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Thesis for Good Useful Internship

You can find below the brand new Thesis for Good Useful Internship made by Student Union of University of Oulu (OYY). In OYY we find that the practises related to internships and its phases vary notably between programmes. Thus, we have made the Thesis for Good Useful Internship to guide and harmonize the practices and principles of internships in every Faculty. We have sent the thesis to all programme coordinators. We hope the Thesis will be helpful!

Internship requires cooperation between the student, the degree programme and the employer.

Both the degree programme and the employer have a person who is responsible for the internship.

The employer, the student and the contact person at the university make a contract of the internship.

All phases of the internship support the objectives of the degree.

It is clear for the student, the employer and the university what is required of them and which are their responsibilities.

The learning objectives of the internship are written clearly in the curriculum.

The student formulates learning objectives for his/her internship, which the university and the employer approve and comment before the start of the internship.

The employer names a supervisor for the student, who helps to assess how the student’s working life skills have developed during the internship.

The student reflects on how the he/she has achieved the learning objectives and how his/her know-how has developed throughout the internship process.

The student is supported sufficiently in each phase of the internship.

It is acknowledged what else the internship requires from the student, besides the working hours.

Non-paid internships have sufficient amount of study credits, so that the student can use student allowance months for the internship.

After the internship the student writes a report according to the requirements of the degree programme. In the report he/she assesses both the development of his/her professional and generic working life skills.

The student gets constructive and appropriate feedback of the internship from the employer and the representative of the degree programme.

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