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Student: have you experienced bullying or harassment in the University? Tell us your story anonymously and help us to give a voice for bullying in universities

Unfortunately bullying is an everyday issue in the academic world. There’s not enough talk about harassment or bullying – it’s still a taboo. OYY wants to remind all of you that it’s not accepted to bully or harass people in the academic world among students or staff members. Any kind of bullying or harassment must be intervened!

OYY gathers now stories of students who have experienced bullying, harassment or for example homophobic, racist or sexist behaviour in the University of Oulu. OYY will use the stories for a campaign against bullying and harassment. Tell us your story anonymously and help us advance a good life for students. Please send your story by 31.10.2016.

Remember that when you encounter bullying or harassment you can contact OYY’s contact people for bullying, who support and give advice to students who feel they have become victims of bullying. The contact people do not keep a record of the people who have got in touch, and they work under the obligation of secrecy. The conversations are confidential. The contact people do not discuss your issues between themselves if you wish so.

More information: Specialist in Social Affairs Liisa Väisänen, sopoasiantuntija@nulloyy.fi, 0405265821