What is Universitas?

Universitas Oulu is a joint project between the University and the Student Union. The University funds the project and the Student Union is responsible for the administration. The aim of the project is to fund student supportive ideas developed by the subject societies at the University.

Funding is granted to projects that provide students with skills needed in the working life, support the progress of studies, remove any bottlenecks that delay studies or support international encounters and possibilities of internationalisation.

Earlier, funding has been offered, for example, for running student tutoring, for developing student friendly learning spaces, for seminars, for lectures by visiting lecturers, and for courses that develop special skills. You can utilise the existing ideas in your planning, or you can create something completely different.

Criteria for Universitas funding:

  • Project promotes fluent progress of studies, is relevant to working life and promotes internationalisation
  • Project is open to everyone and free of charge for the participators: all students in the subject society, in the study programme or at the University have an equal opportunity to participate within the limits of the registration period and a set limit for maximum number of participators
  • Successful projects can continue on other funding
  • Project is new, and not part of the customary activity of the subject society or of the University
  • Project has not received the Student Union’s Project Grant

It’s advantageous for the project to collaborate with the study programme, other subject societies or for example with businesses.

The Universitas funding can be granted to each project just once but the project doesn’t have to be a one-time only undertaking. It’s desirable for the projects to continue in the future with the faculty’s or study programme’s funding. Therefore, it’s an advantage for a project to get the study programme to commit to continue a successful project.

Generally, funding will not be offered to cover renting facilities at the University. Usually, the study programmes have contributed to the project costs by offering facilities for the projects. The centre space at the Student Union’s office can also be used, for instance, for seminars. Travelling expenses will not generally be funded either, with the exception of the travelling costs of visiting lecturers. Subject societies’ excursions do not fulfil the criteria for the funding because they are, as a rule, recurrent, partly financed by the participators, and include a possibility to some free time.

Excursions heading outside Oulu might be considered for funding only if the excursion is open to all members of the subject society and free of charge, and the destination is exceptionally justified to promote the development of the discipline or students’ professional skills. Another precondition is that students can get credits from the excursion, or that the excursion is a compulsory part of some course. It’s also advantageous if the excursion could be turned into an elective course for the study programme in the future.

The steering group evaluates all the applications on a case-by-case basis and exercises their discretion on the decisions.