How to apply for the funding?

The application period for the funding is continuous. A steering group that includes the Specialist in International Affairs of the Student Union and the Director for Academic Affairs at the University is in charge of administering the Universitas funding. The steering group offers the funding as it receives the applications. The applicants should allow the steering group a few weeks for the processing of the application.

The projects can continue over the turn of the year, but in such circumstances, the subject societies must deliver a written interim report by the end of the year.

The steering group offers the funding based on free-form applications. The applicants should email the applications to, and they must include the following:

  • Name, description and goals of the project
  • Schedule for the project
  • Budget of the project and the amount of funding that is applied for
  • Name and contact information for the contact person of the project team
  • Contact information for a possible cooperative organisation (for example study programme or faculty)

If you need help with applying and budgeting, you can contact the Events and Community Specialist Asta Salomaa (tel. 040 861 0868) or by sending and e-mail to

It’s obligatory to name a contact person in the cooperative organisation if the project is part of some course or if the cooperative organisation in any way contributes to the funding of the project. We encourage the subject societies to plan these projects together with the study programmes, faculties or departments.

The person who is responsible for the project must write a report of the project and deliver it to the Student Union. The final report of the project should be delivered latest at the end of November.