs a spokesperson now and in the future as well. The University Community needs students’ perspective, so check out the vacancies for student representatives in administration from the halloped.fi portal. You can also contact the OYY Secretariat to find out how you can get involved.

Open position at the Student Union
We inform our open positions on our websites, week letter, on our social media channels and LinkedIn. Over thtree months long positions we also inform on the TE Offices websites (mol.fi).