The Student Council Elections 1.11.-7.11.2017

Welcome to decide about common issues!

Do you know where your student union fee goes? Who decides about it? Who is representing you and supervising your interests in the Student Union? Now is a great chance to get to decide about this issues as the Student Council Elections are held again in the autumn 2017.

The Student Union is collecting feedback about the Student Council Elections so that next time we can improve our performance.

The voting has started at the

If you don’t know yet who to vote, click here and find a candidate that stands closest to your preferences.

The Student Council is the highest decision making body in OYY and it is responsible for approving OYY budgets, annual action plans and for electing the Executive Board. . The elections are organised every two years. In these elections, 37 council members and their deputy members are elected. The student council elections in 2017 are arranged with electronic voting. This means you can vote even though you would be studying abroad or fall ill during the elections. The advance voting begins on Wednesday 1.11. at 9am and it ends on Monday 6.11. at 4pm. On election day 7.11. the electronic voting is open between 9am and 4pm. 

All members of the student union who have registered as present to the University of Oulu by the 17th of October 2017 are eligible to stand as candidates in the student council elections and vote. You don’t have to know in advance about the student union, the student politics or meetings to run as a candidate – all you need is interest to influence.

Even if you don’t want to run as a candidate, remember to vote! By voting you are affecting to the future of the Student Union. On 7th of November we will get to know, who will decide about the policy of the Student Union for the next two years.

Liisa Komminaho
Chair of Central Election Committee 2017
Second year gratuate student in Information Studies


List of candidates can be read here.

The advertisement period on Linnanmaa and Kontinkangas campus is from the 24th of October to the 7th of November. You can find more information from the guideline to advertisement in the Student Council Elections. You can find the guideline below.

Tuesday 31.10. klo 9.45 – 14.15, on Linnanmaa, in front of restaurant Mara
Thursday 2.11. klo 9.45 – 14.15, on Kontikangas Campus, Aapistie 5 A Lobby
Monday 6.11. klo 9.45 – 14.15, on Linnanmaa Campus, green loak rack

Tuesday 31.10. klo 12, on Linnanmaa, Restaurant Napa

Candidates: Antero Metso, Tomi Nissinen (Vihreä vaaliliitto), Marjut Lehtonen (Keskustaopiskelijoiden ja sitoutumattomien vaaliliitto), Juho Kupiainen (Kokoomusopiskelijat vaaliliitto), Teemu Tuovinen (Tieteellisten vaaliliitto), Eelis Palokangas (Kontinkankaan vaaliliitto), Sonja Mehtälä (Kylterien vaaliliitto), Ville Mukka (Prosessi-tuotannon vaaliliitto), Zacharias Hellberg (Sähkö-tiedon vaaliliitto), Elisabet Shnoro (Ympäristö-kone-arkkitehtuurin vaaliliitto), Sebastian Tynkkynen (Oulun Akateemiset Perussuomalaiset vaaliliitto),  Veera Alahuhta (Humanistit ja kasvatustieteilijät)

Thursday 2.11. klo 12, Aapistie 5A lobby, on Kontinkangas
Candidates: Antero Metso, Jarmo Tauriainen (Vihreä vaaliliitto), Marjut Lehtonen (Keskustaopiskelijoiden ja sitoutumattomien vaaliliitto), Juho Kupiainen (Kokoomusopiskelijat vaaliliitto), Teemu Tuovinen (Tieteellisten vaaliliitto), Eelis Palokangas (Kontinkankaan vaaliliitto), Miina-Anniina Heiskanen (Kylterien vaaliliitto), Oula Virtanen (Prosessi-tuotannon vaaliliitto), Taru Järvelä (Sähkö-tiedon vaaliliitto), Heini-Maaria Hakala (Ympäristö-kone-arkkitehtuurin vaaliliitto), Juha Karjalainen (Oulun Akateemiset Perussuomalaiset vaaliliitto), Pekka Rihko (Humanistit ja kasvatustieteilijät)

For more information:
Secretary General Aino-Kaisa Manninen (
Student Council Election Coordinator Diana Yletyinen (
Chair of Central Election Committee Liisa Komminaho (

Run for the elections?

You can stand as a candidate in the elections, so you’ll get your voice heard and the topics you are interested in will be an election topic! As a council member you’ll get important experience on for example political decision-making, financial planning and argumenting for your opinion.

Being a student council member takes relatively little of your time compared to being a board member in a student guild or a student representative. The student council has 8–10 meetings annually. In these meetings you really can have an impact because the council decides on how the student union uses money, on electing student representatives to university and student union administration and on student union’s action.

All members of the student union who have registered as present to the University of Oulu by the 17th of October 2017 are eligible to stand as candidates in the student council elections. A candidate has to be 18 years of age by the primary election day. However, legally incompetent persons are not eligible.

You can enrol as candidate with election documents which you can collect at OYY’s office on Linnanmaa campus (address: Erkki Koiso-Kanttilan katu 1, R-door, 1 st floor, 90570 Oulu) or you can print them from this website. The candidates can form electoral coalitions and electoral rings.

The election documents should be submitted at latest on Tuesday the 17th of October 2017 by 12:00 to the Student Union Office. Also documents delivered by post have to arrive by this time. Are you interested? Don’t hesitate to contact the current council members and ask for more information about being a student council member or about running for the elections!


You can run as a candidate with or without election coalition and/or election ring. You can also make your own election coalition with at least two candidates.

Election coalitions and rings in Student Council Elections 2015 and their contact persons:

Humanistit ja kasvatustieteilijät /Humanities and Pedagogics Alliance, Pekka Rihko,
Keskustaopiskelijat, Miriam Putula,
Kokoomusopiskelijat, Juho Kupiainen,
Lääketieteellinen vaaliliitto, Antero Metso,
Oulun Akateemiset Perussuomalaiset, Sebastian Tynkkynen,
Oulun vihreä vasemmisto, Riikka Matilainen,
Tekniikka- ja talous / The Coalation of Technology and Business Students, Ville Mukka,
Tieteelliset / the Alliance of Science Students, Tiina Strand,
Vihreä lista / The Green list, Mirja Mustapirtti,

If you are collecting your own election coalition and what your contact information here, please contact Secretary General of OYY

OYY organises lottery for election coalitions and the prize is Puistomanne sauna for election coalition for one evening.  Every coalition who gets at least three (3) new candidates for Student Council elections will take part in lottery.  New coalitions will be also take into account if they get at least five (5) candidates.  New coalition is not considered new if the name of the coalition has been changed from last Student Council elections 2015.


Important documents

Election notice

Candidate registration form

Coalition registration form

Ring registration form

Guideline to advertisement in the Student Council Elections

A Candidate’s Guide

The Instructions on How to Vote in the Student Council Elections 2017