Fitness tracks to the Linnanmaa campus area

The reconstruction plan increases well-being of those living or moving in proximity of the campus area during both winter and summer time

Reconstruction plan of the watershed of Kaijonlahti

The Student Union of the University of Oulu (OYY) and the Student Union of Oulu University of Applied Sciences (OSAKO) support the overall plan of the City of Oulu to reconstruct the watershed of Kaijonlahti. OYY and OSAKO find it especially positive that as a part of the reconstruction plan, a fitness and ski track will be constructed in the area of Kaijonlahti as an addition to the residents’ opportunities for outdoor and recreational activities. When carried out, the track will begin near the Linnanmaa campus area and Kaijonharju, where many students live. The fitness track will lead to the other side of Pyykösjärvi and will branch off enabling passage to for example, Auran maja or Ruskotunturi. The track will be partially lit, which will increase the opportunities for outdoor activities during the dark as well. The watershed will also be repaired with the objective of improving the water quality of Pyykösjärvi and Kuivasjärvi.

OYY and OSAKO find that the plan will improve the comfort of those living or moving in proximity of the campus area during both winter and summer time. The fitness track will increase the area’s opportunities for outdoor and exercise activities, and the area’s beaches will be more pleasant to use along with the improvement of water quality. The fitness track also includes an accessible part that will increase the accessibility of outdoor activity opportunities for physically challenged people in the surrounding area of Linnanmaa. As the plan carries out it will increase the well-being of students as well as nearby residents. From a student perspective, the development of the neighborhood of Linnanmaa is important also because the lease of Oulu University of Applied Sciences at Linnanmaa will extend over a long period of time, meaning that students will be living in the area for at least twenty years.

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