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Rauhala Club is looking for the Student of the Year

Rauhala-klubi, the alumni club for former Student Union actives is asking for nominations for candidates for the Student of the Year award. The deadline for the nominations is 26.4.2017 at 4 PM.

Every year, the Alumnus of the Year (University of Oulu) is presented at the University of Oulu day in May. During the same day, the Student of the Year is presented. The first award of the Student of the year was nominated In 2011. This is named by the Oulun yliopistoseura ry on recommendation of the Rauhala club.

Rauhala club is therefore asking for suggestions for Student of the Year from student organisations. Student of the Year will be awarded a great stipend.

The student is expected to
– have been active in making a change for the better for students and
– is also required to have advanced well in their studies.

The student must be a BA or MA level student. The person cannot be a member of the board employee of the Student Union nor a person working in an upper decision-making body of the University.

We expect the student of the year to be inspiring, a good creator and motivator in the student community. He or she can have, for example, experience in initiating student-centered activities, reawakening a student organisation or other special service or activity in a student organisation or at the university.

Proposals and CVs should be sent by 26.4.2017 at 4 PM. by email to samira.fahim@nullgmail.com

For more information, contact samira.fahim@nullgmail.com